Why 50 Cent Turned Down a $500,000 Check from Donald Trump

50 Cent discussing his Donald Trump offer on Hot 97.
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50 Cent discussing his Donald Trump offer on Hot 97.
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50 Cent on Hot 97’s ‘Ebro In the Morning’

“It wasn’t worth it,” 50 Cent told Hot 97.

50 Cent was offered a cool $500,000 to publicly support Donald Trump for President, according to the rapper.  In fact, the half-a-mil was just for one high-profile appearance.

But the offer simply ‘wasn’t worth it,’ according to 50, who disclosed details of the proposal last week.  Here’s what 50 revealed during Hot 97’s ‘Ebro In the Morning’ last week:

50 Cent: “They asked me to go to — before [Trump] got elected he was having problems with the African-American vote —”

Ebro Darden [host]: “— you don’t say.”

50 Cent: “They asked me — they wanted to pay me $500,000, as a part of the campaign, just to make an appearance.  And I was like, ‘nah that ain’t gonna work’.”

Hot 97 Hosts: [boisterous laughing]

Peter Rosenberg [co-host]: “So you said no.  You turned down Trump money.”

Laura Stylez [co-host]: “Thank God.”

50 Cent: “No I’m not gonna do that.  That’s not worth it.  You would just be remembering that every time you look at me —”

Rosenberg: “— Oh, you would be getting crushed.”

Ebro: “Me and Kanye not good.  I mean I had to call Kanye.  Steve Harvey — he won’t talk to me.  Kanye — none of those motherfuckers are talking to me.  Y’all ran up in the man’s lobby?  You couldn’t even get a real meeting?  [Donald Trump] played you so bad you went to his crib.  He didn’t even put you on the calendar at the White House, and you thought you was getting a real presidential meeting?  You went to the crib right there —”

50 Cent: “He made an appearance at ‘The Trump’.  [Pauses]. Marketing.  For ‘The Trump’.  This has nothing to do with what you’re saying to me.  It’s just, ‘come see me and promote the —”

Ebro: ‘Dog and pony show —”

50 Cent: “You can see the president.”

The White House has not responded to the disclosure.  Though it raises some questions on Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump.

But Kanye’s famous pro-Trump outburst followed the election, suggesting another motive.  Specifically, Kanye may have been seeking publicity — or, simply supported Trump’s win.  Kanye also used the opportunity to proclaim himself a presidential candidate in 2020.

Either way, Kanye abruptly rescinded his support for the incoming president in February.  Just two weeks after the Inauguration, Kanye deleted all of this pro-Trump tweets, and disavowed all of his previous support.


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  1. Remi Swierczek

    I would say adequate consulting fee for over glorified douche bag!
    Supersized he did not come out of the bushes on November 5th.

    Anyone knows Jay-Z’s or Katy Perry’s paychecks for Clinton’s desperado activities?