Give Me $1,000, and I’ll Get Your Song Played on FM Radio

SwerrrdMedia offers a quick way to get your song played on obscure radio stations.

For a year, Lindsey K. Williams has worked tirelessly to upgrade and update campaigns to optimize and maximize artist releases.  According to her Twitter page, she works as an intern rep for ABC, Universal Music, and Roc Nation.

Williams admits that this isn’t an easy job, but she takes it seriously anyway.

At SwerrrdMedia, Lindsey K. Williams promises that she will be dedicated to you and your craft.  Through an affiliated marketing program, you’ll get all the FM radio plays that you need.

There’s just one problem:  you’ll need to pay up a hefty amount ito score FM radio plays.

Pay for radio plays.

Lindsey K. Williams, the company’s PR Director, doesn’t shy away from admitting that SwerrrdMedia engages in a pay-for-play scheme.

In a marketing e-mail, she writes,

Want to submit for FM Radio (For Regular Rotation)?

“Know what FM stations will pick up your single and how many spins you will get before you even pay us a dime.  It’s free to submit.


On the company’s website, Williams and SwerrrdMedia offer artists multiple payola packages.

Those looking for an interview on Atlanta’s WDJY 99.1 FM with DJ Larry Jones will have to pay $135.  She writes that the price has dropped from $750.

Here’s a sample of what the package includes.

“Your song & interview will be played on WDJY 99.1 FM on DJ LARRY JONES show.

“Guaranteed to play during Peak Time

“This campaign is perfect for launching your new single on an FM radio platform.

“Song must be edited for radio FCC standards.

“(With thousands of listeners this campaign is ideal.)

“(Usually it cost about $800+ per radio station to have your music broadcast on live FM).”

Williams also offers artists another package.

For one year, SwerrrdMedia will ensure that KSUN 95.9 FM in Wichita will play your song “on regular rotation.”  In fact, the company promises that they will provide proof of broadcast.  All you’ll need to do is pay $299, down from $1,000.

There’s just one thing that Williams and SwerrrdMedia won’t mention:  KSUN 95.9 is a low-power broadcast radio station.  The FCC issued a warning, stating that listeners may encounter co-channel interference with two other 95.9 radio stations in the area.

In addition to multiple radio packages, Williams and SwerrrdMedia offer the following:

– 2,000,000 SoundCloud plays for $350.

– 5,000 real Instagram followers for $35.

– 5,000 real Twitter followers for $25.

– 1,000 Spotify streams for $25.

– 100 likes, comments, and reposts on SoundCloud for $29.99.

– 75,000 SoundCloud plays for $49.

You can find out more information about SwerrrdMedia on their website here.

On popular business review service Yelp, the company previously had a 1-star rating. One user wrote,

They do not use ethical marketing and promotion.

The company now has a 5-star rating, possibly thanks to a paid review.


Image by jwilly (CC by 2.0)

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  1. Remi Swierczek

    Let’s just CONVERT 100,000 terrestrial and internet Radio stations to SIMPLE discovery based music stores!
    We can add about 5,000,0000 public places and 7 STUPEFIED streamers on Ek’s plan to conclude with $300B music industry before 2030.

    Google is our ONLY ROADBLOCK to new music business – also the best executor if only Larry Page could abandon his digital medieval!