$6,000 Worth of DJ Gear Was Snatched From The XX’s Afterparty

The XX Afterparty in Sydney Australia at The Domain
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The XX Afterparty in Sydney Australia at The Domain
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Photo Credit: Stoney Roads (CC by 2.0)

CDJs, mixer, headphones, and lighting were stolen.

Jamie XX, Romy, and Jono Ma (The XX) hosted an afterparty in which $6,000 worth of gear was stolen. The secret event was to celebrate and wrap up their Australian tour.

Hosted at The Domain in Sydney, Australia, a crooked individual (or individuals) snatched a massive amount of gear. That includes CDJs, mixers, headphones, and lighting.  All of which caused the party to come to a grinding halt at around 6:30am after the promoters noticed the gear was gone.

“In the early hours of [Sunday] morning (around 6:30am) someone stole our CDJs, mixer, headphones and lights… over $6,000 of equipment,” Siberia Records stated in a Facebook post.

Everything was free, including entry.

The after party, named S3cret D00f part Deux, had free entry for all of the guests. “If we would have charged normally for a party like this the ticket price would’ve been tons… We lugged equipment for two kilometers in and out of there this morning across a live rifle range,” stated the event’s organizers.

The performers — The XX, Stella Mozgawa, Caius Pawson, Daniel Stricker, and Jimmy Sing — all performed at the event for free.

With a mirage of artists performing, attendees danced on to a plethora of music, including disco, dancehall, and afro-beat until the promoters discovered that their gear was gone.

There’s always that one person(s) that has to ruin the fun for everyone.

Providing a helping hand.

Siberia Records is asking the nearly 400 guests (or those that are willing to lend a helping hand) to make a donation “of $15 to $20” via their PayPal email address to help alleviate the costs and get their gear returned.


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  1. Pebah

    Odd. “Grinding stop” at 6:30 am? The music stopped suddenly, or just ground to a halt (image of record player slowing down to a stop)? And no one noticed someone or ones carrying out gear across the live rifle range? So, what was this party like at 6:30 am?