Master P Is About to Become the NFL’s Worst Nightmare

Percy Miller, aka Master P
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Master P hates what’s happening to Colin Kaepernick.  Now he’s got a plan to make the NFL seriously regret it.

The connection between hip hop and sports has always been strong.  Now, one of rap’s most successful entrepreneurs wants to fix the Colin Kaepernick problem — and stick in the NFL’s eye.

Just this morning, Master P hinted at plans to launch a brand-new NFL competitor.  And the first player to be signed?  You guessed it.

“I’ll help him start his own league,” P (aka Percy Robert Miller) told TMZ Sports. “I think he should.  He’s a great football player.  And he NFL should have some competition.”

Easier said than done?  Of course it is, though Master P actually has experience starting professional sports leagues.  Look no further than the Global Mixed Gender Basketball (GMGB) league, started by Master P this year.  Within that new league, Miller is the owner of the New Orleans Gators.

Already, the league has attracted the participation of Metta World Peace, Carlos Boozer and Brittney Griner, among many others.

But Master P also has experience successfully launching dozens of other companies.  That includes No Limit Records, as well as the New No Limit Records.  Beyond that, Master P’s business empire spans far beyond music, including athletics, real estate, and a myriad of other categories.

In total, P’s net worth was recently estimated at $350 million.  He started with a $10,000 inheritance back in the 90s.

But can anyone beat the NFL?

Currently, the National Football League is an all-powerful monopoly.  Amazingly, the nearest competitor is the Canadian Football League (CFL), with almost zero interest in the sport overseas.

In fact, the last attempt to compete against the NFL was a dismal failure.  That was back in the 1980s, when the United States Football League (USFL) floundered against the well-entrenched NFL empire.  The USFL was buried after just three seasons, with debt approaching $200 million.

(Fun fact: Donald Trump was a major owner within the USFL, and is heavily blamed for the league’s failure.)

But that was 30 years ago.  And this time around, there may be interest in an NFL alternative.

And part of the reason is embodied in Colin Kaepernick.  Considered a NFL-caliber quarterback, Kaepernick has been unable to find a job.  Now, he’s suing the league for colluding against him, specifically because of his political views.  That includes kneeling for the National Anthem, an action that started a chain reaction among players on other teams.

Unfortunately for Kaepernick, there’s only one league in town.  And they’ve blacklisted the controversial player.

Percy Miller says the only way to solve that problem is to start owning things.  “We have to start owning things,” Miller said.  “Just like we own Global Mixed Gender Basketball.  Without real ownership, you have no control.  No matter how much money you make, or what you bring to the league.”

“When you look at the NFL, the [USFL] gave it an option.  These players have no options now.”

“You’re never going to win, if you don’t own nothing.”

Which is why Miller feels that the only way for Kaepernick to succeed is through a completely different venture. “I’ll help him start his own league,” Master P stated.

No promises, but the idea is firmly planted.  And this is from from one of the most prodigious and successful entrepreneurs in America today.

“Maybe that’s what I’ll do next, I’ll help him start a new league.”

More as this develops.


6 Responses

  1. Pipe Dream

    good luck….. the thing most people who watch football and are honest realize is Kap had a couple decent years as a qb and after that he sucked. I never liked how he played.. way before his left wing bs. He played like he was in college, which means he runs a lot. That does not work in the NFL. Kap has no ‘down the field’ vision and is not a student of the game. Rarely did I see him look at clips of past plays during a game…. people are tuning out of politically charged sports and this guy, Master P, thinks a separate league will fix that? Just like the NFL this guy does not know his audience.

  2. JTS

    Paul – Don’t believe all the hype regarding Master P’s business success – especially if the source is “Master P’s Family Empire.” He failed to pay numerous court ordered judgments, he owed his old label (EMI, now Universal) several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, as a result, he personally filed bankruptcy on two occasions, once in 2003 and the other in 2011. In fact, it was widely reported that according to bankruptcy court documents filed back in March 2011, Master P listed his “monthly income at $1,387, and pays the state minimum $271 in child support monthly for his four children.”

    Also, he also lost most everything else he acquired after 2011 in a bitter divorce with his wife of 23 years.

    ‘Lil Secret…To avoid having his income garnered, Master P funnelled any income through his son, ‘Lil Romeo. Not for DMN but breaking that story would be some real journalism.

  3. RT

    He might want to read up on Trumps’ attempts to compete with the NFL.