Killer Mike Offers a Suggestion to Vice President Mike Pence on Where to Stuff Something

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On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence walked out of an NFL game to protest players kneeling during the National Anthem.  Rapper Killer Mike couldn’t resist.

It was blasted as a high-profile PR stunt, with an expensive price tag for taxpayers.  Whatever it was, Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to abruptly exit an NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers has drawn sharp reaction.

That includes rapper Killer Mike, whose Instagram blast against Pence has drawn heavy attention.  In fact, it garnered the largest number of comments ever for the rapper on Instagram.

“I wonder how he feels about the constitution. ??‍♂️The document that contains the principles this republic is founded on.  The 1st being #FreeSpeech.  Free speech is what protects this and any protest.  The constitution that guards against Tyranny like the state abusing and denying citizens full rights.  U know the stuff that prompted the kneel.  The kneel is to bring awareness to the public that officers of the law are playing Judge, Jury and executioner therefore denying Americans Citizens their constitutional rights becuz they are a racial minority.  I wonder if he knows he and the soldiers I respect and value swear to uphold that constitution and not simply be propaganda agents for the state.  He loves religion to much to hold public office in my opinion and he shows that he cares nothing for our republic by not honoring the constitutional rights of its citizens.  I’m glad he left that event because he cheapened it with his presence.  God speed on our next election.  I hope we send his religious nut ass back home to relish in his false understanding of what this country is and we never see him on a national stage again. ?”
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7 Responses

  1. dmichael

    And our VP can ‘protest’ as well – a free country right ‘KillerMike.’ The reality is many sport fans do not care what a football player thinks politically, they tune in to watch football not to be force feed liberal politics. In a free country we can choose to turn off the NFL. I have done that – the NFL has become a joke. I noticed Trump calling for Tax change for the NFL. I say it’s about time…. taxpayers should not pay for football stadiums. The NFL is becoming a hated sport….

    • carestoomuch

      its sad that human rights are labeled as “liberal politics”

    • Roland of Aragon

      Wow, taxpayers are paying for football stadiums? Heck NO! NFL players are employees, it’s not their place to be political, unless their employer allows it.

      The fans do not pay for this nonsense, they pay for entertainment.

  2. Mrvino

    Miller Mike follows the same paternas the alt liberals. Since Pence is a conservative, he calls it a publicity stunt. If the same had been the case for a liberal VP, Killer Mike would be praising him for standing up to the hypocritical Democratic platform, whatever that platform is at the time.

  3. Me

    The game was against the SF 49ers, not the Vikings as incorrectly stated in this article. The trip was on the books for a long time so the VP could see Peyton Manning’s jersey be retired. If you want to talk about stints and waste of money, start with the fake Russian collusion investigation. Killer Mike is just another lib with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get over it. He won. He’s YOUR President.

    • Facts, Not Fiction

      Pence knew there would be kneeling. No question. This was an extremely obvious and poorly orchestrated piece of reality TV drama at OUR expense. $200,000 payable by us. Maybe $500,000, who knows.

      Listen, I used to be pro-Trump. But now with Steve Mnuchin, Tom Price, etc., now Pence and Trump fleecing our tax dollars that we work really hard for, I’ve changed my mind. It’s just a big scam we’re paying for.

  4. mhmm

    The liberal left are on the run. Their anger is their fear and desperation; a bankrupt ideology. Time will show them implode upon themselves.