Who Killed XXXTentacion? Soldier Kidd, Soldier JoJo May Face Homicide Charges

A suspicious Instagram post from Soldier Kidd, who is expected to be named a suspect in the murder of XXXTentacion.

A suspicious Instagram post (since deleted) from Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo, who are expected to be named suspects in the murder of XXXTentacion.

Less than 24 hours after XXXTentacion’s murder, Broward County investigators are chasing several suspect leads.  That includes rappers Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo, both of whom have denied any involvement in the fatal shooting.

Who killed XXXTentacion?  In the absence of any direct threats or serious beefs, it’s unclear why the rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was brutally gunned down on Monday.

Now, a series of suspicious Instagram posts are leading investigators to a pair of rappers: Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo.

According to details tipped by TMZ, police reported that XXXTentaction was murdered by two black males, one of which sported a red mask.  In an Instagram post uploaded right before the murder, both Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo appeared with a red mask prominently displayed.

Both rappers are sitting on the rear of a red convertible.  The mask is placed on the front seat.

We took a screengrab of the post this morning, but Soldier Kidd has since deleted the entire account.

In a separate post, Soldier Kidd is shown eating at a restaurant just 10 minutes from RIVA Motorsports, where XXXTentacion met his death.  In the video, a gun is clearly visible.  That post has also been deleted.

There’s even a clip of both rappers posing next to a dark SUV.  That draws another connection to the getaway vehicle.

Both rappers have denied any involvement in the murder, though fans are expressing serious skepticism.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of comments, I’ve been seeing a lot of things going on social media saying that I had something to do with XXXtentacion’s passing,” said Soldier Kidd. “My condolences go to the man’s family.”

“But listen, all my condolences go to the man’s family and what not. But I just gotta get on the ‘gram and let ya’ know what it is, you feel me? I ain’t had nothing to do with it but I’ma stay positive, keep my head up.”

But the denial itself has also been deleted, obviously raising suspicions.

Separately, Soldier JoJo’s Instagram remains live — at least on Tuesday.

More as this develops.






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