Marshmello Launches a Brand-New Series Dedicated to Gaming

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Marshmello at VELD 2016 (photo: The Come Up Show, CC 2.0)

Marshmello, the masked DJ who only speaks during his live performances, plans on improving his gaming as the series progresses.

Marshmello, whose career kicked off in 2015 through his Soundcloud page, has already launched his own cooking show.  The upcoming series will encompass much more than just gaming, though.  The broad palette will include music, group discussions, a lot of fun, and of course a lot of gaming.

Earlier this month, Marshmello won accolades at Epic Games’ E3 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am.  Alongside pro streamer Ninja, Marshmello battled his way through a total of 100 other gamers for the win.  Both pro gamers and celebrity gamers were placed on teams of two, so both Ninja and Marshmello diligently worked their way through the ranks.

Introducing “Marshmello Gaming”.

Marshmello doesn’t talk outside of his shows, so he’ll be joined by his E3 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am partner, Ninja.  The show, which will be filmed from the depths of ‘Mello Cave,’ will continue to have different guests who will play a variety of games with Marshmello.

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Pretty simple premise, though let’s see how the basement hangout goes.  We’re not even sure Marshmello knows where this is going, though this is admittedly a giant work-in-progress.

Some guests that will be appearing on the show are Slushii, Ghastly, and Jauz, who are all scheduled to play a few Guitar Hero songs together.  The gaming series will kick off on June 29th, but for readers that absolutely cannot wait for the show to begin on Friday, the trailer for the new series can be found here.

Additionally, Marshmello wants game requests from fans and believes that any game will be fine for the series.