Lil Pump Just Voided His Major Label Contract and Kept the $350k Advance

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Lil Pump’s non-favorable contract with Warner Bros. Records is up.

Lil Pump, an overnight rap sensation with his smash hit “Gucci Gang,” inked a non-favorable contract deal with Warner Bros. Records when he was underage.  Now that the rapper is nearly an adult, Lil Pimp now has options as to what his next steps will be when he signs his next record deal.

A representative from Warner Bros. Records has not commented on the matter.

Lil Pump took the industry by storm with ‘Gucci Gang’

Pump apparently received a $350,000 advance when penning his deal with Warner Bros. Records. “Gucci Gang,” Pump’s smashingly successful single, has raked in a mind-bending 280 million streams on Spotify and nearly half of a billion on YouTube.

Pump recently released his debut album, Lil Pump, which shot to No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

Not a bad investment, though Pump is now playing the field with his newfound career.

Artists and labels are interested in signing Lil Pump

As first published by HitsDailyDouble, various offers from labels and artists have ranged from $8 to $12 million. Pump’s lawyer, John Branca, is currently handling all of the inquiries and options that are being offered.

According to XXL, Gucci Mane is the first to publicly state that he’s interested in signing Lil Pump. Mane’s public statement came shortly after Pump commented on his own Instagram image, “Fuck it ima sign Lil Pump to Lil Pump.” Pump has proven his worth by shoveling out insanely successful tracks, and Warner is working tirelessly to keep him in their roster.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Records is undergoing some retrofitting to its executive staff. Tom Corson acquired the position of co-chairman/COO after many years at RCA.  Aaron Bay-Schuck remains with Interscope until his contract expires in September of this year.   The aforementioned executives were brought onto the Warner Bros. Records team by Max Lousada, Warner Music Group’s CEO as of October 1st, 2017.



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