A Tatted-Up Rapper Parks In a Handicapped Spot at Whole Foods…

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Rapper Stitches recently parked in a handicapped spot at Whole Foods in a flashy Porsche.  Here’s how that shopping experience ended.

If you’ve ever seen the YouTube video, ‘Whole Foods Parking Lot,’ you know it’s a war zone out there.  But regulars also know that the parking lot is attended constantly by a hired guard.

So when a face-tatted rapper pulls a flashy Porsche into a handicapped spot, something bad is almost guaranteed to occur.  Enter rapper Stitches, who popped into a handicapped spot at a Miami Whole Foods, only to return to a police scene.

The cops actually recognized the rapper instantly, thanks to his distinctive facial tattoos.

According to Miami Dade police, Stitches initially denied having a gun.  A subsequent search produced a handgun and two rounds of ammo under the seat.  The rapper apparently apologized, and said he misunderstood the question.

It didn’t help that he was also smoking a joint at the time.  But inside the car, there was a Mason jar stuffed with weed.  An oxycontin pill (without a prescription) was also found.

Now, it’s onto a court date to determine whether Stitches will face felony charges.  We’re not quite sure what the penalty is for parking in a handicapped spot at Whole Foods, but that’s just icing on the cake at this stage.

Stitches, a popular rapper of both Cuban and Greek descent, is no stranger to trouble.  Just recently, the rapper got into an altercation with The Game outside a Miami Beach club, which ended with Stitches getting decked.  In the end, the rappers claimed he was sucker punched by Game’s manager, Wack 100.

Earlier, video surfaced of Stitches getting violently attacked by a group of ‘friends’.  Both incidents probably helped the rapper gain some popularity, though he actually has some decent music.  Check out ‘Brick in Yo Face’ for a quick sample.


2 Responses

  1. rikki

    why should we care, he can rap all he wants in jail while bending over for bubba

  2. Super Dave Osbourne

    There is nothing wrong for handicap people to use their designated parking. Just saying!