Are BTS Members Overdosing on Plastic Surgery?

'Before and after' shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.
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'Before and after' shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.
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‘Before and after’ shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.

Are the members of BTS addicted to plastic surgery and heavy make-up?  American audiences are asking that question as the group grows in popularity.

As BTS’ popularity continues to grow in the US, newfound audiences are raising some sticky questions.  Like, ‘what’s up with those guys’ faces?’

The reaction was a bit blunt after BTS splashed the stage at the Billboard Music Awards.  If South Korea is celebrated for its civility, American is renowned for its lack thereof.

“The plastic surgery industry in Korea must be lit,” one fan remarked after the Billboard Music Awards.  “Those BTS kids could barely move their faces during their speech.”

“I’m AGAINST children having plastic surgery,” remarked another.

“BTS = 7 proofs that plastic surgery doesn’t really work on some faces,” another fan quipped.

Others accused the group of ‘overdosing’ on the knife, while applying ‘more make-up than a [transvestite] model’.

And so what?

Back in South Korea, current-generation Kpop artists are notorious for excessive plastic surgery and heavy make-up.  In fact, the entire nation is a hub for massive cosmetic surgery.  Seoul is now drawing serious revenues from elective body and face alterations.

Shockingly, there are entire buildings in Seoul with nothing but surgery specializations.  Different floor, different body part!

All of that is translating into music and the broader entertainment culture.  Of course, plastic surgery is thriving stateside as well.  But it isn’t as hardcore, and musicians aren’t smoothing out every imperfection into a doll-like appearance.

Now, the question is whether Kpop superstars like BTS, EXO, Big Bang, and others can truly cross over into America given their ‘polished’ cosmetics.  Or, whether their smooth complexions are simply too off-putting to American cultural sensibilities.

Extreme make-up.

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Others defended the group, claiming that all seven members were surgery-free.  That seems difficult to believe, though possible.  But there’s no debating the extreme amount of make-up employed by this group.

In fact, Billboard ran a profile on the group’s extremely involved make-up routine.  That includes multiple toners, cleansers, antioxidant serums, masks, and other steps to achieve the radiating ‘glow’ of BTS.

These guys are putting RuPaul to shame, not to mention most women.  “Amongst all the glitz, glam and fan-selfies, one thing was for sure: their skin was flawless,” the Billboard piece waxed, while highlighting a complex ‘k-beauty routine’ employed by the group.

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Meanwhile, members of BTS are serving as inspiration for a growing number of make-up tutorials and tips.  That is, for women, not men.  All of which is a little different than a more Western boy band like One Direction, and raises the question of whether a K-pop invasion will really take off.

Or, whether American teenagers are really waiting for a less dolled-up, American version of what BTS is delivering.  That is, an American boy band, not a South Korean one.


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  1. Anon

    Some people clearly don’t know what does puberty mean. All the before pics were clicked before they went through puberty. And these are not called fans they are called antis. Leave my boys alone!

    • Zoe

      Right? Like leave them alone you racist! We got some antis over here!

      • amy

        Well Paul your career isn’t going anywhere using bts for clickbait I don’t think this is even a career.Theres something called puberty pft.LIke just go please die in a freaking hole.As a army im offended and mad this is just using bts for fame.RAT -Amy

        • Anonymous

          If u r new to/know littke about bts plz know that theres nothing to suggest they have plastic surgery and definitely aren’t “addicted” to it. All of them are/were teenagers or only just in their 20’s when they first becawe bts. The youngest member was like 16 so the before photos are going to look different to the after photos. I don’t see a problem with them wearing makeup either, they get a lot of posotive feed back from it so why would they stop.

          • Daniella

            Leave bts alone! Why do you not complain when those american girls wear a lot of make ups??? Are boys prohibited to wear make up??? Or it is bts only not allowed???? Just leave them alone

          • Keeley

            I agree, Thank you for,your kindness, BTS has had too much hate, they definetly,lroved their haters wrong, and I am grateful to know a fellow A.R.M.Y. that is as kind as you are!

          • Cat

            Yea Paul to be honest I find this article quite racist. It’s pretty much known that JHope has had surgery on his nose (we can see it’s changed) but that’s been one minor difference. All other changes are likely the results of ageing, losing weight and good diet etc. None of them have changed significantly. RM for example can look quite different depending on their schedule if he loses some weight. Regardless of this you then go on to slag off their skin regime. I don’t think you’d do that if this was a female celebrity because you’d that it is reasonable and expected. So why should a male star not take care of themselves? Why should they not be allowed to do skin care- because it’s not manly? Well that’s very sexist and gender normative of you. Perhaps instead of asking is America just waiting on a manly alternative try asking is America sick of toxic masculinity and assumptions about what women should like in a man? And also I think you can hardly call their makeup routine extreme. They use skin care and wear foundation and some eyeshadow. Grow up

          • Alice

            Ang it’s aliso called stage makeup, like as long as our babies are not getting hurt, it doesn’t matter.

          • Army

            To “Cat” who said “it’s pretty much known JHope has had surgery.”… where? I’ve known them since 2013 and became an Army around 2016 and haven’t seen evidence of your claim. Please, that man and his older sister have the same nose. -_- did they both get a nose job then? Please get your facts straight and quit spreading lies.

        • Anonymous

          That’s exactly what he’s doing. And Kpop won’t take off? Pfft. BTS is breaking records, making millions and, who are you again? Freaking shitty person you are, “Paul”

          • Anon

            Lmao. Clicked this just to say: the image you used at the top of your article is called, “a clean shave, a haircut, and actual self care”. Honey, just say american men don’t give a shit about their looks or taking care of themselves. Its much less difficult. In fact, I bet you yourself would look better if you did what they’re doing and actuall washing your face and watching your weight like, you know, a normal person should.

          • BTS IS TRASH

            Breaking records just like one direction did but do u know what happened to 1d they broke up just like every single fricking band in this world is gonna do . N o one last forever honey so love them (even thou they never loved you in the first place) while you can cause one day they gon get married and guess who they will marry? Someone who aint u lol THEY DONT KNOW U AND THEY NEVER WILL. fofcus on your own life dear and leave them slanted eyes freks alone xx

        • your all bullies

          you need to calm down he could be honestly hurt by this if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything all and if you come at me with some stupid comment I will get the RCMP after you and honestly you don’t want that. They don’t tolerate cyber harassment. NOW STOP ALL OF YOU.

          • -_-

            He was basically hating on bts and we army’s have the right to be mad. Every “hate” comment above is true. Just shut up and stop commenting. By the way you’re*

          • BTS IS TRASH

            just b quiet lol who is gonna listen to you when u cant do jack. BTS DONT LOVE YOU. They are gon love their future wives and that aint gonna b u cahs u probs like some ugly aisan addictaed 12 year old lol telling evryoene to stop as if they gon listen pfft get a life honey

        • Birdy

          Paul should get a life other than hating on people who don’t even know he exists.

      • Seriously?

        BTS are plastic surgery-free even if you like it or not. ARMY will continue to have their backs however hard you try to bring them down. Get your facts right and do something useful with your life

          • BTS IS TRASH

            no army is not for life. eveyone in a army dies at one point in their lives or they just move on and thats what bts r gonna do they r probs like 28 years old or so they gonna get to 30 and start turinging ugly. Not even theier plastoic surgery addition can help them at that point loooooooooool

          • dumb but not dumber than you

            yea stupid like the user “Fak BTS”, dumbass with a ugly soul

          • (name)

            sometimes i wonder how old are those haters… bc what? an adult would say so mean things? it is possible but cmon, after 20 years on earth you should know what to do w ur life…
            so basically don’t let a 12 yr old make you feel upset for being stupid.
            just saying, after what i read in comments

          • ....

            To fak BTS lgbt has nothing to do with BTS and don’t generalize cause not all people are dumb as fuck in the lgbt community but of course you’re a disrespectful bitch

        • A

          Bruh- I look complete different from my second grade picture too.. Fuck. I’m addicted to surgery obvious…??

          • Anonymous

            Oh shit I look different, probably done a lot of surgery to make fake pimples and shit

          • lmao same sis

            omg i look sooo soo different compareed to my 10 year old pics omg I HAD MULTIPLE PLASTIC SURGERYSS SKSKSKS AHHH NO I’M ADDICTED

        • Anonymous

          Shut your mouth please they are Korean and they have perfect skin tones

        • Anonymous

          western celebrities has done worst! so don’t blame my boys being so cute and handsome.

          • Sigh

            Comment above ^ at least they are doing something with their lives and not hating on people who are better

          • Anin

            This is so true. People like Bebe Rexha had way too much and a plastic surgeon CONFIRMED it. BTS’s member have found to have very little (Jung Hoseok) to none (Kim Taehyung) plastic surgery done to them. If you’re asking me where I got this information, I heard this on a report made by a BEVERLY HILLS PLASTIC SURGEON.

          • BTS IS TRASH


        • cierra shonyo

          I agree bts are the same people beautiful

      • The truth

        I love how some Americans have issues accepting that Asians can be better looking than them without having had surgery or wearing a ton of makeup. And if you’re gonna make an article about how bts is so ‘fake’, at least get your info right before claiming to know so much shit about them.

          • Army and BTS are better than all you anti's and thats facts

            Yep totally the real Jk! Totally not just a different person! This Paul guy is making incorrect statements and doesn’t even bother to search up a real Kookie picture. Does he think we all have bad eyesight or something?!

      • Rose

        My vote to it! Like srly look at them asking BTS to deliver an American boy band feel! Why should they change!? They are good as they are and we like them for that! And i think you people don’t change with age and don’t know how to take care of your skin! Well about makeup its something that existed in kpop industry since forever!! Get your facts right first before publishing something!!

      • Haley

        Lol it isn’t racist- it’s fact. First of all- whether they got plastic surgery or not- the fact is that they are ugly af. Not opinion- just fact.

        • acapellaluv

          – Wow! They’re amazing song/rapwriters who signed on as teens, who have written about social/govt/mental health/love yourself issues, espec. youth, even before their 2013 debut, they produce their own music w/ their own studios, their 3 underground rappers rival top Amer. rappers,
          who want to work w/them, like *RM & WalE- “CHANGE”* & *BTS-“CYPHER MEDLEY”-LIVE*, Fall Out Boy, Chainsmokers, etc + all 3 rappers have amazing Billboard charted Mixtapes, are amazing singers & dancers w/some of KPop’s most complex, hard-hitting choreographies & try to uplift people thru hard times w/their music and THIS is what someone in 2019 has to say??….As a musician myself in America, I was shocked that people can be so narrow-minded & hateful to a different culture..All artists (like me) wear make-up, on stage or performing, or on tv, etc.. Beauty culture is different in Asia, and…?..Remember glam-rock w/David Bowie, etc..?
          I’ve seen many videos of them, at home, hanging out, no make-up, just being guys & I need to start doing their beauty routines, to get my face that healthy looking..My opinion (facts?!) are that they’re all good-looking, in diff. ways, from handsome, to cute & are amazing athletes.. I’ve now seen videos of all the biggest KPop groups and their looks/routines.. They’ve gone thru many changes growing up, getting taller, older, lose/ gain weight, (like we all so), get in better & better shape w/1000’s of hrs practicing…I have friends who think different members are hottt ?, so….
          RM’s the only one who had plastic surgery on his nose for a deviated septum he vlog’d about, he was always teased about his loud snoring, but that’s all that was done, he was fine after surgery..JHope has always had the same nose, like his sister, who looks a lot like him, where you see earlier pics..Jungkook & V still have the same full noses but just grew into them (as we all do),
          It’s different from America, but maybe we can learn some things about how they care about/support/respect each other (Korean culture)..They never badly talk about about others, they always praise other groups/ artists (except in some of their raps> vs haters/disbelievers> > rappers who dissed them for leaving underground rap, then later apologized for their hurtful remarks & the industry not believing they’d make it from a small company & some toxic fans from another big group who they were surpassing & cyber-bullied them badly> over songs???, but they just kept working hard) & proved them all wrong..
          Instead of calling people ugly, I would just concentrate on artists I DO love & move on…Never understood hate/troll comments on UTube, Twitter & now here..Why waste your time dissing people when you could be enjoying your own favorite artists..There’s enough hate in this world.. Just sayi2n’.

          • "pulls back eyes" look im asian

            Someone on here said westerners say they got plastic surgery because they cant belive an asian would look better than them. Sorry but but all asians look the same, these look like little boy asians with david bowie type makup on… wow so original… f4ck these turds

          • lame bts

            ok letsnget things strait BTS isnt good their just good at what they do they have no talent at all and they all look the same and like fucking women. so no their not amazing

        • Hahahaha, try again hun.

          Yet one of the members (Kim Taehyung) got nominated top most handsomest face TWICE on the Top 100 Most Handsomest Faces and Jungkook got was nominated most sexiest man in the world.

          • Natalia

            These nominations are not based on facts. Because… how can anyone measure beauty? Its just a “while in rome” thing. They’re popular, so why not nominate them? But I myself think they aren’t that good looking. Sorry, just my own personal opinion. And b4 I got bashed, I do leave “your boys” alone ? –> I never watch even one single music by them. And I know them only from online news I was curious to read. Based on what I see… its been a few years. And I’m still confused on who is who. They all look closely similar, with small variations to differentiate. And the one I recognize, ironically is the one I found most annoying looking (usually with no bangs, tall guy). Also, its a free country. Not everyone is going to worship this group. Let alone kpop. I am one nonfan myself. Just a friendly reminder to all silly hardcore fans that you yourself sometimes say you don’t like such or such artists. Why, then, if a blog writer is expressing his opinion, y’all feel you need to trash him and defend “our boys”, who most probably will never know, see, let alone recognize you ??‍♀️?‍♀️. Are you hardcores so insecure, so non-existent, and don’t know who you are or your life purpose other than being a worship drone for some group, who.. okay the break records. But they sure as hell not without their flaws, SMH ?‍♀️?‍♀️.

            Oh… and tone down the pairing/shipping thingy…
            For us the rest of the world that’s normal, its kind of dusgusting and creepy as hell ??‍♀️?

          • .

            Natalia yeah not everyone is gonna have an interest in BTS, but people don’t have to go spreading hate for literally no reason. Like, what the fuck did they do to you? Exactly, nothing. Like I swear people just spread hate because they’re not fucking white or some stupid shit. It’s so fucking stupid. I’m not gonna have people for not having an interest in them, but I will hate people if they actually hate on them. Also it’s possible for a man to wear makeup and not be gay. Like I fucking hate people who call them gay just because they wear makeup sometimes. People are so fucking ignorant. This is why I hate most people and just keep to myself most of the time, but if someone starts saying really racist and rude things about BTS, I get so fucking angry. I also really don’t like that you said one of the members were “annoying looking.” That’s really fucking rude. I hope you realize that they are real people with fucking feelings, and I know they’re not gonna see this, but it would probably make him feel terrible that you said that. But you probably don’t care if you make people feel that way. I’m not trying to start a fight, I’m just saying how I feel.

        • Hahahaha, try again hun.

          Yet one of the members (Kim Taehyung) got nominated top most handsomest face TWICE on the Top 100 Most Handsomest Faces and Jungkook got was nominated most sexiest man in the world.

        • (name)

          haley, IT IS AN OPINION. they’re beautiful for me and like 30 millions of other people… everyone sees beauty differently and if someone is pretty or not, will never be a fact.

        • just staring real facts ~~

          Said by a person with the ugliest soul, who are you to tell what is beautiful and what not? You are probably look like a donkey’s ass. haha puns

        • *Enters Warzone*

          wow you are a betch “hAlEy” this article is the most ridiculous thing I have read. It is opinion. ur opinion is they are ugly. its not fact its opinion. And guess what, Nobody gives a crap about your opinion /:

        • Army and BTS are better than all you anti's and thats facts

          Actually, it’s not facts YOU are just an anti! Why do you think your stupid little opinion on an untrue BTS article is gonna convince anyone.

        • BTS Fan Rae

          The article is being racist. Saying that just because they look different from when they were teens that they are addicted to plastic surgery. I won’t deny that South Korea does have a lot of technology for plastic surgery, and many people take advantage of that, but the problem is when you make an assumption about them just because of their ethnicity or race.

          You can believe that their unattractive all you want; I don’t really care what you think of them. But claiming that your opinion is fact is a childish mentality to have. Maybe stop judging people over the internet and form an actual opinion instead of wasting your time being hateful.

        • Anonymous

          Actually many other people would say otherwise so, it is just an opinion. If you want to go off on be about how it isn’t an opinion, please do so because I would love to see all your reasons to why it is a fact. You better also have stuff to back up your reasons since it is probably going to all just be your opinion.

      • BYS_FanGirl114

        Omg and so wut if they wear makeup that is the Korean culture Paul u need to respect

      • Illegals should be Shot

        Racist? because he thinks boys wearing girly makeup is retarded? Ok… keep it up…i love how the word racist has totally lost all its power now. Let your kids act however you want… just gives my kids (who will be taught right) alot more of an edge in life… these whatever they are might be successful, but they’ll drag alot of kids who wouldnt normally act so strange to do so…and in tern hurt them down the road. When you tranny kid kills themselves later on in life just blame yourself… you were the only one that coulda stopped it. This trash is just aggravating the hard working people of the world to stop giving to charities and helping others, keep throwing this bs in peoples faces, and ill keep calling them faggots every time i see them.

    • Spread the hate

      It’s a rather racist comment he’s making, clearly Paul is arsehole with a ugly mug, ouch. The only reason he’s writing shitty articles like these is because of his insecurity (tiny dick) and the fact that he got rejected from every major network! Paul, you have my sympathy, why don’t you take a trip to Korea to get some work on your face done, coz you need it buddy.

        • min suga

          BTS didn’t have any plastic surgeries. jungkooks pic above is a makeup tutorial by a youtuber names ssin. Pft



          • Anonymous

            FYI I like how they don’t put their usually makeup look on here
            and only put heavy makeup stuff..
            I REPEAT>>>
            please stop trying to make them look bad,
            and what you say if false.
            ”Are the members of BTS addicted to plastic surgery and heavy make-up? American audiences are asking that question as the group grows in popularity.”
            If by ”audiences” you mean BTS’s fans…YOU STAND INCORRECT!
            WE DON”T
            EVEN THINK
            THAT BTS
            LOOKS ARE NOT
            You need to stop just because our baby boys are successful at life in general
            does NOT mean you have to rub dust in their face and everyone else face….

          • DAI XUIMIN

            wow i look totally different from my high school photo from 2000
            I addicted to plastic surely obliviously

            they are NOT addicted only ‘CAUSE they LOOK a sight bit different
            THOSE LOW LIFE
            SOMEONE REPORT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • That pic was a korea boo




          • Potato Poop

            are you talking about yourself just to get attention honestly who are you even talking to just curious

          • Protecc


      • Paul (aka Dumb ASS Beach.Bitch?Beach.)

        ooooohhhh roast em !! DAyyyymnnn!! We Be PREAchINg.

    • Fact checker

      It’s been reported that BTS is plastic surgery free, one of the rare traits in Kopop. It’s because they’re not from the big free companies, so contractually unlike SM, plastic surgery is not required. Its widely know that the boys struggled financially, they came from poor backgrounds. If you look at the financial family backgrounds of several SM artists, it is a fact that some of their families are filthy rich, owning large corporations and private institutions, check YouTube for richest Korea artists who would have been rich without fame.

    • Fact checker

      Aw thanks Paul, this is publicity for BTS, it’s creating more awareness for the group. Though I’m pretty sure not a lot of people read these articles….no offence. Look guys, no matter whether it’s good or bad publicity, facts don’t matter anymore. Look at all the negative coverage Trump got, and guess what, he’s the bloody president.

      • Estela

        I agree, bad publicity or good publicity it is still publicity and articles like this just show how successful they have become.

    • taetae

      can you like leave them alone are you kidding me puberty hit them like a bullet train no1 and plus they look the same in the pics and its really fucking racist to say this and what do you mean by a more american version like the fuck if u don’t like em u can go to purgatory like if u have an opinion keep it to yourself if its bad

      • Kay

        Okay they wear makeup and take care of their skin. They have never had plastic surgery. And if they did they still have more talent then most western artists.

        • KPOP_GIRL44

          Agreed!It’s the same whether they do plastic surgery or not becouse it’s their natural talent!

          • anon

            Not to mention the fact that they were nervous?? And some can’t speak English well?? Thats why their faces “were not moving”?? Like they’re a band from a p small record label at the fucking Billboard Music Awards okay its nowhere near their comfort zone so if they looked stonefaced it was because they were nervous about the award and new environment

            (Also if you check out their BBMA video you can clearly see them smiling well and having a good time)
            Sorry ya bitter racist

        • Anonymous

          Exactly! And that picture of Jungkook looks nothing like him! If it is him, how come he looks completely different to that now? Hes never looked like that in any era, so wtf?

          • Usagi Tsukino

            It’s called puberty and make up. You don’t need plastic surgery to look different, gosh. And yeah, it may not look like him, doesn’t mean it isn’t him.

          • Usagi Tsukino

            Also, the pic of “Jungkook” wasn’t even him.

          • Not my kookie

            That was NOT Kookie. That looks like one of those female make artist on YouTube doing a kpop inspired (infires haha) make-up tutorial.

          • This article can go on my 'stupid' wall

            Here’s a link to the Jungkook inspired makeup video done by a female YouTube for those who think that dumb ass picture Paul said is JK is ACTUALLY Jungkook. This whole article is completely incorrect. And FYI… Skin care is not technically make-up you idiot, it’s called making sure you have clean and healthy skin… Therefore the name SKIN CARE. If you see that as makeup then we might as well call showering make up too *facepalm*

          • ARMY

            U know? There is sth we call puberty and it sometimes hits people so hard:|
            Kookie was 16 when they debuted so…

        • Yani

          yeah and also out there it’s ok to do plastic surgery and it’s not like they’re perfect they look good cause of puberty and make-up but they have their bad day were they look ugly because they are normal. They don’t have money for that anyway i mean some people are just born to be very handsome.

          • dumb but not dumber than you

            they do have money for plastic surgery but they chose not to do it

        • Yani_A.R.M.Y.

          yeah and also out there it’s ok to do plastic surgery and it’s not like they’re perfect they look good cause of puberty and make-up but they have their bad day were they look ugly because they are normal. They don’t have money for that anyway i mean some people are just born to be very handsome.

        • Robyn

          Agreed! When did it become abnormal for men to have a good hygiene and when did it become abnormal for men to take good care of themselves?

    • annie

      Guys…are you on drugs?don’t You guys know about puberty?Are you jealous?Bye Antis..leave my boys alone..
      Forever BTS
      If you don’t like them then please don’t talk bad about is bad

      • Anonymous

        they are fucking sexist they say that makeup is ONLY for women but anyways bts is worldwide so shut the fuck with these articles because bighit’s going to sue you ?have fun in court


      Yeah maybe he didn’t know the puberty. None of the BTS members did the surgery. Even if you look to their older pictures they’re all look the same to their now and then photos. They are KOREAN BOY BAND and they have concept for every song that’s why their makeup matches to it. And EXCUSE ME! THEY ARE KOREANS so why the eff you want them to look like Americans? Do you really want them to change their self JUST FOR YOU!?!? We all know that you’re the only one writing this crazy stuffs because you really wanted to get noticed. You must go to the psychiatrist. Kasi malala ka na pre…


        Oonga eh. Nabaliw na to. Putangina nya, porkit wala syang talento ganyan Yan. O Po wla syang success ganyan. Baliw! Gago ka

    • Chim-Chim

      Rap Mon’s face didn’t change while the Jungkook pic is a make-up tutorial (Not by Jungkook) Paul just kept on making bad stuff about BTS. and BTW they didn’t have any plastic surgery. Paul, I think u need a surgery for your rotten attitude!

      • Paul's Karma

        Agree. That’s not Jungkook. I just laughed when he said that it was Jungkook hahha.

      • BTS is Legend

        Agree, she just do make up to make herself looks like Jungkook


      Yeah they wear make up so what? Of course as an idol they must always take care of their skin
      DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT PUBERTY MEANS? BTS never had a plastic surgery before, don’t even write these shitty articles like you know them you’re just jealous cuz they’re all good looking you’re just doing this to gain attention maybe because you look like shit.

      • springbutterflytears

        lmao, I laughed at the title of this. See, he’s a thirsty attention seeker.

    • YoonGi'sYenGu

      Yeah you are right. I was laughing at the article though ?. Like seriously, it’s puberty, not surgery ??. If they’ll just base BTS’ photos when they were still kids or like trainees, they can definitely say that BTS had not gone to any plastic surgery. Goodness! ??

    • Army

      He’s so stupid RMs face in both those pictures in terms of structure look exactly the same. Obviously this dumbass didn’t pass health class

    • anonymous

      Obviously, whatever they’re doing is working so well that even you have to drag their name through the mud for attention. Next time, check your facts. BTS is absolutely free of plastic surgery. I don’t even know if their company could’ve afforded it when BTS first debuted. Even if they have gone under the knife, though, you are ridiculous to believe that other male celebrities haven’t either. Make-up, too. Male celebrities obviously also wear make-up. Natural, maybe, but make-up nonetheless. Why is it so horrible to think that men wear it? Is your masculinity really so fragile that you not only refuse to believe that western males actually do wear make-up, but even the thought of young men wearing some foundation and eyeliner you triggers you to write an article about how outrageous it is? BTS is a talented group who is doing well no matter what plastic surgery they may or may not have received or what make-up they wear. Next time you write an article on them, either check your facts or actually write a real article on things like their self-produced songs, hard-hitting choreographies, or how hard they work instead of something as superficial as their looks.

      • Paul the Attention Hoe

        Omf, thank you. Literally everything I wanted to say!

    • Patricia

      puberty can suddenly change someone’s nose slope and give people double eyelids out of no where yall ARMSHITS are too funny, also stan TWICE

      • STOP IT!

        Who even have a different nose slope dude? lol blind? Or just ignorant?

      • dumb but not dumber than you

        hey! problematic fan-war starter! i suggest you stan kindess and intelligence before you tell others to stan twice [don’t put them to shame, they’re cool, and you not]

    • Mieco

      This is so true. I could’ve gone totally mad just by reading this article.

    • Audry

      The only real way for some one to read your wack ass articles is if you put BTS in it. Get a real job bozo and don’t be jealous that the puberty train still hasn’t taken a stop at your station , ugly racist.

    • Aaliyha Lorenze

      Thank you! I am currently so afraid that new army’s are gonna see this and think that it’s true ?

    • Maya

      honestly I am very dissapounted because i know how kind and “down to earth” they are, whilst he is treating them like trash.
      there is a thing called PUBERTY but even if they did get it it doesn’t mean they are less talented
      P.S. Guys can wear makeup too if they want to…

    • Alexis

      Right. I was looking at the photos and said ‘nothing is different like wtf’ I even got a friend to look at them to make sure I’m not a blind bat and she said the same thing not even knowing who BTS is!

    • Ace Alexandra

      This guy needs punched how dare he say bts is “overdosing” on plastic surgery that picture of rap Mon was from when he was like 15 he’s 22 now I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t look like he did when he was 15. This guy needs to stop hating on bts. They haven’t had any plastic surgery they look like they did when they were kids so stop hating. And so what if they use a makeup routine I know a ton of people that do that have you not seen YouTube. In conclusion he needs to stop saying things about bts when he doesn’t even know them. All the bts members are actually really nice. This guy is Leo saying that ARMY is cheap and so is bts. ARMY put this to an end make all these haters back off. Ecspecially this guy.

    • Anonymous

      You know, BTS debuted in the industry before (or during) puberty. That is why the first photos look not so good. Also, the reason why they could not move their faces is not because of surgery, but because of the Asian-typed face. When they speak Korean, they do not have to use their face muscles so much, so they have to struggle a bit to speak English correctly. Also, do you know how much effort they put into passing well through puberty? For example, Jimin starved himself to look slimmer and, in that way, he got the amazing face shape that he has. NO SURGERY REQUIRED. Also, most of them admitted that they hate makeup.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you.
        I was really confused reading this article because it went against everything I know about BTS. This is exactly what needed to be said 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Paul Resinkoff needs to watch interviews and with BTS, then maybe he’ll see

    • Sabrina

      I bet u, u photoshopped that picture of jungkook. It looks like GD to me now

      • Anon

        Its actually probably a fan cosplay. Its weird, but it happens lol

    • WildStrawberry

      MY GOSH THE NERVE. You need to stop this right now. This is freaking disrespectful and rude! Ever heard of puberty?!
      Do you know how old Jungkook was when they debuted? No?
      Well lemme tell you! He was freaking fifteen years the frick old! Do you know how old Jimin was?! He and Taehyung were 17 years old! I don’t think using BTS as clickbait is really a job/career. Ya know, JUST SAYING.
      I would like to ask you how it feels to have millions of angry fans on your back.
      You’ve built yourself up quite the reputation, not-so-kind sir.
      And trust me.
      It’s not a good one. Don’t be a bully and just stop. You don’t even try to make your stories sound believable. **** off please.

    • WildStrawberry

      Also that ‘extreme makeup’ photo is NOT JUNGKOOK!

      What are you trying to say, Paul? WTF are you trying to say? Just stfu.

    • A real A.R.M.Y

      Look, piss off. You really need to use BTS for clickbait because your blog is going to shit? If they were real A.R.M.Y they would know that j- hope is afraid of needles and won’t even get his ears pierced. But of course this whole thing is a desperation act so…?

    • Laura


    • Irritated Again

      It really irritated me the ammoints of times they referred to those antis as fans. They were disgusting

    • Sav

      lol it’s crazy how people don’t believe that there are extremely good lookinasians out there and supposedly the only way Asians can llol good is through plastic surgery. Smh this person needs glasses because all bts members looks identical to how they looked when they were younger, except Jin. He looked really nerdy and now he’s a daddy but he was always handsome. Smh on this writer

    • Lee

      Same I’m with you on that. They shine because they’re beauty is from inside to outside. Love them or leave them alone, they give their all to make sure we the fans are happy and those who say negative things are just jealous. Saranghae BTS!

    • hannah

      sweetie just wanna let you know but you putting big bang in there is completely stupid, do some research their company doesn’t allow plastic surgery

    • Megha

      It’s actually funny I mean like hello? Koreans are famous for their beauty. They have that “BASIC” style statement. If you are so ignorant about not learning culture then you shouldn’t speak. Like having .com in a website means the website is engaging the whole world while you don’t know about the culture of the people you are talking about? For the first time I watched BTS I was like this girl is so beautiful when I saw Jimin then I found out he is a guy and I went like This guy is so beautiful!!! Then he continuously went on stage and did his sexy face and I saw him shirtless and well… I gave my heart.

    • Anon

      Geez, the people you mentioned aren’t “fans.” Do you think you’re going to be liked after this? They are so talented and amazing and it’s a culture in Korea that KPop idols wear makeup. It’s our culture so what are you going to do about it. Don’t even compare them to One Direction. They’re cool and all, but BTS is whole new level and they’re so lovable and talented. Why do you think they came to LA, had a collaboration with Steve Aoki/Desiigner, went on the Late Late Show with James Corden, performed at Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen Show, went to the Billboard Music Awards, and AMAs. They also made the Billboard top 40 many times. THINK before you post something like this because ARMYs will be after you. -_- BTS doesn’t have time for your bull and they don’t have to worry about haters like you. Article writer my butt you should get fired.

    • Anon

      They use less makeup than most girls I know. And all of the ‘makeup’ products the mentioned like toners, cleansers and masks are just different products to wash your face and keep your skin healthy…it’s not makeup at all!

    • Nastasha

      I agree. Like, this is PUBERTY for fucks sake, not plastic surgery.
      If they wanna see plastic surgery, they should look at other groups.

    • Ah-reum / Areum

      They look no different from before. What’s these people problem?

      • dumb but not dumber than paul

        the people’s problem is that they are blind and iq -148 lmao. clearly havent heard of puberty.

    • ARMY

      Thank you. They have never went through plastic surgery, even if so. They would have had a fuller face than that. They look the same, especially now that they all have black,natural hair.


      IKR! Like dude, ‘Paul’, we all know bts look better than anything you look like right now, or will ever look like. Poor Jhope hasn’t gotten his ears pierced, and you want to say he got plastic surgery? Just leave them alone. You’re so racist. We don’t want a ‘more american version’ of bts! We love them no matter what. Just back off.


      Ya I know right? People they worked hard to make themselves look good WITHOUT SURGERY. AND IF YOU SEARCH UP NO MAKEUP BTS THEY DONT LOOK THAT DIFFERENT. THIS IS JUST A BAD CASE OF JEALOUSY.

      • Everyone needs to relax

        First of all this clickbait though. I didn’t even waste my time reading the rest of this article because of all the inaccurate information and attention seeking content I already saw in this article. This article is obviously just desperate for attention. It just shows how BTS is so worldwide and powerful that even their name calls the attention to so many people; fan, army, or not. I also think it’s so funny how much people are hating on BTS because of their fame, success, ethic background, etc. Like for all of you being racists, just knock it off. Racism is really not cool. This group of asain men that are breaking international records pertaining to the kpop industry and Koreans themselves, it’s honestly amazing. You can’t deny all the success they’ve accomplished for themselves.
        Second, for all you haters just like chill out lol. I love how much hate BTS gets. Like honestly you don’t have to love BTS or eve like them, just don’t say anything and move on. If you don’t like them that’s fine, just stop all the hatred. All these haters took their time to write comments to hate on BTS and Army; which honestly just shows how much they care about BTS enough to even write a comment. Army knows that BTS has their own lives and doesn’t know everyone single one of us individually. However army loves bts because of the love we feel through their music and them as individuals. We know we’re probably never going to meet them face to face, but it doesn’t make us feel less loved or put out less love for them. Just like through your favorite kinds of music, celebrities, movies, etc. you feel a certain connection because they’ve put out content for their fans and for the public to relay messages of emotion.
        So everyone just calm down, relax, and stop hating. I get BTS Army can be annoying but so can every other fan base out there if you’re just obsessing over it. If you don’t like BTS, cool. If you love BTS, also cool. So just stop with the racism and the hate and just move on with your life and make the best of it. (Also to all the rest of the Army, spread your love of BTS and just spread love in general. Defend BTS but don’t bring more hate into the conversation <3)… Or that's just my opinion 🙂

    • Anonymous

      ikr? this is racist, first of all. Not all Koreans need/got plastic surgery, it’s a ridiculous and stupid and an incredibly racist stereotype, and secondly, BTS was originally a HIP HOP GROUP (there’s countless proof to show that the members were in the lineup to debut as musicians, not pretty boys prancing around onstage which is ironically what they’ve become but a much better version, adding lessons for everything while also appealing to the public), with intentions of being completely natural and not fake, to deliver messages in music, not achieve love from teenage girls. that’s literally one of their concepts now even, love yourself and don’t put a mask on for anyone. now it’s different because while they’re awesome, they still need income, and their initial concepts weren’t catching attention. thirdly, WHO THE HECK CARES ABOUT THEIR MAKEUP?????? it makes them look prettier (but they’re gorgeous without it) and more awake, which is why they need it. that’s why they’re prettier than all the girls and male celebrities they’re around. less is more, my friends.

    • Anonymous

      It’s so sad that as soon as a band becomes popular, people feel the need to bring them down. To our knowledge BTS have not had plastic surgery- hell, bighit probably couldn’t even afford it at the time of their debut. And they don’t need it either! Please mind your own business and stop trying to make news out of nothing. As BTS said, they will focus on their comeback.

    • Tyrone

      EXACTLY. They literally grew up together for almost 8 years now. They started their careers when they were teenagers..

    • A.R.M.Y NEWBIE

      Hey paul leave my jungkook alone and my boys because have you ever heard of puberty??!!!No right so don’t ever think about dragging my boys into the mud .Because you are FEEBLE As a BEE.and BTS is STRONG LIKE AN ANT.FYi…that RM pic.That was like when he was 20 or something and that video if jk was a WOMAN a Freaking woman who transformed in to jk ALRIGHT!!!!!
      PS:I am a new A.R.M.Y.S KIDDO I love Jungkook alot so paul just back off and leave them alone

    • This 'author' is an anti.

      Yep. This article was written by an anti who refuses to believe that BTS can be naturally beautiful. The author doesn’t even seem to know what Korean culture is, he just believes in false rumors created by haters.
      I come from Korea and live in California. I can tell you that most Koreans, unlike Americans, prefer light and non-heavy makeup, versus where Americans like to put on makeup more excessively. This is completely fine, since the two cultures are different.
      It is true that there are many professional, well-doing plastic surgery companies in Korea. But most idols are surgery-free, unlike what the anti of an author said.
      Especially BTS. They have never changed their faces, and only apply light makeup during recent appearances.
      Yes, I agree that they are too good looking to be real. But, I guess you’ll have to deal with it.
      Excessive makeup and plastic surgery in Korea, especially for idols, my fucking ass.

    • To the person who wrote this stupid article

      Are u actually special Ed?! BTS has not undergone ANY plastic surgery. I’m not just saying this cuz I’m a fan, but because I don’t go around accusing people of plastic surgery just because they look good? It’s called makeup and puberty get ur facts straight before u post stuff like this on the internet

    • Anonymous

      lmao they be saying that those people who said those dumb ignorant shit are fans. like, who you be lying to, sis? we ain’t that dumb. those people are clearly antis. and their putting their “pRoOfS” as pictures of them before they even turned 20; people go through puberty at that time smfh.

    • Anonymous

      Ack no I’m sorry puberty hits some people more then your crust as. LIKe fans???? More like fake jealous people. Like me and my fellow army friend were reading this together and we got so triggered and literally pulled out knives. Bts is our everything and if you wanna fight come at me. Thanks for the bs Paul. You ugly dump truck lookin as.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if they know what “puberty” means. Like gosh, where is the proof that they are “addicted to plastic surgey”. Do you have paperwork or something? You can’t get even get America straight with plastic surgery and you go across seas and talk about a another country celebrities getting plastic surgery. This is unacceptable, if you are going to spread news, at least put some real news not fake.

    • Ann

      They dont look any different than when they were kids I saw pics and vids so dude needs too shut uo!


      yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas i agreeee with u anywho ARMY WILL DEFEND BTS hehe bt they truly do and mostly all koreans do have flawless that is because they take care of their skin unlike us WHOEVER STARTS SHITTING ON OUR BTS THEYRE HOES 2 LIFE

    • UwU


    • Anonymous

      Ik I’m a little late for this article but to just assume that they got plastic surgery is not ok I’m a fan myself and ik that they didn’t do under the knife. Also they are idols and models, look good and probably have more looks than whoever wrote this saying that they got plastic surgery is like saying all beautiful models got it.

    • VirgoNight

      And on top of that makeup is a social norm over there. Who gets mad at anyone for wearing makeup?!

    • dumb but not dumber than you

      exactly! paul is a fakeu snakeu and trying to bring bts down. he/she/them needs to shut tf up, like we get bts is prettier than you?//?

    • EA

      there is thing thing called stage makeup you know? bts don’t always look like that. and even if they did i fail to see how that’s a bad thing. men should be allowed to put on makeup if they want it’s not hurting anyone

    • JiminiesWife

      yep totally, ITS CALLED PUBERTY i want to kill all of the rasict bitches in the world so we can be happy i hate antis i hate antis i hate antis

    • Anonymous

      Exactly and not just that Namjoon also had a surgery for his nose that he had to have because of breathing problems those are the only reasons they look different

    • love bts

      yes.our boys were cute before and still are only real armys will stay with them and fake armys will criticize them.yes as she said leave our boys alone

    • Tanisha

      I hate those fucking crazy people out there talkin’ about my boys and still considering themselves as “ARMY”.

    • anonymous bitch

      Thank god you’ve said it.
      First of all, BTS hasn’t had plastic surgery and second of all, they wear makeup because most k-pop groups do, it’s just what they do.



      • *Enters Warzone*

        I’m actually scared to start it with this “bTs iS tRasH” guy, but here goes, I am barely offended cause I am 1 in 2 ppl in my 200 person school that likes bts let alone kpop soooooooooooo. I have heard it all before so im just smh because this Bts is trash guy probably hasnt given a crap for anything more then himself in his life like most of the ppl in my school. WHEN U LIKE A MUSIC OR ARTIST, U S T A N D U P F O R T H E M!!! Ledgit get a life. Becuase I am so sick of every haters bull crap its all the same crud, atleast be creative with it god. The only thing I can say is BTS probably doesnt rly care okay, they have to be used to it, any artist does. they are for the most part probably comfortable where they are, haters sitting in their moms basement have nothing better to do then to stab at more succsessful ppl XD

    • *Enters Warzone*

      Yes I love love love love BTS, and the real tea is is that ppl have forgot who long bts has rly been around for like. THINGS happen in the span of 6-10 years! Yes they wear makeup but like,,,, so do alot of other american female artists. BTS does nothing to the extreme of like, idk Ariana Grande, Beyonce stuff like that. This comment section is full of idiots {other then army lol} Haters, yall are making no sense at all somebody here talking about how ppl who belive boys can wear makeups kids are gonna commit suicide like shut the hell up. Most of the things i have seen from like 40 year old redneck haters be like “They dont know or love u! Get a life!” Hun they never did anything to u either, since when was music so contraversal? [however thats spelled] I agree, Anon, in conclusion XD

  2. Shelby

    Lol @ the rap monster before and after. All his facial features are exactly the same ???. Only thing different is that his hair is blonde and styled and not long in his face hiding his features anymore. This article is dumb. Also BTS is on one of the smaller labels and no way would Big Hit of been able to afford plastic surgery for all of them before debut speaking BTS is their first huge success.

    • Kurt

      Exactly, they’re completely the same. American artists use make up too. Why won’t they make an article about them? Please delete this article…

    • Kay

      Lol rapmon looks exactly the same. And if we all took care of our skin that well nobody would be crying about how beautiful BTS is

    • Alexis

      The thing that got me was when he said how Korea was addicted to plastic surgery…..sir they were made that way so don’t be Jelous, they look better then you

    • BTS is Legend

      Not annoying, but some fucking human creatureeight8

    • go rot in hell paul

      i can’t seem to fucking comprehend what bullshit is coming out of paul’s brain (or lack of it) like apparently the word puberty isn’t a word in his vocabulary. unless that motherfucker gives us the documents saying that bts had plastic surgery armys aren’t going to fucking believe the bullshit that this NONKOREAN person is saying

  3. Nunya

    Would you just stfu. Really. Trash. That is all you are. An underworked piece of trash. I don’t know how people in your personal life stand you. Bet you don’t have any friends. Sorry you have a major inferiority complex and obsessive jealousy. Loser.

    • lttle girl

      Yes youre right! So what,we(fans) luv them bc of their music not bc of their FACE.

  4. RapMONOfficial

    THis guys hasn’t written for a long time, he waited until BTS became big again so he could hit ARMYs with another hard punch. But punches don’t hurt if they miss completely. Thanks Paul!

  5. Geimhreadh

    the “before and after” pic looks the same, one with makeup and hairstyle and the other without. As for makeup, David Bowie and other stars from the 70s and 80s were even more outrageous

  6. :l

    bruh, this article is such a bad quality. Shame in the journalist world.

    • Anonymous

      I know right.. Where is the sense and research in all this? this article is basically just the author writing negative remarks on them without any proper knowledge or facts at all.

      • Just a thought

        LMFAOOOO, you tried it, bts didn’t get plastic surgery, stop writing articles about them and spreading false rumors and using misleading titles for clout.

    • dumb but not dumber than paul

      exactly, my journalist heart is cracking as i read this dumbass article. i lost a few braincells too

  7. Anon

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that anyone would maybe read this and believe it makes me sad – leave our boys alone! The before and after photos of Joon made me laugh because hello? That’s the same handsome guy! Why is this near the top in BTS news?!

  8. Saul

    You call this journalism, Paul? Your website is complete garbage, and this clickbait article is proof of it. Also, your “fan remarks” are completely fake and made up. A quick google search proves this. How freaking new are you to the Internet? You have no morals whatsoever, and you’re a filthy whore of a human being. Enjoy the hits from the BTS fans that you’re purposely trying to rile up, and then after a few days enjoy returning to the state of being completely irrelevant.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah exactly I don’t understand what he is trying to accomplish with these articles but it’s sad that he continues to hate on BTS and try to spread lies

  9. Green Onion

    THis guy’s credibility is in the negatives.
    Even if someday he accidentally writes something factual, nobody will believe him.

  10. Anonymous

    What a surprise. The same guy who wrote this also wrote about BTS supposedly changing their name (read: not true).

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. And their makeup is not even that heavy

  11. Anonymous

    Paul, honestly what do you think is going to come of all this negativity? You are being more than just slightly ridiculous. Find your chill.

    • Anonymous

      “What good do you think is going to come of all this negativity?” EXACTLY.

  12. I hate paul

    I know the only reason you’re writing this is because BTS won BBMAs and you are salty because you have nothing but a TERRIBLE PERSONALITY AND A FAKE JOB.

  13. As expected

    As expcted from Paul *sigh* instead of making an article about BTS winning, he focused on the negative outlook of people. And he claimed he’s not a BTS anti. And i was wondering he’d been quiet since BTS won and blew up again with another shameful article. Digital Music News is such a decent name for an article but how shamful Paul resnikoff smeared the news with dirty image.

  14. Anonymous

    If you are going to ask the question ‘Are BTS Members Overdosing on Plastic Surgery?’ you should actually answer the question and at least do some research about the subject before publishing Ex: what proof do you have that BTS have done plastic surgery? Are your sources accurate? Just saying ‘So what?’ doesn’t really answer the question, just avoids it. Just because some K-pop artists have done plastic surgery doesn’t mean BTS did it. None of the BTS members ever got plastic surgery and are definately not overdosing on it. It’s called working out and training 10+ hours a day.

  15. ~Tori

    What the hell is this? Most of your articles are completely untrue, and based off of your opinion. Are your articles even credible? Stop being an ignorant fool. I get you have your own opinion, and one you are entitled to, but this is ridiculous!

  16. Anon

    You should take the advice of the people commenting on your “articles” Paul. The number of people who hate you is growing every day. Stop writing articles. We know your jealous, you don’t have to tell us every day.

  17. To Paul:

    Paul, we know you wish you were a Korean pop star and not an ignorant, jealous old man, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

  18. tired of these gringos

    lmao first of all it’s not a makeup routine it’s literally their skincare routine and although plastic surgery is something common in South Korea the boys actually didn’t get any of it

  19. Omg Paul!!!

    I never knew you could make a living making fun of kpop boy bands. I’ll consider that as a future career option, you know, in case I turn into a nasty old man one day.

    • Yesha

      This article is bullshit :’) Our boys are surgery-free y’all know? See for yourselves! Search for their pre-debut photos, Nothing had changed! well maybe a little but not because of surgery but because of PUBERTY, You’re sounding a bit too racist! Ugh! This article made me mad.

    • Bts trash

      You know his an exol. Look up the articles for exo, way different than bts.

      • Anonymous

        TBH im and EXO-L and ARMY and this just pisses me off because this is so trash and exo’s page is not…like the fuck what the hell are you doing with your life Paul

  20. whites stay tryna ruin poc happiness

    the fact that you’re writing an article with no proof or references is so funny you’re a grown ass man who doesn’t even know the fundamentals of writing an article in the world of journalism

  21. a-yo

    Lol you’re too shook to handle the fact that they look way hotter as young adults now. Do more research before you write an article.

  22. Steve

    RM looks exactly the same in both of those pictures though. I just saw him on Vlive without makeup and he literally looked exactly the same as that before picture.

    Also the makeup isn’t “trying to look like women”.


    Lack source, poor vocabulary, click bait picture, boring and white.
    Seen your face, eh, it’s a bit dumpy. Telling the difference from age~40+ irrelevant fake news account//low grade anti accounts with no life is like trying to sit through listening to your bland voice ew. We’re a large fandom: You are nothing, we will also win.

    Don’t forget to stream BS&T’s guys!!

  24. 지연

    Like bch did you even go to school and studied science? that’s puberty you motherfcker.

    now resnikoff…reskinoff…reksinoff…or whatever…you better stop your shts and don’t even try to share with bangtan’s uprising fame….

    나를 만만하게 보지마. 잘난체 하는 걸 아니꼬와서 못 보겠군!

    if ur tryna get ur fame through this, well sir ur doing it wrong. Try to get your fcking face fixed and audition…that’s how you get your fame okay?

    btw, you look ugly.

  25. Anonymous

    Still even today there is a question whether BTS had plastic surgery ckckckck it’s already 4 years after they debuted but I dont mind or disagreed abt their appearance.. BTS is the way it is. If you dont like just leave.

    • Anon

      Lmao, they probably use Korean skin care products, since they seem to have a better affect than American skin care products. So yeah, they’re natural; no plastic surgery. Only puberty, skin care products, and some makeup

  26. Ahona

    These people!!!!
    I can’t believe it. That picture of rapmon is exactly same…just in latter one his hairstyle and make up changed. And please don’t talk like American singers doesn’t get dolled up at all.
    BTS is natural and even if they weren’t their music and choreography is still awesome enough to invade international market

  27. Jade

    Don’t you think we should mail these idiotics and show the power of an army ??

  28. Jade

    I really wanna tell them to stop writing bullshit about them . I seriously wanna shut down this website .

  29. I Pity Paul Resnikoff

    Paul, enough.

    Have some self respect. Seriously, you are not worth the anger anymore.

    I pity you.

  30. Paul Resnikoff

    Thanks for reading my BTS articles, people.

    I need you to regularly visit this site. I need your views and clicks.

    With enough views and clicks, I can finally pay for my dream home and car. Give me and my site revenue, BTS fans.

    I will continue to hate on BTS and KPop, and spread venom.

    Thank you for visiting Digital Music News.

    Be here soon. I’ll post another anti-BTS article next week, “ARMY.” LOL!

    • Anonymous

      If you’re going to pretend to be a “journalist” maybe use spellcheck more, your grammar is atrocious.
      Only a loser would spend all their time hating on and badmouthing a group of people that have not hurt them or anyone else in any way.
      You’re a sad, sad little boy. But I can’t even pity you, you’re far too pathetic for that.

    • BTS and ARMY Don't Give A Fuck

      This ugly ass old fucking white bag is hating on boys who are younger than him! Dude your sad, I’m for real! Like your just shook because these 20 year old boys are devastatingly handsome for their own good! Then your gonna go ahead and show us pictures of Rapmonnie Oppa and say he and the rest of my golden boys are “overdosing on plastic surgery”? What do you do for a living? This shitty website that’s what! And my beautiful Bangtan Senyeondan are successful as always! And by the way, they wear makeup to enhance their already amazing features! Have you really looked at these boys? Dude find yourself a life! Forever old and lonely! ARMY fighting!

    • Hi

      Tbh, I don’t think clicks and views would raise THAT much money…. but whatever. Do what you want, be an asshole. Even though it adds no real purpose in your life and soon will lead to inevitable hate and death. It’s entertaining cause I’ve never seen someone so… empty, Paul. But, do you boo. 🙂

      But just a warning, ARMYs know how to to commit murder and making it look like an accident. I’ve seen their power.

    • My name is Paul and I write and use BTS's name for views.

      kill your self

    • Paul don't be hurt :(

      Naww, Paul is mad because he tried to copy their makeup tutorial but accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with the eyeliner.

      I know that hurt Paul, sorry but BTS just happens to have professional makeup artists, so wipe that frown off of your face 🙂
      We know they look good, so I recommend looking up skincare routines, ’cause I can clarify you can get porcelaine skin just like them if that is what you’re mad abt!

  31. bighit

    Guys idk how this keeps going under the radar, bighit clearly said they had the right to tale legal action against peille like this. Shouldn’t we inform bighit?

  32. Paul get sued!!

    So Paul, you couldn’t write any article complimenting them over the win!.. you are really pathetic aren’t you?.. Guess people around you are full of hatred for you to only think negative stuffs!
    I am really gonna try to make bighit notice your BTS hatred articles, so that you get sued! All the best!

  33. ThrivingwithBTS

    It is clearly obvious that this guy keeps writing articles that he knows will rile up ARMY. He’s just piggy-backing off of bts’ success in order to generate views and responses. Clearly not worth any of our time. His inflammatory language clearly shows his limited knowledge of varying cultures and highlights his unwillingness to learn and see things from other perspectives. What a loser.

  34. paul the virgin

    I saw your picture in google images, Paul. You look decent and trustworthy. TAKE NOTE, you LOOK only. Because the truth, you are a bloodsucker. I fame whore and a desperate “journalist-wanna-be”.
    This words from you “With enough views and clicks, I can finally pay for my dream home and car. Give me and my site revenue, BTS fans.

    I will continue to hate on BTS and KPop, and spread venom.”, are you really a human being? do you have conscience? How did you feel that a lot of people hate you? are you happy? of course! In that way you can make lots of money. What good will it bring you? of course it will make you famous. hahahah. The asshole Paul motherfucker.

    A venom? hahahah. you are kidding right? You said you want to continue hating Kpop? But why love Exo? are you gay? you love them? hahahha. I heard BTS thank you because you made them popular by making DESPERATE news about them. While you, you bacame popular by making yourself a bloodsucker and an asshole. BTS will not care with your words since they are already on the top but what about you? Soon you will be dragged down. A lot of people will gonna laugh at you. I am looking forward to that, really.

    Continue what you are doing, make BTS even more popular and let ARMYs defend them. But who will defend you? Oh! You won’t need them since you are not a human being. That’s all. thank you Paul asshole.

  35. Hobi

    Y don’t u change ur channel to BTS ANTI…
    ur articles are disgusting..

  36. G-Dragon

    One of the worst articles I have ever read. BTS deserves better than this…

  37. 엿먹어

    It’s quite sad that you are so dedicated in spewing such nonsense about a bunch of Korean guys who you never even know personally. My goodness, who hurt you?? You’re a really sad, pathetic person and I hope you get some help.

  38. mel

    spell stupid to paul resnikoff…
    stupid STUPID PAUL
    oh my God
    the absurdity…
    all time low paul

  39. mel

    the BTS members didn’t undergo surgery…their faces are still the same even predebut…and they underwent puberty.
    are you that stupid paul??
    you even called those “fans” ?? thise are “haters”
    my God…are you that low in life that you want to ruin BTS whenever they achieve high status? you are lowest of the lowest scums on this earth.

  40. RealKpoplover

    Paul, can you make an article about how ARMYs accused the big 3 agencies in South Korea of media blackout and how it was proven false. So, they could accept the fact that South Korea rejected them.

  41. grillthem

    Yes true. Especially that Jimin. He wears too much make up. Is he trying to be a drag queen?

    • Christine

      You know nothing about them. Therefore, stop spreading lies about them! Idiot!

    • Momo

      Jimin probably looks 10x’s better then you. (: Jimin look’s good with and without makeup, can you do that too sweet heart? just like all the american singers, they do the same thing with the makeup. grow up. LOL.

  42. Beastoho

    Come on. They need plastic surgery especially Jungkook because his acne problem is getting worse. Gotta admit that they don’t look good in general. but damn they wear too much makeup tho

    • what the hell

      stop being so jealous of them because they’re good-looking , all kpop idols wear makeup so it isn’t really shocking to know BTS does. and i dont understand why everyone talks about jungkook’s acne it isn’t like he’s the only human who’s got acne , it’s quite normal for people to have it.

    • BTS and ARMY Don't Give A Fuck

      WTF? You obviously wouldn’t say this shit to an ARMY or my face! You can get fucked up in the streets with that little attitude of yours. BTS Jin Suga JHope Rapmon Jimin Taehyung and JUNGKOOK are beautiful and you just jealous! Who the hell doesn’t have acne problems! He is a boy! They are all so handsome it is in real! I’d like to see your ugly ass talking about how people look! Smh!

  43. BTS Army Mom

    As someone who grew up in the 80’s I can personally say that heavy make up on male artists in the music industry is NOT a new thing!! Oh my gosh!! BTS has extremely tasteful, classy, well done perfect make up. Just look at the heavy (not well done) make up worn by Boy George, Adam Ant, Poison (80’s style glam rock in general), Twisted Sister, etc etc etc….. Who can forget Ziggy Stardust from the pre-80’s era as well? I was a fan of a lot of these artists too. BTS’s make up artists are top notch and do awesome work!
    Leave them alone!! Based on pre-debut pics I don’t see much evidence of plastic surgery either. I just smell a lot of jealousy here. These men are are amazing and work so hard. Step back please.

    • Anele101

      Another BTS mom here also. Heavy make up routine? Toner, serum etc hey dingbat Paul – that’s a skincare regimen the that they do to keep their skin healthy. I don’t even know why I read and clicked on this link what a big mistake all you want is attention whether it’s negative or positive. I think best for us to do is just ignore you.
      These boys are bringing joy to their fans and to people willing to listen and be entertained by them. People like you is nothing but… I have nothing nice to say… Let BTS be BTS – as a BTS mom I will stand by these boys. You on the other can go to… Just finish the last word.

  44. sarah

    part of responsible, truthful, and ethical journalism is researching truth first before writing a worthless article..
    sadly paul resnikoff doesn’t know that because
    1. paul is paid by BTS haters. one antifan even gave a shoutout to paul on twitter thanking paul of his “help”.
    2. paul is a BTS antifan from the very start, all of his articles about BTS are full of lies. he hates BTS so much that’s why he uses this gossip blogsite as a fake news site.
    3. it seems paul has a troubled life. that’s one of the reasons he’s hating on BTS even if he doesn’t know them personally. he likes dragging a succesful group into the mud. I wonder why paul is so into hating BTS.

  45. Christine

    I know how you look like, Paul! I’ll go and hunt you and shoot you in the head. You’ve been writing articles that are not true about BTS. Pathetic loser! I have saved your picture in my mobile phone
    You’d better hide because I’ll kill you!

  46. Momo

    Haha, Paul get over your self. seriously. like, you mean to tell me, no one here in America ( Celebrity wise ) doesn’t do plastic surgery? I think you need to go back to the basics and do better research before coming up with this bull crap. Plus, like everyone else has stated in the comments, and if you did your “research” BTS stated they don’t do the plastic surgery. So, this blog is irrelevant. LOL. call yourself a blogger? please.

  47. BTS will still achieve more blessings in life even if you do everything to ruin them

    First, BTS is famous for being one of the few kpop groups who DID NOT undergo plastic surgery. BTS’ facial features are NATURAL. Their faces are still similar if you compared them to their pictures predebut and during their childhood. You only have to look for BTS baby pictures on internet. Some may have changed because of puberty, some of their baby fats on their cheeks are now toned. And that is another reason haters hate BTS, haters said BTS is ugly because BTS did not undergo plastic surgery. Haters love those dolled up plastic perfect faces of others. Haters hate BTS because BTS are naturally handsome men.

    Second, BTS members came from modest family background and BigHit is only a small company with small finances. BTS and BigHit did not have luxury and finances to provide for plastic surgery. They didn’t even have money to hire extras on their music videos.

    Third, may I remind you all that jungkook have only passed his teenage years last year and he has allergy to make ups that’s why he has acne. He can only use less make up. even if you criticize jungkook, he’s still more handsome, perfect, talented, and famous than you at. a very young age.

    Fourth, just because that youtube make up artist wore heavy make up you’d say jimin also wore heavy make up? stupidity. That make up artist wore heavy make up to match jimin’s facial contours and to match jimin’s eyes. she’s a girl trying to match a guy’s face and flawless skin so she had to use so many make up.

    Fifth, those of you who hates guys who wear make up, let me just tell you…ALL artists, actors, singers, famous people who appear on TV ALL AROUND THE WORLD wear make up even guys! That’s why make up artists are a steady job in hollywood! Since you hate guys who wear make up that means you are not famous!!!! so stay pressed.

    • BTS Army Mom

      Love your response!! So well thought out!

    • Anonymous

      Could not have said it better! Your comment perfectly sums up everything wrong with this article! These articles are just ridiculous and literally of all the things that he could write about regarding BTS and all the phenomenal things they have accomplished and are accomplishing and he chooses to write about things like this? I don’t understand it at all.

    • BTS and ARMY Don't Give A Fuck

      Thank you for defending our beautiful boys and Jungkookie! ARMY fighting!

  48. yoongs

    sigh. the pictures are called pre-debut for a reason. kpop idols do have surgery sometimes and thats okay. but specifically BTS, no, they’re all natural and they use make up. please stop mann

  49. Estela

    Lol people saying that they got plastic surgery must be blind. Yeah a lot of people in South Korea get plastic surgery but first of all most that I have seen usually get their nose or eyelids done. Also it can be proven in more than a million ways that BTS have NOT gotten plastic surgery. Want prove, than look at their pre-debut pictures and the debunk it and if any change is seen it is weight lose and puberty.

  50. Anonymous

    Interesting how you choose to write about stupid rumors like this. And really they’re not even rumors at this point. You’re writing articles based on nothing more than a few stupid and ignorant and hurtful comments made by a few idiots who are just trying to tear other people down. And I genuinely cannot understand it. If you really feel the need to write articles about BTS then why are you choosing to write about things like this instead of.. oh I don’t know.. the fact that they were nominated for a billboard music award and WON and the fact that they are the first kpop group in history to do so? I mean seriously THIS is what you chose to write about? (And BTS have had absolutely NO plastic surgery by the way. Jussayin’.)

  51. Anonymous

    There is a word for what these articles are. Libel. And I thought that the other articles on this website (particularly the ones about BTS) were absolutely terrible but WOW this is an all time low. Literally this can’t even be called “journalism”. No sources. No facts. No research. No proof. Nothing. Therefore: zero credibility. Less than zero credibility, honestly. This website needs to be taken down. I can’t believe that it hasn’t already been.

    • Anonymous

      Also just wanted to say (even though everyone’s already said it but I think that it’s important enough that it deserves repeating,) BTS has had absolutely NO plastic surgery. Okay? Okay. Seriously. Facts, Paul. Facts.

  52. ©

    I don’t know who BTS is but those are some weird looking ladies in the pictures for this article.

    • what the hell

      they aren’t ladies , they’re men.
      they haven’t gotten surgery.

  53. Obvious

    They have obviously had eye widening surgery and do not look natural. It is so unfortunate when people butcher their faces to try to look a certain way and these girls are setting a terrible example for young ladies around the world

    • what the hell

      who are you guys speaking about ? bts hasn’t gotten surgery , it’s makeup and puberty

    • BTS and ARMY Don't Give A Fuck

      You are probably one of those old ugly assholes helping Paul with this fake stuff about BTS! Fuck off! They are smarter, well mannered, handsome, richer, and more successful than you’ll ever be! Learn about them first! You might just find yourself a life and becomes happy about yourself!

  54. Irene

    If I remember correctly, the person who wrote this article is also the one who wrote the article about BTS changing their name. Which is not true.
    And like seriously? The only thing different from the pics of Rap Monster is the hair. And if you call them plastic surgery, then that means you don’t know the word PUBERTY.
    Their make-up routines are REALLY DIFFERENT from ours. K-beauty standards are also different from ours. See the difference of their glowing skin from ours? Well you don’t. Why don’t you do yourself a favor, and go buy a fcking ticket to Korea and see them with your own freaking eyes.
    You know, if you make articles that are actually true, then you will be known for a good thing. But no, you don’t, so a lot of people comment bad things on your article, and you are known for making fake articles.

  55. SUE THEM

    At this point Big Hit can sue them.
    They are using BTS name for something like this.
    I think someone already sent documents to Big Hit.
    Let’s just wait.

    • Petition against Paul

      Yes I already got a petition started and it will be sent to BIGHIT as well

  56. To Paul, please read :)

    Dear Paul,
    I am really so done with your horrible articles. Instead of writing about how they apparently “got plastic surgery” which they obviously didn’t, how about you write about true facts like how they are the first kpop group to be nominated and win the billboard awards??? Also, the pictures you chose really don’t back up your statement because honestly Rap Monster’s photos looked the same, except maybe he went through something called, I’m not sure if you’re educated enough to know what this is but, PUBERTY? BTS is actually one of the kpop groups who haven’t gotten plastic surgery whatsoever so instead of hating on them, write about actual things going on okay? It’s so obvious you are a hater of them, and everyone knows it so just stop. STOP. Your articles are so biased and show no sign of professionalism at all. Do you even know what BTS means to us? When we are upset, BTS cheers us up, when we laugh, BTS laughs with us, when we are about to give up, BTS keeps us going. So you don’t get to tell us who they are and what they are like because we know them much better than you do. So stop trying to act like you are a professional writer and stop. I hope you read all of these comments and instead of replying to them rudely, try to reflect on your past actions. If you wouldn’t go up to BTS and tell them “Oh, you definitely got plastic surgery”, “Oh hi Rap Monster, you failed at your solo career”, or “Hey, your fans are poor and can’t spend millions of dollars at the Times Square for you guys” then don’t say anything at all. I really cannot stand your constant complaining and jealousy about BTS’s popularity. I don’t usually write things like this, but when I do, it is really long. Try to back up your claims with actual evidence, not just 3 random people’s tweets and makeup videos. BTS mean the world to us, and they obviously don’t to you. So expect a lot of hate going your way, because you deserve it.

  57. Pauldamnyou

    I hate you Paul!… You’re a fully bitch..poopface!!!!…

  58. Pauldamnyou

    I guess there is something wrong with your brain Paul,why don’t you go and see a doctor?!!!’re pathetic..famewhore!

  59. Greg

    Hilarious how upset everyone is getting over a group of ladyboys!

    • Anon.

      “Ladyboys” is legitimately one of the worst, as in most weak, insults I’ve ever heard. Is there necessarily something that triggers you about men wearing makeup? Well, I hate to break it to ya hon but, every single male singer/rapper/actor/writer/instrumentalist has worn makeup on TV. These “Ladyboys” who apparently wear “too much” makeup, have been “overdosing on plastic surgery,” or look “too feminine” have taken the hearts of young women, even men, so if you have a problem with them, please keep your weak, shallow comments to yourself, and learn how to become more open-minded for the next and current generation’s sake, and ultimately yours.

  60. Anonymous

    Dear Paul.
    Instead of commenting on how “unpopular” BTS is, why don’t you get a life and report real facts instead of bullshit like this. I’m sure everyone will appreciate that. Thank you.

  61. Anonymous Cat

    Dear Paul.
    Instead of commenting on how “unpopular” BTS is, why don’t you get a life and report real facts instead of bullshit like this. I’m sure everyone will appreciate that. Thank you.

  62. Guesting

    I had to search for this site specifically. Hi! Remember when this site’s clickbate BTS headlines would always be at the top of any BTS news searches. Now they don’t even get ahead of college news articles. 😀 Even with the 108 enraged comments he managed to get. I stopped ‘clicking’ a while ago so I wouldn’t drive up their business but I figured this time wouldn’t push him up on Google; not even if I click a dozen times.

  63. Sign the Petition against Paul

    There is a petition for ARMY to sign against Paul. It will be sent to BIGHIT once 100 signatures are there. Just go to change. Org and search his name it should show up.

  64. Anonymous

    I’m going to get straight to the point, alright?
    Paul, I fucking hate your articles. I honestly don’t even know how to respond to them anymore. You are just a sad bitch that doesn’t know anything else but to bring others down so you can go up. You are the worst journalist ever to roam the Earth so please, take your crappy articles somewhere else okay?

  65. Anonymous

    Who gives a shit if they wear makeup. And oh since when has it ever been a crime to take care of your skin unlike half of us do over here stateside. These boys literally look the same from debut except they matured, Holy shit maturing and puberty and take care of yourself is a thing. *claps* who gives a shit. You can literally look different without plastic surgery. It’s called and I’ve said it taking care of yourself. Have a nice day

  66. Beth

    Mmm OK?
    It is well known that BigHit at the debut of BTS did not have enough money, considering that the clothing he used in his debut was made by the stylists themselves, so do you think they will have money as for plastic surgery? It would be totally stupid. Also, if you observe the development of BTS over time, you may realize that it was the growth stage that made your faces mature, including diets and so on.

    And the makeup, well, JungKook was praised for its natural beauty to see photos of the no make-up, and obviously the others too, although they change with makeup, but they still look good to the natural.
    If you wish, you can compare it with other artists from other agencies, there you will realize what if it is the execivo use of makeup and plastic surgery.

  67. Duh

    Can’t this be reported to bighit for slander? Accusing them of being “plastic surgery addicts” when that’s not even possible because they wouldn’t have had the money for it predebut and after debut they wouldn’t have anytime for plastic surgery to heal w/o being noticed? I’ve been a fan for like 2 of the 4 years they’ve been around and never noticed their faces change anymore than any males does w puberty, most of them were teens or 20 when they debuted ofc appearance will change. and I can’t believe this moron listed their skincare routine and called it “makeup”, and acted as if that was proof of how unnatural they are like bitch taking care of your skin isn’t any worse or unnatural than working out or eating right this site needs to die

  68. Definitely smarter than you, Paul

    Such a creative person…even you cannot believe your own words, man! I hope you’ll be rich and famous by spreading someone’s bad reputation…

  69. Jansen

    Such a hater! Such a shame. Stop spreading false article to gain money you racist! Are you gay? Why are you hating BTS so much? Lol.

    • KPOP_GIRL44

      YUP! Absolutely!He is gay!And he’s jealous becouse they ended up beating A-POP stars on billboards and they is way more popular than HIM!Huh Im done…

      • ImHumanTho

        A POP STAR ? they ended up beating 4 of them and thats just because they were nominated in only one of the categories

  70. Your Mom

    This douchecanoe sounds butthurt, literally!

  71. Mara

    i’m laughing right now because :
    1. Korea is no1 in plastic surgery and you pick up BTS who is plastic surgery free? or you want pablicity because BTS sales right now?
    2. Make up is required in Kpop. All kpop fans know that. If you don’t like it, just go and see asses and vaginas of American pop.. Go go shoo shoo..

  72. ARMY

    First of all, where do you get this information, what are your sources.
    Second, are you really a journalist? because REAL journalists put their sources in their article.
    Third, are you on crack and blaming BTS for your addiction?

    I would like for you to answer my questions.

    Kind regards

  73. justme

    hello mister racist at first i wanted to ignore your stupid article but you are saying koreans are doing heavy plastic surgery excuse me mister there are a lot of american stars that are doing it too :)) i can give you a big list and if you can prouve that they are plastic surgery free you are either blind or stupid..and since when make up was only for women did you even know that high heels was first invented for man :)) i didn’t came here to insult but i just can’t believe a jurnalist can be such a racist did you lived in a box or something?

  74. ImHumanTho

    Am I the only one who actually thinks that this is so freaking Funny xD ive read enough articles about BTS from this journalist to finally think that some ppl are trying to do the impossible. Spread hate about BTS ? Naaaah ppl tried before you and none of them achieved his goal anyways good luck you ll need it for sure and even if you re the luckier man on earth you re just waiting you nonprecious time so take care ^^

  75. BTS is the shit, you're just shit

    instead of taking this article seriously & getting triggered can we laugh at the fact that Paul is probably some 50 year old middle school drop out, living in his parents’ basement with his laptop? I’m sure at one point he worked at the convenience store around the corner; but felt that it was too far beneath him & resorted to spending long hours writing fake shit about BTS to try to damage their success because he never got any of his own. that’s why his articles are gold because each one proves this biography to be even more true.

  76. BTS is the shit, you're just shit

    “children shouldn’t get plastic surgery” lmfao they’re literally all grown men, now’s not the time to be going senile.
    also, I’m looking at the definition of makeup in 4 different languages & no where does it say that face wash is a part of it? overall i’m thoroughly disappointed with your lack of accuracy & intelligence. I’ll end this with a dad joke Jin would probably say.
    “what do you get when you have a cow & Paul in one room?”
    *windshield laugh*

  77. Ailen Diartes

    It seems to me a lack of professionalism to judge someone for their country, and considered that this article is rasista mocking that Korean idol’s use makeup, is their culture, I do not think an American rasista can say. They did not have plastic surgery, if you make an article take responsibility and investigate do not be so stupid and talk without knowing. I also want to ask the Army’s not to pelen or comment on these ignorant people, prove that they are really Army’s

  78. Ailen Diartes

    me parece una falta de profesionalidad juzgar a alguien por su país , y consideró que este artículo es rasista burlándose de que los idol’s coreanos utilizan maquillaje , es su cultura , no creo que un rasista americano pueda opinar .Ellos no se hicieron cirugía plástica , si vas hacer un artículo toma responsabilidad y investiga no sean tan estúpidos y hablen sin saber .también quiero pedir a las Army’s que no pelen ni comenten por estas personas ignorantes , demuestren que son Army’s de verdad

  79. Paty

    Wait, really are you a periodist? No you are a stupid!
    Maybe… are you operate your brain?

  80. Anon.

    Paul, I hate to see you this way. Why are you making hate articles that criticize BTS? You may be feeling good about this, but what really is a journalist’s purpose? Their purpose is to inform those who need to know what’s going on. Kind of like a news reporter, but a journalist’s words are written on a piece of paper. Ask yourself, are you really a journalist who’s passionate about his work? Or are you a close-minded individual that wants to gain attention through slandering artists loved by millions of people around the world? You may be thinking “Or you’re just a rabid 12 year old BTS fan that’s just butthurt, your opinion is completely irrelevant and invalid, you’re probably not even a journalist either.” I am none of those things, except for being a BTS fan. I am not butthurt, I am not 12 years old, I am not a journalist. But I see a journalist that’s felt as if they lost their way, so they’ve decided to slander multiple artists, including BTS, based on looks or absolutely no evidence, to gain attention. You’re gaining attention. But is this really the kind of attention you want? I hope that you do reflect on yourself and your actions and get better at journalism. I truly hope you read this, and Paul, on the behalf of BTS’ fandom, the ARMY, please stop making such shallow articles based on false terms, and start looking deeper into how the Korean music/entertainment industry works. If you read this, thank you.



  82. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    “Name, name!” sorry bae
    “Pronunciation, pronunciation!” sorry bae
    “Diction, diction, diction!” sorry bae
    “Oh, face not an idol..” sorry bae
    You should change your bashing pattern, bae
    It’ll start to get boring, boring bae
    Even if you don’t like me, you know me
    I don’t know you
    But you know my name
    Ya playa haters you should love yourself brr

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Its time to S T O P I T, you paul recsnoffwhatever

  83. ARMY! YEAH!

    Hey Paul….
    Just stop creating haters (to you)
    and stop throwing lies.
    None of the BTS members had plastic surgery.
    Just stop publishing lies about KPOP groups.
    You are known for being a KPOP hater right now…

  84. really?

    They could barely fucking afford food at first and you think they could afford surgery. And even if they did its none of your fucking business. You’re fucking pathetic do proper research or just rethink your career.

  85. Best of luck

    Wait and watch Paul as We r working super hard to take this website down for good….R.I.P Digital Music News

  86. Hey hey hey aoa

    Obviously no one in the American music industry had ever heard of natural beauty or seen it. BC thats just what BTS is. So this “news” site can sHove it’s hand up its asshole

  87. what are you even talking about?

    Okay so obviously there’s no solid evidence that BTS did go through surgery, so you can’t just say that they are addicted to it when it was even proven that they were surgery-free. In the past videos of BTS, some members even said that they are really not into the idea of heavy makeup. What if all the makeup were because their stylists were instructed to do so? You cannot blame them for that. The members have also shown their natural faces in multiple videos. You can even see flaws in their faces but that’s it. Before you start comparing their before and after pics, learn about puberty. Please stop spreading lies.

  88. kookie

    Wow, you’re doing an amazing job of posting fake news that doesn’t come together, I should really look more into this job!!

    Seriously, do research beforehand and stop trying to get attention, please.

  89. You got no jams

    I mean, everyone should look exactly the same from their 14 year old self. There is not such thing as puberty obviously. Puberty doesn’t change the way you look when you grow older at all. All attractive people must have been through plastic surgery. Wow, we should totally focus on how their faces look eventhough they are musicians.

    ^^^ if this doesn’t sound close minded and rude, I don’t know what does…. why is this article not taken down yet? Paul, you need to leave BTS alone because they do not deserve all the fake informations and the hate from you.


    Omg BTS DID NOT HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY, THEY ARE ONE OF MANY OTHER KPOP GROUPS WHO DIDNT HAVE ANY. Is is so not fair because as an army, we are proud that they are natural, beautiful human beings. I know it may be hard to believe there could be people who can be as good looking as bts without any surgery.. but DID YOU NOT HEAR OF WEIGHT LOSS, PUBERTY, MAKEUP, AND HAIRSTYLE CHANGES?? This makes me so mad, not just as an army, but because someone would actually publish fake news that could make someone else look bad, and make money off of it by doing so. They probably couldnt move their faces because they weere shocked that they won an AMERICAN award, and because they were nervous standing in front of foreign people most of them didnt hear or know bts.. Also, bts members make the most weirdest, strangest facial expression that is so difficult to even imitate, so that shows they obviously didnt have plastic surgery. I should also mention that bts members came from a poor family. They worked all night for money, cared for their family, went to school, and managed to practice for their debut. They didnt have time for plastic surgery. Also, bighit was very poor and didnt have money for food and for music video supplies, so do you think they would spend money on expensive plastic surgery?? They didnt have MONEY!!!!!! And if they recenetly did get it, it would be obvious but they literally look the same from predebut and now. You should really do more research before posting bullshitt news.


      Oops i meant to say that bts is one of kpop group who didnt have any plastic surgery out of other most kpop groups who had plastic surgery

  91. qwerfg

    aren’t people supposed to go through puberty? plus they wear makeup, including contour…. makeup makes people look different duhhh

  92. Annie

    Oh my god, they went through puberty so their faces look different!!! That doesn’t mean they had plastic surgery done. Please do your research next time, the company that bts is part of doesn’t require them to get plastic surgery, and they are famous celebrities, so of course they get their hair and makeup done for broadcasts, like any american celebrity would. Writing fake news and using bts as clickbait isn’t going to get your career anywhere.

  93. This is complete bullshit

    Look, all the members come from a poor background so it’s not like they had the money to get an expensive surgery done. After their debut, if you compare their early faces to their faces now, guess what bitch…THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. Stop giving them bad publicity. If you saw the way they smile and make faces in interviews, or you had actually done ANY valid research, you would know that there is no chance at all of them having gotten any work done. It is true that other artists in the kpop industry might have, but not bts. This is such bullshit, I hope noboy actually believes this.

  94. Stop Westernizing Other Cultures

    Hey Paul, stop trying to westernize everything, it’s the 21st century! Don’t be racist, just because BTS don’t act “American” doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. And being American doesn’t prove to be better than other cultures. Don’t criticize how South Korean idols and celebrities maintain their jobs in the entertainment industry. Obviously they are doing something right if Korean music and Korean makeup/skincare is becoming well known.

    The issue with America is we believe our way is the “only” way, or the most successful way to live. And people are idiotic to believe other countries and their cultures are lesser because they don’t have the same ideaologies that are instilled in American culture.

    Bashing other people isn’t going to solve anything. Your blatant display of discrimination against South Koreans is appalling and honestly very childish. It is especially sad you believe your behavior is acceptable. Your ignorance in accepting or learning about different cultures is the reason Americans have so many issues about differences in society.

    But why do you feel the need to write something like this and post it online? Is it for your job, the money, or because you honestly feel upset that an Asian music artist won an award? Did you fact check anything before posting this article? Claiming your quotes are from fans was very general, nonspecific, and clearly showed what little effort you put into writing this article.

    i hope you take this article down for many reasons, especially because you should feel ashamed for putting others down. It is rude, and a bad representation of how Americans respond to other cultures and appreciating other cultures. If you take a minute to reread your article, I’m sure you’ll see the mistakes, rascism, discrimination, sexist remarks, bullying, false accusations, and lack of respect to BTS.

  95. person who loves BTS

    ummmm? honey that’s called good skin care and a little stage makeup. like we get it your jealous but find the door and leave.


    Is your career not taking off as much/soon as you had hoped? So you decided to use BTS cause you knew you were going to get attention.
    Spend less time on the internet, get an actual job and get a life sweety. OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOUR SOUL

  97. BTS is Legend

    Huh, such a fake information. If you truly hate BTS, dont mind it. I hate twice, but i dont spread fake rumors or write bad things about them. The more you make this kind of news, the more i believe you are an army. Can you just respect their hardwork? You think debut and become an artist is easy? You’re such a satan. You better shut your fuckin’ mouth



  99. Anon

    Is there a way to show this to BigHit so they can sue this fucking Paul guy? Because he’s clearly spreading stupid malicious lies about Bangtan

  100. Alyare Mar - (A.R.M.Y., EXO-L, IGot7, Blackjacks, InSprit, Storia just to name a few offical fan)

    WTF…??!! That “pic” of Jungkook isn’t even him. Stop posting pics and labeling it as them or one of them if you don’t even know what our boys look like. That is NOT a pic of the Golden Maknae!!!!! If you are that unsure reach out to us ARMY…we are not hard to find. We are everywhere. BTW…stop acting like American’s are better in the plastic surgery department. We are just as bad if not worse. Stop talking down about a culture just because you don’t understand it. No one is asking you to like them or K-Pop. You have a choice. I don’t mind if you choose to be narrow minded, I just don’t think you need to spread your intolerance and lack of understanding to others.
    Also BTS and K-Pop fans come in all different cultures, countries, backgrounds and YES…AGES. Don’t chalk me off as some irate and ranting teenager who is all doe-eyed for these boys. Don’t get me wrong for sure the are a good looking group of boys, just as most K-Pop boy or girl group are. You have NO idea or understanding of what their culture is like or the strides they have made and the doors that have finally been opened for them. It has taken a long time for K-Pop groups music and dancing to finally get the world wide attention it deserves. You have no idea of the extremely strict life they lead. Their entire days and meals planned out. If you are a girl that is an even stricter diet. Not to mention their personal lives (or should I say lack there of / non existent). Not to mention the unfathomable amount of hours and YEARS…YES I SAID YEARS of training these groups go through, the classes they take. It can take an average of 3 to 10 years to debut in a K-Pop group. Many put in all that time and effort and NEVER debut.

    You have no idea the amount of respect I have for these boys and all the others in the K-Pop industry. Some are groomed from a VERY, VERY young age. You know, it’s not easy to grow up in that environment. It’s hard enough just growing up, but growing up in that environment takes a certain kind of strength that you could not possibly understand or posses. Even if you do make it big your problems are never over. Sure you can pay bill, eat, go shopping and actually buy stuff, but it can be a very lonely life. Yes you have millions of adoring fans, but at the end of the day you still go to your hotel or if the K-Pop group is home they go to their dorms…ALONE. So all they have is each other. Who can they trust that would have some ulterior motive? How can these artist trust that someone is there for them and not who they are or what can be gained? The hard truth and fact is that they can’t. They go home alone with only each other to lean on. THAT is why their teamwork and camaraderie is unparalleled. As for the make-up…GET OVER YOURSELF. What rock did you crawl out from under? Don’t act like American’s are any better. We practically invented guys wearing make-up. From KISS theatrical look to Poison in the 80’s who were constantly being compared and told they looked like girls to actors, rapers, Hip Hop, etc. There is no entertainment field that is “untouched” when it comes to make-up and that is anywhere not just a specific country.

    Is the real problem here jealousy? Hmmmm…I think maybe so. Just so we are not mistaken….

    I am a grown adult with a wide variety taste in music…and I a 42.
    My mother who passed away 2 years ago from Breast Cancer was also a fan of BTS and KPop music and she was 59 when she passed away. My son just turned 8 this past weekend and he loves K-Pop. This just goes to show you just how far reaching it goes for age.

    I doubt anyone in the K-Pop industry or any of the K-Pop groups will see or read this, but just by some miracle, if they do, my hats off to you. You keep doing you and don’t worry about others. Haters are going to hate. There are some people you will never be able to please no matter how much or how long you try. Don’t let it get to you. Just remember, there are those of us out here who know and completely understand all the hard-work, dedication and sacrifice that you put in. You just to do what you do. I appreciate each and every one of you and want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are loved, and you have no idea how much your music has gotten me through. There are many of us out here that without music or dancing, we would be in a much darker and unpleasant place. For some of us, music dancing is what helps enable us to cope with whatever we are facing, and yes, sometimes, we all just like to blow off a little steam.

    With Great Love & Appreciation,
    Alyare Mar

    • Alyare Mar - (A.R.M.Y., EXO-L, IGot7, Blackjacks, InSprit, Storia just to name a few offical fan)

      BTW…no one cares if they or others have had plastic surgery. It’s their talent, music, and holy crap that choreography that is ON POINT! I know that you are just a jealous attention whore but really, was this necessary?

      Make-up? Who cares? Everyone in the entertainment industry uses it. There really is no need to be a racist or bag on anyone because their culture is different than yours.

      We all bleed red. There is only 1 true race – The Human Race! Too bad someone like you is not capable of seeing that.

  101. jaydope

    Paul i feel sorry for your lack of job and payment. But do you have to write this nonsense? I know you are lack of thing to do but don’t do this kind of thing. Stop being a fool human being. You can do better for your life. Get a life. Get a job that pay you better and make you busy. Spreading hate doesnt makes you great, that’s disgusting. I hope you will get a REAL JOB real fast ameen. Don’t worry brother. God bless you. Good luck, asshole

  102. Army who love BTS because of their music and talent

    Dear, mr.writter you need vacation and you should try to travel around the world or maybe you can join cultural exchange so you can understand other countries culture so you won’t be rasist! Plastic Surgery is common thing in South Korea and in KPop industry. I dont even care if they did plastic surgery or not because i like their work, their music and talent. If you need attention please do something positif rather than writting shit like this, a lot of positif and good things you can write

  103. Abbie

    I hope you’re ready for all of the hate you will be receiving because this article is absolutely horrid and inaccurate. It’s complete nonsense and you don’t have solid evidence of them getting surgery. Please write better material in the future.

  104. Anonymous

    They are surgery free since they came from a small company. Also it’s so fucking obvious you just want attention so please just stop.

  105. anon1

    You really racist. Just because they are asian, you easily throw slander to them. Paul, get your information correct. Never see asian before? They appearance are more younger than your closet brain. Just because they are asian, have better skincare, than your, you easily accused them have a plastic surgery. Oh, i hope there are surgery to fix your professionalism. Get live, dont live under sewer.

  106. Anonymous

    Imagine being so depressed you actually have to diss people publicly because of their looks. It’s obvious you never went through puberty or you would have known that your face structure can and usually does change with growing up.

  107. You Wish You Knew

    Alright listen here you prick.
    First of all, there is something called PUBERTY. Ever heard of it? Probably not, considering how immature you still are, just like a 5 year old.

    Secondly, WHAT THE HELL?
    Get some facts bruh, before you start publishing false information. I see no difference in their facial structure, in your supposed “before and after”.

    Thirdly, what the heck do you have against other cultures?
    I’ve seen all the horrible degrading articles you’ve published about BTS, ARMY, G-Dragon and other K-pop groups.

    Lastly, unlike you, BTS is comfortable in who they are, they don’t need to put others down, or change themselves.
    They don’t make false articles or make up lies and rumors to make themselves famous, or be known.

    Learn something from them, and until then gtfo the internet with your hater club.



  109. ????

    yo i know armys like those bts imagines so I wrote one

    imagine bts, right after o!rul8,2? was released. they are not doing well financially. they may break up. jin cooks on the floor, that’s how tiny their dorms are.
    leader rap monster counts their change dolefully. then an idea hits him. “yo guys we’re broke as fuck so let’s spend our money on plastic surgery instead of other necessities.” j-hope is the first to agree.

    ???????????????????is this what paul imagines????????????????????????

    • jiminiature

      ssin is pretty cool; she shouldn’t be here

      • paul wyd

        ugh i just looked her up and she seems really cool….why, paul? oh, wait, does this mean he’s watching bts makeup tutorials? 😉

  110. Anonymous fan with sense

    How are you even a writer when you can’t get your facts straight
    You can try harming us all you want but we are bulletproof armies so bitch if you don’t want to get Chong jujon balsa then you’d better get on knees and beg for forgiveness. Not today? Then do it tomorrow. Or on a spring day.

  111. What is your point?

    This whole article makes no sense.

    BTS is a Korean group not an American group so why are you comparing them to One Direction.

    How is make up or plastic surgery related to their music? They poured blood sweat and tears into their music from production, lyrics, dance coreography, stage performance, etc. and people recognize their efforts and enjoy their music that’s why they made it to Billboard.

    People do not listen to BTS because they wear heavy make up.

  112. Grace

    Okay, listen up, Paul. I get it, you’re a nasty 48 year old who’s sitting with nothing to do. That’s fine, but what’s not fine is you taking your boredom out on BTS. These are amazing people that I have grown to know and love, and I don’t appreciate you spreading these ridiculous rumors based off of nothing but your shitty boredom and hatred. Why don’t you fuck off and do something that actually benefits the world?

  113. paul resnikoff

    guyz im so sorry i have nothing better to be doing with my life but spreading trash rumorz about bts pls help fund my next meal i just need to earn money from writing clickbait articles and my parents are tired of me im not a human i just find pleasure in leeching off of peoplez suffering so pls cry about this article kkansipnidda for ur tears i sarrang u all cuddlez rawr xD

  114. stephyssspams on instagram :))


  115. Fuck Off Paul

    Paul, you are incredibly prejudiced. From the way you wrote all of your articles about BTS, I can conclude that you have a strong dislike towards asians and are a little prissy on “whether American teenagers are really waiting for a less dolled-up, American version of what BTS is delivering. That is, an American boy band, not a South Korean one.”

    You have, thus far, admitted that you would rather have an all white, trashy boy band instead of a group of people that you write unfounded articles on. Go take a look in the mirror Paul, oh wait, you can’t even open your eyes because of your dumb ass prejudiced views. Tunnel vision Paul. Go dig a hole and live in it you trashy, old, white man.

  116. Fuck Off Paul

    By making unfounded articles that creates a negative name for BTS, I have concluded that you are a rascist, old, white man that can’t accept the fact that asians are creating better music than “that ol’ country”.

    “… and raises the question of whether a K-pop invasion will really take off…” Because of the little tunnel you see out of, you are blind to the fact that K-pop is literally bigger than what you make it out to be.

    “…whether American teenagers are really waiting for a less dolled-up, American version of what BTS is delivering. That is, an American boy band, not a South Korean one…” the only “waiting for a less dolled up american version” is you. I have also concluded that you are against anything that “portrays” men as feminine. Is your masculinity so fragile that you make articles that only hate BTS??? Lol

    Sorry that you were made fun of for being “girly” when you were younger. But don’t take your threatened masculinity out on a group of seven ASIAN men that are worth more than your crusty ass.


    • LEAVING u

      YOU SAID IT WELL. they cant accept the idea of being rivaled of by their asian counterparts. theres seriously smthing wrong with western ppl mentality

  117. 4 o'clock

    Buwahahaha……… that’s not even jungkook. So No comment.


    Do everyone a favour and SHUT the fuck up, Paul, you racist piece of scum. Almost nothing in this article is based off on true facts. So fuck off.

  119. Let BigHit do their job.

    I’ll just left this ( here to let anyone whose reporting know ☺☺

  120. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I know that puberty didn’t work out well for you, but that doesn’t mean you can bash the members who obviously wrecked puberty.

  121. mimi44

    Waouh you must be really jealous of them or you are just stupid. I bet you also didn’t already get through your puberty to not understand the effects of puberty. People like you, who spread hate out of nothing, really make me sick.

  122. KpopBTSfan

    Can I report this article. The is disgusting. How can you think such a thing??!? There is such a thing called puberty, and it affects guys too, idi0t$! I am sure BigHit and Bangtan Sonyeondan would not be happy coming across this dumba$$ idea for an article. Attention seeking h0e.

    • KpopBTSfan

      I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to swear, but everyone else is, so

      *idiots *dumbass *hoe

  123. FUCK U

    Ayooooooo Paul racist Resinkof, resincoff, resincaught, I dont care
    Get your racism butt out of here and STOP TRYING TO MAKE BTS LOOK BAD YOUR DUMBASS
    Stop being racist towars other culture. Its NORMAL to mens wear make up and thats does NOT mean they had plastic surgery or what so ever.
    Your ugly fucking face cannot deal with all their handsome faces right?

    Your level of profisionalism makes me cry.
    You must be really alone and sad right? To want all of this attention. Go read some BTS lyrics to try to let your life a little bit better. U messed with the wrong people. Kpop fans has a HUGE fanbase and u will NOT play with our Idols

    Go check your woman that u win more! She is probably with another guy because u are a stupid and ugly human being.


  124. Anonymous

    If you’re gonna make an article, at least have concrete evidence and research. You made this based on several American people’s opinions. Not the whole world. Maybe you should research what puberty is also. And you say that this is supposedly for woman not men….how stereotypical are you? How dare you say what people could and could not do, you’re not them. I would like if you delete this because you are making others confused and riled up. You are spreading lies. You’re career won’t do well if you keep trying to drag BTS. ARMYs will bring you down, it’s not a threat but a promise. How would you like it if someone accused you of having plastic surgery when you obviously didn’t go under the knife? How would you like it if someone made statements about you just based on a few opinions, their countries usual actions and makeup? I would like it if you made a public apology to BTS and ARMYs.



  126. Anon

    So you’re telling me that Hoseok, they boy that is afraid to get earrings, went under the knife?? Fuck off racist trash

  127. #BTSVMAs

    What the fuck is this. I don’t think he’s done any fucking research on BTS because then you’ll know they didn’t go through fucking plastic surgery.

    There is something called puberty which all people go through. Do you know why their looks are goals? Because of fucking puberty and genetics.

    Admit it, they are getting attention and you just want a slice of that. But please, report on things that are true and not fake rumors.

    Here’s some attention Paul! Have fun making many more shitposts!

  128. #BTSVMAs

    BTS has little money to buy necessities so struggles to gain attention from KPop fans around the world.

    Yoongi: Hey guys, i’ve sold all our 3 dollar chains.
    Hoseok: Great, let’s go treat ourselves to some food or buy some clothes.
    Namjoon: Hmm… instead of buying the necessities to live let’s go get some plastic surgery and spend all our money on makeup!
    Taehyung: We can eat out of a trash can with our beautiful faces.
    Jungkook: LETS GOoOOoooOO!

    ( a representation of what was going on in Paul’s mind )

  129. Loyal ARMY

    Wtf… SO NOT COOL JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE SAID THAT DOESNT MEAN ITS TRUE. WHAT EO YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM??..dude are trying to make people hate, where is your education. That is the way they were born, they didn’t have plastic surgery for God’s sake, why is everyone just assuming that they did. If you just wanna be hated do something else. Don’t make fake accusations on our boys. Take down this article.


    As a Korean, Im disgusted that people get triggered by the fact that suddenly a nonAmerican person won the BBMA award and they didnt. Just cause you didnt win doesnt mean you can just bash on them. Im not exactly bothered because this measley post is nothing compared to the sasaengs in Korea. Ans BTS is pretty known for being natural faced. And because some antis know this, they try to bash on BTS by saying they SHOULD get plastic surgery. Lol like thats ever gonna work.
    Fellow Armys. Dont even bother bashing on him. Once Bighit finds this, and Im sure they have, they can just sue him for defamation, which is really clear here, and if he tries to delete this post, us armies have screenshots, so we can help support bighit. Theres no point in criticizing Paul because its just a waste of our precious energy. Lets use that energy to support our boys, and find ways to let Bighit know about this so they can officially sue him. Screenshot as much as you can, and send it to bighit. ARMIES UNITE!

  131. Anonymous

    Damn to be honest I didn’t even read the article cuz I just know is crap, I read the comments and nice we army gotta stick together. BTS have grown and they look as cute and cool as before. So this guy just wants to be famous too bad no one actually cares about what he writes.

  132. PeachesAndCream

    I don’t have a damn clue what you’re on about, didn’t even read the article to be honest. But, this is for you –
    You’ll get the picture, ARMYs aren’t going to back down for a second, so I would shut up now before you embarrass yourself further. 🙂

  133. Bts trash

    Okay please correct me if i’m wrong.
    First thing first, talking about wearing makeup, in broadcasting world, i do believe that everyone need to do some touch up to look good on screen. Wether it is western or kpop artist, both will do their make up when they have to go onstage.

    Second, talking about how bts members looks barely to move their face when they speek. Okay so, i’ve been checking my eye condition to the doctor and they say i have a fine eye which means i can see things clearly and based on what i look, i don’t think that any members of bts having a hard time to make some facial expression. When someone don’t talk, it doesn’t mean they’re having a hard time to move their face. Go watch their korean interview before judging them. BTS are clearly wild when it comes to expressing things. Its because they don’t speak english which makes them stay quiet and not because they’re having a hard time after doing sugeries

    Third, using toner and stuff to make their skin looks flawless. I see nothing wrongs with it. If you see korean artist, they did a good job of taking care their face by doing skin care treatments so Don’t get jealous and start to bashing when your skin is not as good as them.

    Someone called himself as a journalist but he can differentiate rumors and facts. As a result his article is worse than what a primary student would write. Whoops better to prepare your apology letter before bighit gonna sue you dude and lastly, paul, if you can’t write a proper article, you better resign 😉

  134. Learn ur stuff

    All rapmonster did was get a haircut in the first picture!?!? Are u serious!? Also people go through puberty, faces change weight loss happens! Nothing big alright! If u had looked BTS up and watched their vids u would see how much they move their faces! You can’t expect them to move their faces without talking! Like that would just look wierd. They didn’t talk because they don’t know how to speak English…and if ur trying to say rapmonster didn’t move his face while talking well u need to see bangtan bombs and then u will see the “face moving” cuz apparently u gotta move ur face a lot while reviving an award….??‍♀️I hope that satisfies ur needs….also get ready cuz bighit gonna sue u

  135. Learn ur stuff

    All rapmonster did was get a haircut in the first picture!?!? Are u serious!? Also people go through puberty, faces change weight loss happens! Nothing big alright! If u had looked BTS up and watched their vids u would see how much they move their faces! You can’t expect them to move their faces without talking! Like that would just look wierd. They didn’t talk because they don’t know how to speak English…and if ur trying to say rapmonster didn’t move his face while talking well u need to see bangtan bombs and then u will see the “face moving” cuz apparently u gotta move ur face a lot while reviving an award….??‍♀️I hope that satisfies ur needs….also get ready cuz bighit gonna sue u ??


    Fuck of with these fucking fake ass articles about BTS.

  137. Sincerely wanna slap this article

    U aint got face to show hugly 😉 if u need attention, work it out yourself. They r still human too n youre what? Animal? Pls be mature dude 😉 thats what ya call puberty. I will book a ticket to korea for u to talk shit bout bts in ‘korean’. If u do not move or anything i will call u fake ass 😉 i am just wasting my time reading articles here, better sip tea rn

  138. May shesus bless u

    Lol Paul i still have 20% energy to roast u but watev anw bts cant even bought a car for filming in the past n ur sayin they hv plastic surgery? Its none of your concern anyway. I recommended u to check them yourself n see whats wrong n whats right. Ik youre ugly enough just by reading this articles shame on u, pity on u. U aint got a fresh face like salad ? n they rather smile without moving than giving such a resting bij face dont u think so ? pls search for their facts bfr claiming them. If u arent, we ppl will spead wrong fact bout u too. 엿먹어 ?

  139. Kippum

    Why paul write this low level article. is his career really needs help or what? Man you should educating yourself properly before you become writter. Shame on you!

  140. Common Sense

    This is truly disappointing. No, it is not true. BTS hasn’t had any plastic surgery whatsoever. Sure, they wear makeup, but they aren’t “overdosing” on it, as you put it. And they just happen to take really good care of their skin. What’s wrong with that? These articles have no common sense or proof whatsoever. Those comments , if they actually have been said, wouldn’t be from ARMY: just antis. And those makeup tutorials, are pretty much just cosplay. There are many other makeup tutorials for groups other than BTS. This is so racist. You need to get your facts straight… ARMY have already sent this article to BigHit.

  141. Rachel


  142. I see you

    Obviously this articleis is written by someone who doesn’t know how make-up works.

  143. Min yoonji

    Oh my god… are u fucking serious dude… why do u write articles just based on wat u think…. You arent even worth our time… and ur just salty coz u aint lookin like dem… damn

  144. Jelatina

    You see people like you don’t have anything better to do, you just want fame from what you put out there. You think people have time to be reading your fake articles, just stop.

  145. karina

    all those picks are from before when they were probably going through puberty and they most likely were. why the heck say they did plastic surgery it doesn’t prove that. the pictures clearly don’t show that. why say they are addicts when they probably haven’t even had one

  146. mari

    omg that pic of rm???!!! that’s called a glow up, sir. someone needs to tell this person to get more educated on BTS before he makes all these bs articles about them.

  147. My name is Paul and I write and use BTS's name for views.

    I watched the bbmas and I’m pretty sure they can move their face except they lack in english. I mean If i can’t speak English or understand much about it how the fuck do you expect me to make facial expresson during a speech. Bitches are jealous and buthurrted cause BTS WOn the BBmas top social artist award. that’s right bitches, keep hating for nothing.

  148. So pissed off right now

    Hello? I originally didn’t want to write anything. But when I continued to read this piece of trash you wrote, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. What bullshit. They are known, for their natural good looks, unlike you whose face is probably worse than the dog shit. I feel like laughing really hard. One of the pictures on Jungkook isn’t jungkook you dumbass. It’s a YouTuber doing a video on jungkook’s style of makeup. You can’t even differentiate bts from youtubers then just stop writing articles on them. And HAH BTS’S FACES WITH TOO MUCH MAKEUP/ PLASTIC SURGERY AT THE BBMAS THAT THEY COULDN’T TALK? BITCH. Are you blind? No one needs your lies. If you don’t like bts keep it to yourself no body cares whether you like them or not and army doesn’t need you to spread the hate. Just go and throw yourself in the trash because we don’t need you. Honestly if I met you in real life you’d be dead in 3 seconds. I hate antis like you just screw off.

  149. hobi hobi

    honestly tho in the first picture of joon he does look different but maybe thats because he changed his fucking hair for gods sake of course you will look different if you change the colour and style of your hair! none of their changes in apperance correlate to surgery in any way shape or form.

    this article is the biggest load of shit ever but i wouldnt expect anything of value from you considering your past articles. if you have something against bangtan or kpop i would advise that you dont write about that topic because feelings have no place in journalism 🙂

  150. Yasmin

    Really now ?! Cosmetic surgery and heavy makeup ? Where ? Their faces looks the same since childhood! American makeup is heavier than Korean. The makeup isn’t even heavy. Just smoky eyes, calm down. Their skin is flawless because they take care of it~~~ don’t be jealous. Please stop trying to find flaws!

  151. Pauliee moleyy

    Poor paul is officially the saddest shit on the face of earth..
    Gimme a moment to laugh at all this crap, this old fogey has written about BTS..dude no one even believes it..get a life…start a cow dung production firm.. that’ll be effective with all this excess shit you seem to have ..

    Try paul.. try …try one day you’ll be fucking able to fly…(and get hit by an airplane and die)

    Sorry..not sorry you old cow…
    *raising the middle finger and exiting gracefully*

  152. Disappointed smh

    I cannot believe people are going this far to put a negative light on BTS, like you are basically criticizing a whole culture. It is clear they don’t truly understand the culture and you have to realize that not every country and their culture is perfect. BTS is focused on Korean culture and that’s what makes them unique. They were never meant to immerse in the American culture and understand that those two are totally different. If you accuse them of things then give us concrete proof. Don’t make speculations or assumptions. It makes me upset to see these types of articles. Does people not have anything better to do than spread negativity? Also those “fans” this person quoted are not actual BTS fans based on what they were saying.

  153. ARMY

    After billboard MA All what Americans and most people do is using BTS for views and click baits and i fu*king hate it ?

  154. LEAVING u

    PATHETIC. just because korean boyband is taking over the world’s global wave over the same old boring western music, you dont have to come up with such hatred towards this powerful music icon. get over it WEST, EAST IS TAKING CONTROL NOW

  155. ARMYYY

    Whoever thinks its difficult to believe BTS is plastic surgery-free is a fucking blind idiot. Please stop writing things like this to gain attention

  156. Thaba

    Here is another how that is jelous and racist as eff. why dont you stop commenting bad things about other people and maybe do some plastic surgery on yourself, you need it. All A.R.M.Y. fans will destroy you. ^^

  157. Anonymous

    so who knew skin care counts as make-up? i didnt know wiping off my makeup and then cleaning my face is considered putting on more make-up? like that makes my face “fake” just because im taking care of my skin so its naturally better? who fucking knew. also theres a small pocket of antis that claim bts has done plastic surgery and apparently paul you are one

  158. Shvtvp

    Fvck you Paul. Go and do some proper journalism. Did digital music news just hire anyone who knows how to write ABC? if so, then grade school students are a better fit for the job. They’re wasting money on some shithead writer like you. They should fire you for ur crappy write ups. Like seriously ?

  159. Why do you even try

    this is really funny. i’m surprised with the company’s creativeness and racism. A for effort, I guess?

  160. sigh

    this is just disgusting for a company to even publish. you guys should be ashamed really.

  161. glad im not an american

    this made me laugh, like really, really laugh. i should be sad that someone is hating on ma boyz, but this is really sad on the writer’s behalf. clearly, you know nothing about bangtan, cuz if you did, you wouldn’t even think about writing such bs. lol. i won’t even talk about those brainless american comments.

  162. Srry bae

    Why would you put a picture of Rap Monster where he looks EXACTLY the SAME saying that he had plastic surgery??? Do you think that because they’re asians nobody will notice??? Because if that’s it, then you’re even more racist than i thought

  163. Sasori

    What a racist and homophobic article. Is it because BTS members can make girls and women wet, as opposite to the author? Male jealousy must be the worst if I judge based on the tremendous hate every cute boy/young man gets from men who voice their opinions in the media.
    Also, it seems surreal to see an American painting Korea as a “hub for massive cosmetic surgery”. I would understand it coming from a European, but from an American?? Especially from the West Coast, the birth place of all those hideous plastic surgery monsters that we see in movies and reality shows??… This has to be a joke.

  164. anon

    and there are thousands of people who follow accounts dedicated to “puberty changes” and “puberty hit him/her like a truck” yet asians are not included here i guess?

  165. anonymous

    are you overdosing on weed
    everything is false in your article
    just stop being racist

  166. Lily

    Delete this post scum, they were fucking nervous at the awards. Stop pushing ur stupid gende roles onto them- they can wear as much make up as they want and so can other men. And you complain about the Korean music industry???? I’m sorry but in the American industry women have to prance around half naked to get any attention and you’re worried about the odd nose job???? And wtf about these transvestite models, stfu u stupid asshole why r u suddenly throwing them under the bus, nice support for the trans community. Stop leaching off BTS to try and fuel ur career.

  167. who wrote this?

    This is everything less a periodistic publish. Rupaul’s to shame? TMZ is on this page. Come on, those guys barely use makeup -to stupidly compare with Rupaul’s, shame on that stupid compare- and with their strict skincare it’s more than obvious they’ll look perfect. North Americans do not have the culture of really care about themselves, that’s why they are reacting like that. It is normal in America to look very aged at so early age. (If those quotes were true) Is most ignorance -and xenophobia- than other thing. It is very common and not surprising to see this kind of thing from northamericans -not saying everyone is like that, thankfully-. Because of idiots like the ones who said that, is why surgery is so popular in the world. Do not criticize about something you’re proficient. You are the first on the world that point on someone that isn’t as you fucking want to.

  168. Anon

    Useless article written by useless writer. This is trash. Trying to bring bts down with these words aint gonna bring you anywhere in life. You dont even know them and trying to pick any pictures which you clearly dont even know from which year and from where stating the fact that you are useless. Go back and sit inside the rubbish bin and you may go out once you learn how to publish a decent based articles.


    NOPE GUYS they didn’t did any surgery on their faces. And about the overdose in makeup? ITS NORMAL, atleast in korea. How many steps do you have in your night/day beauty routine? Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing? or maybe Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing, eye makeup? Well let me tell you, KOREANS DO A 10-STEP BEAUTY ROUTINE. yes, 10 FREAKING STEPS. now shuddap.

  170. ARMY HER

    Research is the difference between facts and bullshit…so if you wouldn’t mind, please do some research. There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery so if a idol does it, deal with it. I fail to see how their singing ability has anything to do with their face. But if someone has not gotten it you shouldn’t blatantly accuse them of doing it just because you don’t understand how your job works. As for BTS…I would like to quote every other comment and say that ‘NO, they did not get plastic surgery. Even with all the self doubt they have about their looks they understand the meaning of loving yourself and they are happy as they are. One of the members literally runs around calling himself ‘Worldwide handsome’. He is 100% happy with they way he looked before and after puberty (yeah..that’s a thing that can work better than plastic surgery in case you were wondering how they got to look better than before-they grew up, you idiot). These guys casually trend for their good looks. One member is literally afraid of anything freaking sharp, so much so, that he refuses even to get his ears pierced…and you’re saying that he would be cool with going under the knife? Bull. Their focus is on drawing people to them with their music not their faces. And if they had gotten plastic surgery, trust me it would have been actually confirmed by antis and haters who have nothing better to do with their lives. As for the make up…most of it is for the stage where it’s necessary for the lighting or for photo shoots. These kids run around without makeup all the time. Most of their selfies and V live videos are of them before they go to bed after they’ve taken their makeup off…They literally look the same just without eyeliner. Also please don’t act like America does not indulge in plastic surgery or make up on males. We practically invented it. I am a fan of BTS but I also understand reason and logic, both of which were missing from the article above, if you could add those two components, I’d be grateful and might consider you a legitimate source of information. I can go on for days about how wrong you are because unlike you, I am fully capable of doing research, but why bother since you probably won’t even read this comment as I doubt you take criticism well because there is no way someone else actually looked over your article before you published it (and on the off chance that someone did actually look over this bull article before you published it, well then damn, that’s two people who don’t know how to their job.).

  171. Anon

    Do you know what puberty is? Clearly not since you haven’t grown up after your first fake ass post about BTS. They all do not have surgery. Their skincare is just naturally better than ours. Maybe Americans need to improve their own skincare and they’ll have skin like BTS and other Korean artists. Check your facts.

  172. You bitchass

    Why you hating on Asian people? We’re one of the cultures you keep feeding on and making fun of or claiming as your own. Why is race even brought up in this trashy article? Do you fucking understand the cultural differences? They have a 10+ step skincare routine while Americans just wash and dry twice a day. Wow. Also, J-Hope couldn’t have gotten surgery since he’s afraid of sharp objects-he refuses to get his ears pierced for fucks sake! You really think he went under the knife at that point? Puberty is a thing, it happens to all of us, including Asians. Now quit your job, you’re a shit writer.

  173. Hmm...

    To fellow Army, there’s no need to bring up his looks, penis and supposed insecurities; you’re only stooping to his level by doing so and giving the Army and BTS an even worse image.

    As for you Paul, how about trying to report facts and not just make shit up? Just how little research have you done? Were you aware how young they are? Even think about how much a person can change from when they were teens to when they’re in their twenties? No? How about just how much makeup gets lathered on our celebs too and how many of them obviously get surgery then deny it, why are you trying to make it seem there’s less of that than there actually is? Who do you think you’re kidding?

    In conclusion, please do fucking proper research and don’t make shit up.

  174. Pissed.

    How could you possibly “know” all this about South Korean cosmetics, but not know about puberty? Your article is enough to make any English/Speech/Journalism teacher cringe. Your evidence is weak for starters…

  175. Don't be a snake hun :)

    First of all, I didn’t know make up was illegal. Second of all, I didn’t know make up had a gender. Because last time I checked make up was an inanimate object. Just because you are a biased and immature old man doesn’t mean you have to attack BTS for every single thing they do. From starting fanwars to down right insulting their race it’s obvious you don’t deserve to be a journalist or anywhere in public eye. Keep your unwanted opinions to yourself 😉

  176. NAH BOI


  177. Su_W

    I made the same question and made some research. NO. They merely grow up. Than picture of RapMonster was taken around 2010 when he was 16, and he is 23 now. I have Korean friends and they lost their baby fat later than we do. BTS has shown their faces without make during training. They are handsome. Jin is even more handsome without make up according to occidental standard. KPOP use make up as a rule, even thematic make up.

  178. hannah

    And I always thought that journalism involved research work too. .but here it only shows how a racist can write an article. .you can actually get sued be them. .so please don’t embarrass yourself and accept the fact that a korean band defeated your favourite artist’s.

  179. Alle

    BTS has no aesthetic surgery. So do not talk about bad about my boys 🙂 just criticize them so 🙂 🙂 you guys envy man 🙂

  180. Anonymous

    Okay. First of all, these people need to invest in some good quality glasses because NO ONE FROM BTS HAS GOTTEN PLASTIC SURGERY >:((((( Second of all, do you all not know what puberty is? Probably not. I refuse to tolerate people who imply that BTS could’ve gone through plastic surgery. Every member from BTS is perfect in their own way and none of them need surgery. Don’t you dare insult BTS saying that their English is bad, because Rap Monster probably speaks better English than you do. Get your facts straight, and come back with some real evidence.

  181. Anon

    I call bullshit on this article. Where are your proofs to say that they’ve underwent surgery? Before and after pics? Only namjoon’s pics are your evidences and we can see no drastic differences that can be caused by plastic surgery? Are you jealous of their natural good looks or their popularity?

  182. Anon

    Boycott paul man. The research you’ve done and they way you’ve supported your arguments lack reliability and credibility. Please just stop writing articles and go back to school to learn how to write a good article.

  183. Anonymous

    Boycott paul man. The research you’ve done and they way you’ve supported your arguments lack reliability and credibility. Please just stop writing articles and go back to school to learn how to write a good article.

  184. Anonymous

    Bts had went through PUBERTY. Have you ever heard of that? I guess not because you wrote this stupid article. Just because they look better then you with or without makeup and without plastic surgery doesn’t mean you write nonsense shit about them. They worked hard to get where they are and to look that good for their fans so back the hell off.
    Bye bye

  185. A

    THIS IS BULL, they DO NOT do plastic surgery, take this down please, it is false and makes a bad mark on BTS. No one listen to this, please!

  186. "Heavy makeup"

    “…that includes multiple toners, cleansers, antioxidant serums, masks…” You mean a normal face care routine? Things I put on my face so I can prevent acne and keep my face from drying up? lol

  187. Anonymous

    I’m Korean so I know what’s going on in my country very well. I might be more of an expert the guy who wrote this article. People here aren’t obsessed in plastic surgery. At least, not more than Americans or people in other countries are. The reason why plastic surgery in Korea’s so advanced is because firstly, the medical technology(not sure if there’s a word for that) in Korea is advanced. Its not just the area involving cosmetics. Secondly, a lot of chinese people come to get plastic surgery in Korea. So they have interpreters who speak Chinese and a few other languages in big hospitals. And China got a huge population. And I don’t think bts members would’ve done surgery. They didn’t have a big company so they didn’t have any connections with other buisnesses that involve something to do with plastic surgery. Also most of them were too young for it. Btw, the before and after picture looks the same. I don’t think people would be convinced by that.

  188. ARMY

    You actually dared to use our boys as a clickbait I guess you won the attention you sought likewise a mountain of hate.
    Love yourself x

  189. S T O B I T

    Shut up lowlife. You’re just a parasite that can’t stand on your own. Your stupid useless eyes can’t even differentiate puberty and growth to surgery. And who even said make up are limited to only women, all this time I thought journalism need references, research, and intellectualism but obviously thin is not the case.

  190. Just a thought

    LMFAOOOO, you tried it, bts didn’t get plastic surgery, stop writing articles about them and spreading false rumors and using misleading titles for clout.

  191. DD1997(OT7)

    What a truck load of absolute crap!!!
    Looking at the type of “articles” you’ve been posting about BTS, it’s clear you want some attention and that you’re an insensitive amateur who doesn’t even have the foresight to do some research before writing. You doubt that they’ve not had surgery? Well have you seen them grow over the years?and dont even get me started on the jab about the makeup . Little knowledge is dangerous. It should do you a shit tonne of good if you realize that fast. -“live your life man. Good luck”

  192. Clara

    funniest thing dude is that not only they are surgeryfree, but they are considered one of the ugliest kpop band in Korea. Maybe it’s time to study your subject before talking about it ? fake journalism

  193. SlutBastardPaulResnikpissoff

    Paul Resnikoff, can you do us all a favor and just fucking kill yourself? You’re a waste of oxygen with a useless brain. NONE OF BTS MEMBERS EVER DID PLASTIC SURGERY. Maybe if you actually pull your head out of your ginormous ass, you would be able to fucking see that.

    The only thing that has “changed” is that Jungkook might have “double eyelids” nowadays (he himself mentioned this before in a video) and the fact that his double eyelids are a on-off thing, it’s proven to be just a tape he uses occasionally. They are all naturally good looking af.

    YOU, on the other hand, Paul, is ugly inside and out and even if you spent a million dollars on plastic surgery, it still wouldn’t fix your bitchass dickface. Always nice to see some incel jelly hater writing an article on something they know absolutely jack about.

  194. Anonymous

    This article is complete bullshit. None of the members have had plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. Because you don’t see to want to do the research, Kpop groups are extremely well known to where makeup. BTS is no different.

  195. BTS ARMY

    WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK IS THIS? I read a few of your other BTS articles, and I’m wondering when are you going to actually use real facts in your writing.
    1. This is racist, are you assuming since they’re South Korean they do plastic surgery?
    2. WHERE ARE THE FACTS!?!? If these were actual facts (Which they’re not) you would have reliable sources.
    Thank you

    • And that’s on period

      Y’all this article is very racist but we should not tell someone to die. And to the anti-fans please get a life. Don’t call someone a fag because I’m pretty y’all act gayer then some gay guys. Also if you don’t like them stop dissing on they name. You wouldn’t want some to do that to you and yet you have the audacity to do it to someone else. Don’t hate them because that are on their grind and you are not. Use that same energy to go make some money or something.

  196. Anon

    People shouldn’t write about topics they don’t know. Do some research instead of talking nonsense. Plus this article is so stupid, make up is not only for women and drags queens. That’s something offensive to say, there’s nothing wrong in men using make up. Racist.

  197. Anonymous

    Love how the pictures they used for RM didn’t even show a plastic surgery difference they look almost exactly the same besides MAYBE some weight loss, yea BTS does use alot makeup but it’s according to their culture and honestly they might have some plastic surgery done (seems rlly minimal tho) but it’s just how they do things over there we can’t put them under fire bc of it, also guys plz don’t hate on the author of the article I’m an army too but that hate is honestly unnecessary y’all need to chill it’s just one article, anyway as someone else said “bad” publicity is still publicity this won’t affect BTS or us that much we can just move on

  198. Bell Burrows

    How can that be actually true? Just saying, there is a thing called growing up. Yes, they have lost a lot of their chubbiness but that is because they practice in the dance rooms, they have gotten brand new styles and hair cuts and ,may I remind you, that there is a thing called puberty (it can change your features a bit)! How could you ignore those vital facts but still make a whole article on this one subject that isn’t even true? How could you state all of these ‘facts’ that all that the reader know are all false? I think that you have made all of those ‘quotes’ up since if those people were true ARMYs then they could never had said those thing. As a fellow ARMY this article is the most racist and un-truthful statements I have ever witnessed. This could count as one of the most corrupt and disgusting pieces of writing I have ever read.

  199. (ˆ.ˆ)

    BTS is famous for NOT having plastic surgery. This article(excuse my language) is completely bullsh*t. No fan makes fun of their own artist. Those “fans”are probably other salty neitzens that obviously don’t like bts. You can TELL if a person has plastic surgery. Also, plastic surgery doesn’t affect your ability to talk. Korea’s skill in plastic surgery is extremely advanced. Unless you fixed every single part of their face, you can’t even tell. For RM’s picture, if you cover up his hair, he looks almost exactly the same. The small difference is called aging.

    More proof needed? Look at Park BoGum. In interviews when people asked if he had plastic surgery, he replied he did not touch anything. Plastic surgery is not something people are ashamed of in Korea so there is no reason he would lie. Yet, if you look at pictures of him in middle school and now there is a huge difference. For him, it was dieting and aging. When you age, your face changes.

    Maybe people don’t want to admit that their beautiful faces are their very own, but like it or not it is true. I don’t know what has gotten into this author’s head, but if he cared to look up on the internet just once “did BTS have plastic surgery” and actually read through the articles posted under TRUSTWORTHY websites, then they would know that their faces are completely natural.

  200. Anonymous

    This article is utter garbage. It’s horribly biased, racist and sexist. Gross and embarrassing on every level.

  201. Pornecian Parrapiro

    What the FUCK is wrong with you who wrote this I don’t even have enough space in this fucking comment box to write about all shit this post contains. I’m actually so mad right now I could punch someone you’re seriously writing so horrible things I lack of words to even reply to it. Like for the first have you ever heard of puberty??? “They couldn’t move their faces during the interview” dude what the heck they can’t even speak English n ofc they were nervous. I’d really want to put you on broadcast over mostly the whole world and let you answer questions in Korean n see how much you move your ugly ass face. And the makeup bitch go take a shower n get yourself something to do with your life. Let people use fuckibg make up if the want to, watcha gonna do about it?? It some fuckibg eyeliner and foundation. Also, it’s called “stage makeup” for a reason, the use it on sTaGe when they’re performing. N once again I would like to see how stunning you look without makeup on a 3hours concert when you practice 12hours a day, travel a lot and barely get any sleep, since that’s what bts do. They don’t often use makeup in other situation but even if they did WATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT!???? N I know how they look without makeup n that ain’t even such a big difference which means they don’t use tons of makeup as u describe. N what the fuck is this whole shit about makeup being a woman thing it’s fucking 2018 bro I’m sorry yo fat ass face got triggered by a man wearing eyeliner. Bitch you need to go and fucking educate yourself put this shit ass site down before y’all die of jealousy bc that’s clearly what this all about. Don’t go hatin on ppl who succeeded just bc you 35yrs ass still live with ur mom n work I’m sum fuckibg toy store n can’t even cook ur own food. Damn imma boutique to snap im so angry rn I need to go listen to sum bts bop ass music n look at their pretty non plastic surgeries, just all natural beautiful faces n admire them for being so perfect. You go cry me a fucking river if you want to n float the fuck away bye

  202. SomeoneUDontKnow:)

    Hi there and how are you doing?
    ok im done with the formlities, heres what i gotta say to u author of this bullshit:
    when i clicked on this article out of curiosity, i was very shocked to hear about this and wondered why i didnt know about their plastic surgery. well why was that?
    i did some research myself and found that bighit doesnt even ALLOW plastic surgery which FURTHERS my original but unproved until now point o the bois’ natural beauty.
    no im not being a violent fangirl and defending blindly, i dont apporve of some of what they do but.

    on im done i hope u saw this and i hope you reconsider what you said it was all FAKE SHIT

    im out

  203. Jung-shook

    Um, excuse me. The ONLY plastic surgery that any of the members have had is Namjoon (RM). This was a widening of his nasal bridge, and for MEDICAL REASONS. He had to have this done because he had difficulty breathing. Idiot .

  204. Anonymous

    Damn these fuckers don’t seem to know what good personal hygiene looks like…. They just salty cause there faces look crusty as fuck. Like seriously the picture comparison in the beginning, there is no difference. It’s all just racist assumption and I’m surprised you even thought you found a difference because most racist people seem to think “all Asians look the same.” Stop making up bitch ass lies.

  205. anonymous

    this paul guy grossly misread the situation, the makeup photo things were makeup looks inspired by bts members’ appearances, not their actual makeup. also love how he said the person who said they were overdosing on the knife was a fan. no true fan is like that. stop using bts for clickbait just because they’re popular.

  206. Kc the Kpop trash army

    ok do you really think Hobi will even get close to a knife or a fucking needle And jin won’t either… They grew up and got skinner I mean look at what jimin did he went on a fucking diet and he got fucking skinny and that kinda changed his facial features they all went on diets and get a bit skinner AND they use stage makeup to enhance there facial features to help them you know enhance their performance on stage…they look a little different when they wear that makeup and no makeup at all. so please shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down and look up some real damn facts

  207. Dont@me

    What a load of trash lol, these people are honestly so full of poop, BTS does not and has never used plastic surgery, and even if they had, i wouldnt care and I’d love them anyway. Dont act like western artists don’t wear makeup to perform too. Mtchew rubbish person.

  208. Anonymous

    Honestly I don’t think we should care as much if they wear makeup or get plastic surgery.. as long as they’re happy and healthy I don’t care

  209. Minjae Choi

    Can I just say that although I have my own opinions on this article, the immaturity that a majority of the comments had portrayed is ridiculous. This honestly gives ARMY’s a poor reputation, even if your only intent is to be supportive to the people the you look up to. I’m not saying that you’re unable to disagree with all of these statements, but taking it to this extent is bewildering. Sure, the report/article had assumed many things that haven’t been confirmed, nor denied, but it hardly matters.

    Plastic surgery shouldn’t be shameful, and if you come to your senses, you’d realize that it’s done to reach the high expectations of incredibly judgmental people. It’s done to be accepted into the terrible beauty standards that have been set over time. We’re all human beings, we all have goals, and we all have different minds, some not as willful as other. Persistence and practice shaped them, and over time, of course their features change. Stage make-up is put onto hide the “flaws” that we all have, but it hardly matters.

    What I mean to say is that we’re all at fault. Everyone makes mistakes and can have different thoughts on unfamiliar topics. Please, if you have anything disrespectful in your mind for the creator, it’s best to just leave it inside your mind before anyone gets offended. Sure, that person was probably as curious as anyone could be, and it makes sense to want everyone else to see their work. We get motivated and improve off of consistent help and support, followed with constructive criticism to help the person gain more knowledge on the topic.

    I’m not here to side with any of the point of views, but it’s best to just stop being awful about it. Each of the “sides” have a different view, and we must fully understand and be mature about it. Honestly, you can disagree with me about how I see things, but violence isn’t a way of solving problems. People just end up getting hurt or offended in the end. Live life carefully, as there’s always proof of the actions even when your history is erased. I know words can hurt, so that’s why I believed it was necessary to speak about it. Focus on realizing that the world doesn’t just revolve around you and your emotions! Ciao.

  210. Anonymous

    I’m not a fan nor a hater. I simply enjoy their music, but that before pic isn’t that different, so puberty is the one to blame maybe? There is a possibility they have gotten minor things done, like their nose’s alar base or eyelids maybe. About the makeup part, I don’t think that they are that extreme. I have seen worse for sure. Tho, I’m not familiar with US or Europe’s standards.

  211. Anonymous

    can we just discuss the fact that 1. Paul sucks and uses BTS for click-bait with false info, and 2. All of this has been cleared up so Paul can shut up now.

  212. Anonymous

    No BTS members have had plastic surgery this article is irrelevant

  213. ? BTS

    As far as my knowledge goes, this article doesn’t contain accurate info. I mean, the closest to surgery the boys have gone to is when Joonie HAD to get under the knife to widen his nasal pathway which was too narrow for him to breathe normally. As an ARMY, all that matters to me is that they are happy. This isn’t me hating you or something Paul. Just make sure to get facts correct so as to not offend or sadden people.

  214. Anon

    I would like to see some actual sources that confirm the BS you seem to be spouting. The boys look so different because of a magical thing called puberty, something I’m sure you have no experience with considering the amount of ignorance you obviously possess. They wear make-up because, news flash, almost everyone in the entertainment industry does. Men are not an exception. Do you think actors go on the set without having been dolled up a bit? No! So why do you have different expectations for people in the same industry?

    You are a grown ass man, yet here you are spouting things that you can’t even support about a group of people that you didn’t even bother learning about. You need to grow up and realize how childish you are being, because at this point, it’s just pathetic.

  215. Anonymous

    I swear, this is practically the definition of rasicm. I wonder what was the purpose of writing this shit, you’re basically outing yourself as racist and ignorant. Grow up, man. This ain’t it. I hope you’ve gained some braincells, as it has been 2 years since you published this. This article shows how pathetic you are.

  216. This is disgusting

    One of the worst article I have ever came across. No proof whatsoever and only spreading negativity and just ew. “American version” of BTS? Hopefully not in my worst nightmares. You shoud be ashamed for writing this.
    Still, stay healthy, because if this all what your brain can produce, health is all you got.

  217. Moomin

    I can see from your name you’re a fecking Jew, so you know your kind would never come close to their looks, jealous ugly b@stard.

  218. From an Army to an Animal

    I don’t swear a lot but seeing this dumb as hell click-bait article, I feel like I can and never feel guilty. Firstly, you are WRONG. Secondly, you are WRONG. And lastly, you are MEAN af.

    Without proof or any validation, posting mean things about an innocent boy-band is hurtful. And I know we are doing the same thing but you deserve it.
    You see, they might put on make-up but it isn’t like everyone else doesn’t. It isn’t like no one goes to get their face “done” (but we don’t know if BTS did it).

    And going to Billboard is to give them credit, support them, award them and help them. Not to find faults in one’s career/beauty and use it against them. And then on top of that, discriminate against a whole race/country with some antis’ assumptions and opinions.

    So, I beg of you and your punch-able face to take down the article asap. Or else all of ARMY will be hating on you and your useless career.

  219. Anonymous

    What the- the only accurate thing stated in this article is that Korea is a hub for plastic surgery. You said extensive make up routine, but all the things listed fell into skin care. How is skin care putting Ru Paul to shame? Feel free to have opinions, but at least back them up with actual facts so that you can raise your credibility and lower your idiocy.

  220. BTS ARMY

    You do know that BTS only has surgery for medical reasons not Beauty props. Suga had appendix surgery because his Appendix burst in Japan. Also RM got surgery for heart reasons and surgery in his nose because his cartilage was growing curved and I was painful to breath. The only reason these boys would get surgery is for health reasons. So you can shove it up your arse if you think they would get plastic surgery. I don’t see why these boys get so much hate. They worked their Arses off to make their music. They went from the bottom to the top…. ohhh wait…. I know now. People are upset with themselves because they are to fucking lazy to get off their Arses and do what they dream. I, and garenteed many others, hate fucking hate stupid dumb fucks that don’t open their fucking eyes before opening their mouths. Please do everyone a favor and use that brain of yours before you remove all doubt of your stupidity. Rumors are made up of small minds, believed by idiots and spread by BITCHES. Thank you, that is all. Don’t mean to be rude or anything but don’t try to bash on our boys again. Okay?

  221. army

    the one about him having heart surgery was a rumor that rm himself had denied, but the rest are true. whoever spread the rumor about his heart surgery had a ton of made up facts smh

  222. Fanny

    i love the fact that they think RM had plastic surgery to look good lol

    “Meanwhile, members of BTS are serving as inspiration for a growing number of make-up tutorials and tips. That is, for women, not men. All of which is a little different than a more Western boy band like One Direction, and raises the question of whether a K-pop invasion will really take off.”

    Um that’s because in the west men don’t wear make up you idiot
    except for celebrities and musicians or else they will look dead in the camera
    There are Korean men (mostly new generation) that wear make up to look good jsyk

  223. Natalia

    I think it’s hilarious that in Korea before they got popular some people considered members of BTS not attractive enough for idol standards and in America people think their faces are so perfect plastic surgery MUST be involved. They’re going to lose their shit as more kpop groups gain popularity.

  224. This ain't it chief

    hold up, fans? those ain’t fans if they make fucking remarks like dicks. Those ain’t “fans”, if they are, the door is THAT WAY. “Fans” don’t talk shit about BTS and they shouldn’t because thats not what fans do to their IDOLS (aka, the people they love. they’re “fans” after all right?). And this whole plastic surgery thing? people don’t know shit. Y’all ever heard of puberty? or y’all just too jealous that they’re features turned out better than yours. The only person that got surgery, was namjoon. And that was for his nose so he can BREATHE. The “extreme makeup”? Its not like they choose how they look for their performances, thats the stylist. Its apart of the k-pop industry, so its not their fault so don’t come at them PAUL. “What’s up with those guys’ faces?” omg I can’t. Racism is still a thing? Like i said, they don’t choose how they want to look, and whats wrong with their faces? What, something is wrong with them because they don’t look like you? whoops, sorry to hear that.

    just kidding. This is all fake news, PAUL is just a shitty journalist that really needs to get fired because of using fake news and clickbait. we cry for Paul.

    hugs and kisses :*

  225. Gabriela Selner

    Bro wtf they didnt have any plastic surgery ( i dont think) except for Namjoon, he got plastic surgery on his nose cause HE COULDNT FREAKING BREATH. like WTF BRO. STOP SAYING THEYRE ADDICTED TO PLASTIC SURGERYYYYYYY. They WERE BORN LIKE THAT. SO CUTE AND SQUISHY. LIKe .. Thats them. And they will forever be like that. Its not looks that matter, Its personality that matters. LIKE OMMFGGBEJDBWIQIAVAYfvhveBden

  226. That One ARMY Who is Lowkey Off Their Rocker


  227. I’m allergic to this bullshit

    This fucking idiot compared debut pics to now DEBUT FUCKING PICS like hello is called PUBERTY

  228. JH

    Disgusting. Trash. Racism and xenophobia aren’t cute and we don’t approve. You should be ashamed of yourself, using the platform you are privileged to have for trash like this. I will say it again: disgusting.

  229. Stream boy with luv

    How can I report this article? This is extremely disrespectful and racist. Comparing their pics when they were teens to when they’re in their 20’s is so dumb, like people go through something called puberty…you should learn about it sometime. And when did makeup become only for women to put? Every person has the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. If you like bts, you would like them for their talent and not their looks but no one can deny that they are handsome men. Oh and one more thing, there isn’t any boy group that’s going to be like bts. Bts is one of a kind ?

  230. ARMYmom

    Uh-oh.. Guys, somewhere in Antarctica while the ice is melting, the Missing Link just got accidentally thawed and wrote a stupid article about BTS

  231. Taekook ARMY

    Why do ppl hate these boys? I love them cause they are helping me survive in this cruel place. Srsly haters must read ‘mic drop’ lyrics. And they must first try to understand their purpose and their concepts. I am just sick of these haters but I won’t give a shit anymore. I am done with these racist haters

  232. Layler

    You can find that no one in the group actual has plastic surgery

  233. The author is an idiot

    Ok but what is wrong with a man having makeup on? I

    • Anonymous

      In the huge quantities they use..? Lots of things are wrong with that.

  234. Kou

    Lol BTS are the biggest band in the planet. I’m pretty sure they don’t need advice from some nobody racist failure of a writer m8

  235. ARMY

    Well, you don’t pay for their makeup or skin care routine products. I don’t think you have any right to judge anyone for that unless it involves you. I don’t understand why people always attack on bts for their makeup and skin care routine. If you can’t say something nice then please shut up. No one asked for your opinion about them.

  236. Anonymous

    Just found out that most (I think) Anti-fan doesn’t let others reply to their comments. You know what that means?

  237. Person

    When I read this article I was like “addicted plastic surgery.. um bitch since when” like I was literally so mad cuz they’re not really allowed to change their facial features. And I found this article racist because of wat it said in the end. Even tho the author disrespected K pop I’m a good person so I’m not gonna be like go kill ur self because that could actually happen. Any way they look good with makeup on PERIOD and so wat if they Where makeup it’s the 21 century all genders where makeup and it’s not ur right to say men can’t where makeup PERIOD and so wat if we like k pop is it illegal to like k pop cuz last time I checked it wasn’t and also so wat if we love bts but they will never know we exist idgaf if they get married have children and look ugly I will literally always enjoy listening to them PERIOD

  238. WTF

    That whole china doll look freaks me out!
    I have nothing against these bands but I genuinely don’t understand why they feel they have to look perfect all of the time using huge amounts of makeup and (maybe) surgery.
    No one is ever going to consider themselves perfect so throw in numourus ways to change how you look and they will be chasing it forever.
    How old are this lot now? Early/Mid 20’s? It is like they are trying to look more like children.

  239. Debur

    I don’t believe that they all had plastic surgery. But even if they had who would care ? They take care of their skin in ways westerners have don’t so if course they will look better.

  240. ...

    Stop it
    No more hate
    I’m not a fan of bts
    But what I do know is that they are NOT addicted to plastic surgery
    And they have worked extremely hard to get where they are now
    For your info, they are number 1 in the music industry
    If you don’t like their music, that’s honestly completely fine (I don’t really like it either)
    But at least
    At the very least
    Stop giving them so much hate
    It’s why many idols have committed suicide
    And unless you’ve been working for more than a decade to follow your dreams and sleep only 4 hours every day and have pretty much no freedom and be criticized by so many people in this world and have given a speech at an United Nations meeting and own more than 80 songs and have passed out from tiredness and work day to night every single day.
    Only then its fair to criticize them for this or this or this
    And if your just a regular person, who goes to school/work and isn’t actually famous for anything.
    Mind your own business and look at yourself before start hating others

  241. Paul and fucking go fuck himself (But maybe his pp too smol)

    FUck paul
    Go fucking look at yourself before spreading lies through your so called “articles” (More like bullshit)
    Take a good look at who you are
    How to improve your fucking self
    I wonder
    Have you
    -Given a speech at a United Nation meeting?
    -or sleep 4 hours every day working towards your dreams
    -are u the number one in any industry? (maybe spreading bullshit yeah)
    -Do you have more than 80 million fans?
    These are just some of bts achievements
    What about you?

  242. ARMY not Army or army

    Can’t believe I’m only coming across this article now.
    First off, not here to spread hate cause BTS isn’t about that- Plus I don’t have the energy to waste right now.
    Second- Dear clueless “Journalist” who wrote this article. I understand you wrote this back in 2017, you had no idea who BTS was, No clue WHY a group of guys from South Korea was making it into the main stream of the USA. You probably panicked only thought there was one Korea- North, and Kim Jong Un was responsible (I love you Boomers for your cluelessness. You make me laugh).
    Third- I really do hope by now you’ve learned how to do research, and check sources to figure out how trustworthy they are. I hope you’ve learned the difference between fact, rumor, speculation, and outright lies.
    That’s really all I have to say to you. If you had done your research back in 2017 you would have known how this was going to go for you. You would have known nearly everything your wrote here is absolutely defamation.
    You’re also lucky you were not sued… yet.(BigHit’s been buckling down on this kind of stuff the last few years. You never know, they might have your number)

    Good Luck.

    And now to the fans I’ve seen responding-
    I just wanted to correct a few of you I saw mention Jung Hoseok/Jhope being the only member known to have had surgery. That’s false and I’m sorry you came across misinformation.
    The only member to have had surgery is Kim Namjoon/RM/Joon/Joonie/Mr. President/Best Leader.
    He had a deviated septum that made it difficult for him to breathe at certain times and difficult to control his breathing while rapping. Eventually he decided to get it fixed because it would cause harm if he just let it be.
    So while some consider this kind of surgery “cosmetic” It was actually needed for him.
    Other than that… Min Yoongi/Lil meow meow/MinPD/Yoongles/Suga had appendicitis and had to have that taken care of- which also isn’t considered cosmetic surgery.
    Oh, and Jungkook had to have stitches on his heel a few years ago too but again.. not cosmetic.
    Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely day.
    Borahe! ♥

  243. Anonymous

    We should all block that website, it’s just crap and bad journalism.

    “Before and after’ shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.” O.O…..

    You don’t even know where the pics are from!!!
    Right: RM filming Boy In Luv
    Left: RM filming Rookie King with a Harry Potter wig on his head
    The pics are like 3-4 months apart.
    His face didn’t change one bit.