‘The Simpsons’ Composer Fired After 28 Years

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‘The Simpsons’ have officially fired composer Alf Clausen after 28 years.  The show is apparently looking for a different musical direction.  Or at least a less expensive one.

After 28 consecutive seasons, The Simpsons have decided that they need a musical change of pace.  According to details confirmed this afternoon, the Fox sitcom released Clausen and has yet to name a successor.

Anyone want to follow in these giant footsteps?

Actually, Clausen didn’t write the iconic Simpsons intro music.  That was Danny Elfman.  But Clausen has penned practically every other musical bit in the cartoon series since its inception.  That includes lots of orchestral-rich interludes, perhaps an overly-expensive approach these days.

The development is coming straight from the composer’s mouth.  Just moments earlier, Clausen told Variety that Simpsons producer Richard Sakai dropped the longtime composer, noting that the show needed ‘a different kind of music’.

So much for lifelong stability for songwriters and TV composers.  But hey: Clausen did pen 560 episode soundtracks in a row, starting with the 1990-91 season.  Clausen won Emmys in ’97 and ’98, and amassed more than 30 nominations.

Clausen’s last scoring was for the finale of season number 28.

Budgets may have motivated the decision.  Clausen apparently used a full-blown, 35-piece orchestra for every season.  That approach introduces overhead potentially crossing into the millions.  Actually, that’s was made The Simpsons soundtrack what it was.  But great art sometimes carries a big price tag.

As for a replacement, it’s hard to imagine a different musical style on future episodes.  But maybe AI composers will use algorithms to create optimal melodic allocations based on Clausen’s 28-year repertoire.

The 29th season of The Simpsons is slated to debut October 1st.

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