Congrats San Antonio, Texas. You Are the Most Romantic City!

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Everyone else can forget about finding love (unless you’r from Florida, then you might have a chance).

Amazon collected sales data from cities with more than 100,000 residents on per capita basis, including purchases of romantic novels, comedy movies, and music. Findings show top 20 romantic cities, and trending love songs.

  1. San Antonio, Texas.                      11. Columbia, S.C.
  2. Miami, Fla.                                   12. Vancouver, Wash.
  3. Alexandria, Va.                                13. Gainesville, Fla.
  4. Orlando, Fla.                               14. Seattle, Wash.
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah.                       15. Scottsdale, Ariz.
  6. Knoxville, Tenn.                               16. Tampa, Fla.           
  7. Cincinnati, Ohio.                              17. Las Vegas, Nev.
  8. Pittsburgh, Pa.                                  18. Portland, Ore.
  9. Atlanta, Ga.                                       19. Round Rock, Texas.
  10. Ann Arbor, Mich.                             20. Rochester, N.Y.

*Notice that 4 of these 20 cities are all in FL. Floridans, you are in luck!

To me, this is an interesting, random list. Based on the following information, Amazon calls these the most romantic cities in the US.

Amazon says Chicago, Houston, New York, San Diego, and Seattle streamed the most love songs in 2016. Classic Rock was the most popular choice. Here customers are listening to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Poison, “Sweet Child O Mine” Guns and Roses, “Something” The Beatles, amongst others. Good choice Amazon people, these are wonderful tunes.

According to this study Amazon Alexa customers show a soft spot.

The most requested songs include ED Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, Houston’s “I Will Always Love you”, and “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.

In 1963 Johnny Cash recorded the famous “Ring Of Fire”. That year it stayed #1 on the charts for 7 weeks. The Song ranked No 4 on CMT’s 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music, and #87 on Rolling Stones list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In 2010, it became certified gold selling over 1.2 digital downloads. Today everyone loves it just as much. This hit “Ring Of Fire” has upheld its flaming reputation since day 1. Some songs never get old.

In addition, Alexa customers are more likely to order flowers and chocolate. Looks like you better ask your next bumble babe if they activity use Alexa. Someone who listens to classic love songs, and buys flowers and chocolate, what a perfect catch!

If you don’t live near these cities, or are not acquainted with Amazon and their customers, do not fear. This research emphasizes Amazons favorite “romantic” products and songs. The study fails to dive into the topic of real true love. We wont assume non-Alexa users are not dedicated Johnny Cash fans.

I have a funny feeling that if you don’t live in Florida, you still have a high chance of finding yours truly wherever you may be.


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