This Record Label Is Giving 100% Of Its Profits to Hurricane Harvey Relief

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Yesterday, a number of prominent artists donated funds to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Now, an entire record label is joining the effort.

We didn’t expect Chris Brown to come forward with $100,000 to help Harvey victims.  We also weren’t expecting an entire label to start donating its profits to the relief effort.  But just this afternoon, soul label Malaco Music Group emailed us with the news.

Starting immediately, the label will be donating all of its profits to the Salvation Army, specifically for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

“We are happy to be in a position to try and help our brothers and sisters in the Houston area,” Malaco Music Group president Tommy Couch, Jr., told Digital Music News.  “Having endured two major floods in Jackson [Mississippi] in ’79 and ’83 and a tornado that completely destroyed the Malaco campus in 2011, we personally know the aid that is needed in the south Texas area.  The music community always steps up in time of need and I am sure this time will be no different.”
Malaco specializes in southern soul, blues, and gospel music, among other genres.  They’ve been around since 1968, and have since spread into other genres like Christian and children’s music.  Some of their artists include ‘Mississippi’ Fred McDowell, Chuck Strong, and Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland, to give you a flavor.

Basically, the label is giving away all of its online sales, minus shipping, to the Salvation Army’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.

That covers every format, including vinyl records, DVDs, and anything else that generates a sales on the label’s site.  Technically, Malaco Music Group is giving more than 100% of its profits, as expenses like server costs and office backend aren’t getting factored in.

All of which means that Malaco is definitely losing money on this — at least over the short term (that is, if you’re only counting the ‘value’ in dollars).

Challenge ON.

Earlier, Kevin Hart challenged his fellow celebs to donate at least $25.000 to relief efforts.  First in line was Chris Brown, who ponied a cool $100,000 in response.  Others like Nicki Minaj, T.I., and DJ Khaled soon followed suit with their own donations.

So is the same dynamic now happening in the label world?  “We’d appreciate if you could help us spread the word, and maybe encourage other labels to launch something similar!’ Oz Okter of Malaco told DMN.

And guaranteed, anyone who takes the ‘Harvey Challenge’ from Malaco will get a mention on DMN.  Just give us a holler at news@digitalmusicnews.

The donation period lasts through September 10th.  Here’s Malaco’s official announcement of the donation effort.  And, a little flyer about the initiative.

Malaco Music Group Relief Flyer
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