Which Is Worse: Michael Jackson Naming His Kid ‘Blanket,’ or Jay-Z/Beyonce Naming Their Kid ‘Sir’?

Jay-Z and Beyonce Name Their Kid 'Sir'
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In 2002, Michael Jackson named his third child ‘Blanket,’ scarring the young man for life.  Are Jay-Z and Beyonce doing the same by naming their kid… ‘Sir’?

As if being a celebrity kid isn’t hard enough!  Now, Jay-Z and Beyonce have made life growing up in the spotlight doubly difficult.  Just this morning, the couple announced the names of their two healthy twins.  Rumi, and…


So, ‘Sir Carter,’ seriously?

Change it to something normal before it’s too late!  This is a life not an album release!

Here’s the thing: it’s cool to change your name to something crazy down the line — as a full-blown adult.  Which exactly what Sean Carter did when he changed his name to Jay-Z at some point.  But his parents named him ‘Sean’ first, giving him the option to call himself something unusual later in life.

But when you’re given a crazy name at birth — like Dancer, Sunsplash, or Blanket — you go through this horrifying early struggle until you change it to something normal.  Which is exactly what Blanket himself decided to do.  And part of the reason is that all the kids at school were making fun of him because his name was ‘Blanket’!

He reportedly changed his name to ‘Bigi’.

‘Sir’ will also be made fun of, because other kids don’t care if your parents are famous.  Which means ‘Sir Carter’ is going to be grappling with weirdness from the minute he starts socializing with other kids his age.

Pop the bubble.

The other problem is this.  Having a name like ‘Sir Carter’ totally eliminates the chance of this kid having a free, independent life.  ‘Sir’ may decide to become a private citizen, away from the spotlight.  Maybe he wants to be a veterinarian in a small town, with a modest, unassuming lifestyle.  But that’s going to be really difficult after assuming aires as ‘Sir’ during his early years, trotted around as royalty with a title for a name!

And this is self-conscious, self-proclaimed royalty from two people who absolutely crave the spotlight.  Which is cool for them; but is it cool for their kids?

Stop the madness.  Name the kid Sean, Jr., if you must.  Even Christopher in memory of Notorious B.I.G.  Make ‘Sir’ a fun nickname, not something burned into his birth certificate.

He’ll thank you later!


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  1. X_Dixon

    No offense, i guess, but this story really shouldn’t exist. is this site turning into a full fledged gossip/click-bait publication? they want to play make believe royalty, so what. it’s all priced at shock value. even still, “Sir” is not that insane of a name. they want people to talk and pay attention, but why? i can’t think of any rea$on… this whole “thing” has nothing to do with anything.

    • HulkSmash

      Dumb ass! MJ did not name his child Blanket, it is a nickname idiot. His name is Prince M. Jackson damn what’s wrong with yall. Sir Carter is an official name, get it right so you don’t sound so ridiculous and stupid.

      • Paternity Test Results = ?

        Technically yes a nickname. Except that he told his kid “your name is Blanket” and that was that. So why did “Blanket” have to change his name if it was just a nickname?

          • Jane

            Melody, Why are you oozing poo and harassing the writer here? You sick mentally ill old bag. His name was Blanket, he legally changed it. Get off the net lifeless lunatic.

      • Mags

        TY they should really research before publishing trash.

        • wacko abused animals & boys FACT


    • Jane

      Why are you such a troll Melody? Blanket’s name will never go away.

  2. So-called nothin

    Michael Jackson named his son Prince after his great grandfather who was a slave. Blanket is a nickname, you ignoramus

  3. Ath

    Blanket is a nickname, not his real name. Get your facts right.

    • Jane

      You can’t research your way out of your basement, Melody. His pedophile daddy named him that after dangling him over a balcony with a blanket over his head. Can you research your way to your nearest mental health facility?

  4. Mikey

    Michael Jackson didn’t actually name is son Blanket.

  5. Anonymous

    Blanket. Is. A. Nickname.

    Do your research. Google is your friend.

    • Jane

      You said that already. Google doesn’t show the truth that his drugged up daddy dangled him over a balcony.

    • wacko abused animals & boys FACT


  6. S. L. Trout

    I’m so weary of people disrespecting Michael Jackson. Blanket is Prince MJ Jr.’s nickname. It is a family expression of affection. Michael himself explained that during an interview. He explained it once during an interview– “Blanket” him with love.” Since Michael left this world, we’ve become very dark. He was putting love back into our chaotic world. Michael Jackson is one of the most-loved human beings ever to walk our planet. People who have love in their heart “know” him and will always defend him. As for Beyonce’ and Jay-Z naming their newborn son, Sir, there’s nothing wrong with it. People have the right to name their child what they see fit. Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit, and his son Dweezle. To us that sounds strange. But, why do we think we have the right to judge. Only God can judge. Once we begin to grasp that fact, we’ll learn to focus on ourselves. None of us is perfect.

    • Wacko diddled boys

      What a load of bull crap. Get your meds adjusted as you don’t live in any kind of reality. Drug addicts don’t “love” their children.

  7. Len

    Did the author just claim Jay Z named his son? How do you know for sure?
    I am not surprised by what Beyoncé named her son no. She is a high school drop out. What could she know about proper names? Stay in school kids.

    • Joe

      Wacko Jacko never went to school. Doubt you did either. Beyonce graduated. She went to two separate High Schools in Houston TX and graduated with a diploma. She’s loved unlike the dead ped. 37