The World’s Largest YouTube-to-MP3 Converter Is Getting Shut Down

After a lengthy courtroom battle, the largest YouTube to MP3 stream ripper has agreed to take the full blame for copyright infringement.

Each day, millions of people head to to rip their favorite videos into MP3 files.  Now, in a proposed settlement agreement, site owner Philip Matesanz has agreed to shut down the popular site.

A coalition of major labels had previously sued the largest YouTube to MP3 website.  According to the coalition, the website enabled visitors to convert YouTube videos into MP3 audio files whenever they wanted.  The coalition accused Philip Matesanz of multiple types of copyright infringement for enabling stream ripping of YouTube videos.  Labels also claimed that Matesanz profited from the practice.

One court document read,

Through the promise of illicit delivery of free music, Defendants have attracted millions of users to the YTMP3 website, which in turn generates advertising revenues for Defendants.

Last Friday, both parties agreed to a settlement.  As part of the proposed agreement, Philip Matesanz would accept the full blame for copyright infringement.  Court documents read,

Judgment is entered in favor of Plaintiffs and against Defendants on all counts of the Complaint.

Defendants offer or have ever offered at the website located at (the “YTMP3 Website”)), are hereby permanently RESTRAINED and ENJOINED from the each following, anywhere in the world.

Matesanz will also hand over the site’s name to one of the record labels.

Defendants are ordered to transfer the domain name to the Plaintiff identified in, and in accordance with the terms of, the confidential Settlement Agreement among the parties.

Should Matesanz fail to turn over the site, the registrar would receive a court order to do so.

The court has yet to sign the proposed judgment as well as the injunction.  In addition, the popular YouTube to Mp3 stream ripping website remains fully operational.  However, once the court signs the agreement, the site will go down.

You can see the proposed agreement and injunction below.

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  1. Bradley Olson

    As the genie is long out of the bottle, there are other websites and even computer programs that enable this as well.

  2. Bradley Olson

    One more thing, one can also download Audacity and other such software and record right from the hard drive. There are quite a bunch of rare recordings that have not been available for years on YouTube and in the case of some hit recordings, the best digital source is that of YouTube including “Girl Watcher” by The Okaysions, which was recorded by the very small independent label North State on multitrack tape and issued as a rare mono 45. The ABC reissue of it was done by copying the rare original 45 onto tape and then the 45s were pressed and for the Girl Watcher album, the title track got transferred to fake stereo and the rest of the album was recorded for ABC Records in multitrack form and the rest of the album is in stereo. The clearest physical CD release for the song Girl Watcher is the ERIC Hard To Find 45s on CD Series Vol. 11 CD which was sourced from the North State 45. If one wants to hear Neil Diamond’s original Kentucky Woman in stereo, one has to get the Frog King LP “Early Classics” off of Discogs or eBay unless one finds the LP in a thrift store or used record store, or download the audio off of YouTube as this version is NOT available on CD. The best sources for Tommy James & The Shondells’ Hanky Panky is an original 45 on Snap (most copies of the Snap 45 are bootleg), and The 40 Years compilation available on Tommy’s website which has the song sourced from a M- Snap Records 45 cleaned up very well and as clear as a bell from Tommy himself as the master tape has been gone ever since the Snap 45 got released (all Roulette 45s, Roulette LPs, and Rhino CDs with that song on it were sourced from the Roulette “master tape” which is a Snap bootleg 45 copied over to tape).

  3. Bradley Olson

    In fact, many 45rpm single versions are still unavailable on CD and a lot of them have different performances, etc. to the LP versions commonly available on CD and these get issued as specialty compilations that once they go out of print, they end up selling on the used market online for double the cost they cost when they were in print, sometimes as bonus tracks on reissues of the albums, in the case of the 45rpm single version of Eddie Money’s Two Tickets To Paradise, this can only be found on the now out of print “Playlist” compilation.

  4. LOL

    Major labels are imbeciles. There are hundreds of similar websites online. Who cares if one of them is going to shut down.

  5. FuckYouIamAngry

    Like those money grabbing sluts don’t make enough money already. It fucking pisses me off man, they got to be greedy as fuck. Everything in life already has a price tag. You know what’s funny aswell, just one song already costs 3 fucking euros. Imagine having to buy a whole playlist. I hope these motherfuckers hang themselves off a bridge.

  6. Annie

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  8. Lisa Brown

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