Linkin Park Is Back On Tour And Helping Communities In Need

Linkin Park promotes their album through teaming up with a charity
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As part of their new album promotion for One More Light, Linkin Park is teaming up with a non-profit to assist communities without electricity.

Working with a charity to promote your album has a number of benefits.  For starters, it demonstrates that you’re passionate about your music as well as proactive about causes.  But it also aligns you with your fanbase, while bringing in newer, likeminded fans.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for musicians who go out of their way to give back.  So I was pumped to see Linkin Park channeling their energies to help a non-profit organization.

As part of their promotional strategy for One More Light, Linkin Park has teamed up with We Share Solar.  DMN went behind the scenes to participate in  this project.

Linkin Park’s mission: just One More Light.

To send light to communities in Africa, Haiti and Jordan without electricity, Linkin Park worked with a group of lucky students and the organization’s founders.  Everyone gathered at the iHeartRadio studio located inside the Universal Studios complex in Burbank, CA.

Their mission?  Install solar panel suitcases in undeveloped rural communities.

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It felt like a movie set.  Everything was being filmed for promotional purposes.  Camera equipment surrounded the room while the director guided the flow of the activity.   Oh, and what they say about food on set is true.  There was an abundance of coffee, bagels, donuts and other snacks.

Lights, camera, action.

So, why light?

Imagine running a medical center in the dark.  Then, imagine living your daily life without light: studying, reading, and writing.  Not easy.  But thanks to We Share Solar, students and community members can start to study and work effectively.  More importantly, an endless amount of lives are being saved because of safer birthing and surgery procedures.

What does this have to do with Linkin Park’s new album?

After the students and the band finished installing their solar brief cases, Linkin Park stuck around the studio to talk about the connection between this project and their new album.  Then, participants got treated to a private show where the band debuted new music.

Producer Kevin Rudolf shared some insight into how their community work fits in with the theme of the album, One More Light.

“The song ‘One More Light’ is to let people know we care.  It says I’m thinking about you.  The band is really aware we have an amazing and unique connection with people all around the world, from all walks of life. When any of them are falling down we will pick them up.”

Again, this collaboration could not have been a more perfect fit to promote their new album.  You won’t find anything negative about giving back and taking your music project to the next level.

You can do this for your album, too.

These days, you’ll find a non-profit for just about everything.  And, of course, they’ll always need more volunteers.  Why not channel the inner giver in you?

If you’re feeling eager to tap into a music charity foundation, Linkin Park also has their own foundation, Music For Relief.  The band started the organization back in 2005 after their Asian tour.  Shortly after finishing their 2004 tour, the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit hard.   And since launching MFR, the group has successfully raised over $9 million dollars for survivors of multiple disasters.

In addition, this foundation organizes a number of music-related events with well-established musicians and celebrities all to support those in need.  They’re always looking for volunteers.

You can find Linkin Park’s new album on streaming services such as Spotify,  Apple Music and others.  If you are interested in tour dates and locations look here.

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    Music for relief found in 2014, LOL author do some research, it was founded in 2005.

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      whoops. Thank you for the catch! its fixed.