27 Days Until Microsoft Exits Streaming Music for Good

Reminder: Microsoft’s Groove Music will shut down at the end of this month.

Two months ago, Microsoft officially called it quits in the music streaming arena.

In mid-2015, to re-energize their efforts in the music streaming market, Microsoft rebranded Xbox Music to Groove Music.  The music store and streaming platform would have successfully tied-in with the launch of Windows 10.  Groove Music never took off, however, as users failed to line up behind the service.

Microsoft announced in October that it would close its Groove Music Pass streaming service.

At the end of the year, users would no longer be able to purchase tracks and albums in the Windows Store.  Instead, Groove Music users could “easily move all their curated playlists and collections directly into Spotify.”  Some users may also qualify for a free, 60-day trial of Spotify Premium.

The company explained,

At the end of this month, the Groove Music app will no longer stream music.  Users will no longer be able to purchase nor download any music onto any platform.  Music Pass users can still import their library and favorite playlists to Spotify, however, until January 31st, 2018.

Microsoft provided instructions on how to transition your favorite streaming music content into Spotify.

First, you’ll have to launch the latest Groove app from the Windows Store.  Users can also access their library on the Xbox One.

Second, you’ll have to log in to your existing Spotify account.  If you don’t have an account with the streaming platform, Microsoft will help you quickly create a new one.

Third, once you’ve signed in, simply select the option to move your music.  This may take up to a few minutes.

Finally, once the transition has completed, head to the Spotify app on your favorite device (mobile, tablets, Xbox One, Windows, Mac).  You should now see your entire Groove Music library.