Will Google Play Music + YouTube = Spotify Destruction?

Will Google Play Music + YouTube = Spotify Destruction?
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Google Play Music and YouTube Music will soon become one app. Will that be a crushing blow to Spotify?

Google Play is an online music storage service that lets users save 50,000 tracks from their own libraries.  It also offers subscribers on demand streaming to any song within the Google Play Music Catalog.  YouTube Music, on the other hand, features verticals such as gaming, kids, non-stop music stations and live performance footage. It’s also the largest single outlet for music consumption in the world.

Now, both of these applications will merge into one.

Here’s the bombshell Google dropped on The Verge:

“music is very important to Google and we’re evaluating how to bring together our music offerings to deliver the best possible product for our users, music partners and artists. Nothing will change for users today and we’ll provide plenty of notice before any changes are made.”

The business development team for each app combined last year.  Whether Google will follow through with a full-and-complete merger is the next question, though let’s see.

If so, the move would be wise, and offer plenty advantages for Google and music fan alike.  For starters, it makes it simpler for Google to negotiate deals with labels and artists.  Package deal!  But users can suddenly move between YouTube and Google Play to manage their entire music ‘collections,’ streaming or otherwise.

Next, studies have found that app users are cutting down the number of apps on their phones.  Therefore, combining these well-established platforms gets Google ahead of the curve.  And, makes their ‘super-app’ a lot more relevant and likely to survive.

It also offers some critical differentiation in a super-competitive streaming music space.  I’m not sure what this new app will look like.   But if it continues to offer all of the current features of Google Play and YouTube Music, you have a seriously competitive threat.  I can’t think of many music apps that allow you to create your own playlists, while simultaneously watching live performances.  And, link between the two, largely separate experiences.

Stay tuned for more details on this new app, it could be cool.  And maybe, eat Spotify’s expensive lunch.

4 Responses

  1. Gdtrfbbb

    I said this over two years ago. This isn’t news.
    It was obvious way back then, that Google play music, a service still to this day treated as an afterthought, was on its way out it was going to be combined.

    All music searches from the Google app, then and now link to YouTube! Not to GPM.

    Music searches within GPM, slow and laggy as they are, Always show YouTube content first!

    All music news in the Google now feed, links to YouTube!

    If it wasn’t for the 50K of free music storage. Nobody would use GPM.
    The fact that since day one and right up until today, none of Google’s often rebranded / renamed voice search functions (hot word detection, Google now, OK Google and the “new and improved” Google assistant), can’t play any of this music is mind boggling.

    But that’s Google… One step forward, Ten steps back.
    To date every refresh of GPM, had made it laggier and harder to operate.
    Google thinks that people want this BS, they call curated music and load down the already stained to the breaking point Android OS with RAM sucking info to provide that in the app.

    Every GPM user I know, which is probably 25% of their subscribed user base, wants simple access to THEIR music. They don’t want to dig in the menus for it and when found, have to wait for it to relate EVERY TIME.
    Google play music is a mess, but combining it with YouTube will NOT improve it.

    What they need to do, is separate out the fee remaining paying customers and give the fast, clear access to their music or the music they want in a simple curated music free app.

    Then turn YouTube or, better yet, the never used YouTube music into the kiddy app with all the curated Crap, videos, pretty pictures and social nonsense.

  2. Louie campi

    I dont want yt music to be the app that google music goes through i wsnt it to be u tube louie campi