Bonnaroo’s Body Odor Finally Meets Its Match

The 'LaundROO Lounge,' .Bonnaroo's first-ever on-site laundry service.
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The 'LaundROO Lounge,' .Bonnaroo's first-ever on-site laundry service.
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The ‘LaundROO Lounge,’ Bonnaroo’s first-ever on-site laundry service.

Bonnaroo’s brand-new free laundry service also includes an air-conditioned waiting area and complementary folding.

Festivals have a lot of downsides, including some serious cases of B.O.  Now, Bonnaroo is helping to alleviate part of that problem — and give you a clean pair of undies in the process.

Ahead of the 2018 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June, festival organizers have teamed up with LG on a totally gratis laundry facility.  The 3,600 square foot LaundROO Lounge will showcase LG’s latest washing and dying machines (of course), while on-site maids clean, dry, and fold.

Apply a quick deodorant shower and you’re smelling great again.

Actually, there’s a even bigger enemy at Bonnaroo than simple sweat.  The baking Tennessee sun sometimes turns to rain, leaving a slosh of caked-on mud.  But even during dry Bonnaroos, dirt is omnipresent, all of which makes clean clothes a heavenly offering.

Of course, LG is getting something out of this: lots of free promotional advertising.

Bonnaroo attendees will undoubtedly need a washer/dryer at some stage in their lives, and LG will probably make the short list when they go shopping.  But LG is also using the the LaundROO Lounge to showcase other products.  For example, while attendees wait for their clothes in the temperature-controlled lounge, they can play video games on one of LG’s oversized TVs.

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There’s also an interesting clothing swap layered into the Lounge.  Thanks to a partnership with What Goes Around Comes Around, a NY-based vintage clothing store, ROOvians can swap their attire for something else.  And on-site stylists will help attendees make a stylish choice.

One problem with the Lounge will be abandoned clothing.  Basically, a lot of people will simply start a load and leave.  Accordingly, LG is anticipating a giant pile of clothing left unclaimed, all of which will be donated to local charities.

Bonnaroo is happening June 7th-10th in Manchester, Tennessee.  The slate this year includes Eminem, The Killers, Muse, Bassnectar, Bon Iver, Future, Anderson .Paak, Paramore, and more.