What Are Al Jarreau’s Most Classic Songs?

Al Jarreau, 'We're In This Love Together'
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In the wake of Al Jarreau’s passing, interest in his music is spiking.  Here are the classics getting the most play.

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“We’re In This Love Together”

Released: 1981

Album: Breakin’ Away

Easily Al Jarreau’s biggest chart-topper and most recognizable song, “We’re In This Love Together” is still in heavy rotation on r&b, smooth jazz, and classic radio stations.  It’s also heavily played on streaming platforms like Spotify, not to mention good old vinyl.  The song is also well-known among people who may not know who Al Jarreau is!

“Breakin’ Away”

Released: 1981

Album: Breakin’ Away

Another chart-topping classic from Breakin’ Away, this follow-up single is less remembered today.  Back in the early 80s, however, it charted fairly solidly.  And, helped to keep the momentum on Breakin’ Away, ultimately a platinum-selling album.

“Moonlighting (Theme)”

Released: 1987

Album: Moonlighting Original Soundtrack 

80s buffs may know the show ‘Moonlighting,’ the TV series starring Cybil Shephard and Bruce Willis.  Al Jarreau’s smooth jazz track was the intro, and eventually became a chart-topper and Grammy winner.  The song was penned with Lee Holdridge, and produced by Nile Rodgers.


Released: 1983

Album: Jarreau

A light and airy track, “Mornin'” kept fans happy with that upbeat, classic Jarreau signature approach.  The lead-off track on Jarreau’s eponymous 1983 album, the song kept the momentum following Breakin’ Away.

“Ain’t No Sunshine”

Released: 2006

Album: Ain’t No Sunshine

Jarreau was one of several artists to re-create this Bill Withers classic.  And that was a good idea: the song resonated, and is still one Al Jarreau’s most memorable recordings on platforms like Spotify.  Actually, thumb around on Spotify and you’ll find a large collection of Withers covers by Jarreau, as well as some remixes of the track.

“We Are the World”

Released: 1985

Al Jarreau sings on the second verse of this classic, alongside Dionne Warwick and Willie Nelson.  In fact, he’s planted right between Nelson and Bruce Springsteen in the video, and right behind a decked-out Michael Jackson.  And the rest is history.

“Roof Garden”

Released: 1981

Album: Breakin’ Away

Also from Breakin Away, “Roof Garden” is an upbeat, jazz-funky track that might sound a little dates in the 2010s.  But hey, it’s still one of Jarreau’s most popular songs among fans.

“After All”

Released: 1984

Album: High Crime

This slow-tempo love song put Jarreau back on the charts in the mid-80s.  But it really skyrocketed in the Philippines, where it remains a slow jam in strong rotation.


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  1. thejazzonline@gmail.com

    Al Jarreau was a genius and a pioneer vocalist. His unique fusion of jazz singing, pop and r&b crooning was hugely influential to many singers and will continue to be. There were several sides to his music that we could classify as his best, here are 5 classic Jarreau tracks that will stand the test of time:

    1 – “We Got By” from We Got By” (1975)
    2 – “Take Five” from Look To The Rainbow (1977)
    3 – “Wait A Little While” from All Fly Home (1978)
    3 – “Alonzo” from This Time (1980)
    4 – “Roof Garden” from Breakin’ Away (1981)
    5 – “I’ll Be Here For You” from Jarreau (1983)

  2. PJ

    Never listened to AJ much myself, but my brother did all through the 80’s at least. I always liked the title track on “L is for Lover”, written by the guys in Scritti Politti. Slick, great pop with a great delivery by AJ.