Italian Dance Powerhouse Ego Music Expands Its Alliance With Believe

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Ego Music is expanding the role of longtime distributor Believe Digital.

Ego Music is a top Italian label in the dance market.  Now, the company is extending — and expanding — its alliance with Believe Digital.

The French company already provides digital distribution services for Ego’s back catalog.  With the broader alliance, it will now also work on its new releases.  “The deal sealed with Believe for the distribution of our entire catalog is the beginning of a new phase of change and of consolidation for Ego,” said Ego Music boss Ilario Drago.

“We are fortunately becoming an important reference for EDM producers worldwide and I am sure that this agreement will lead our brand to grow further in all international markets.”

Ego Music is a frontrunner in the world of dance music, thanks to a network of international partners.  That includes partnerships with some of the best European and world labels.

EgoItaly, Ego’s YouTube channel, is the most followed Italian electronic music channel with about 900,000 subscribers. The label also has a portfolio of playlists on Spotify.  Ego Music artists roster include Alexandra Stan, Willy William, Ben Pearce, Duke Dumont, Chris Malinchak, DJ From Mars, Ben Pearce, and Laidback Luke, just to name a few.

Believe Digital, meanwhile, is the leading distributor of digital music independent artists and labels in Europe.  The company, founded in 2004, offers a wide range of services including digital music, video streaming, mobile services, and video distribution services.

The move aims to further broaden Ego’s worldwide reach with the deal.  “It is our primary target to increase the exposure, mainly at international level, of all Ego’s releases on all digital retailers, to optimize visibility and turnover,” relayed Believe Italy MD Luca Stante, after confirming the deal.

“Our team, which is specialized and dedicated to each channel, will take care of developing tailor-made promotional activities.”



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  1. Blobbo

    Why don’t you mention that Believe Digital is now owned by Sony. Why don’t you say something about the fact that all these smaller and larger labels are basically fucking over all the artists that made the mistake of signing their copyrights to them for whatever period of time.

    This website seems to be for the industry MBA assholes, not the musicians.