The Latest Internet Challenge Involves Jumping Out of a Moving Car to Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’

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And the latest viral internet challenge?  Drake fans are jumping out of moving vehicles.  Welcome to the #Kekechallenge.

Yes, celebrity-inspired viral challenges are now officially a thing.

First it was the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, where internet users tried to recreate Jenner’s full lips by placing a vase over their own. They then sucked all of the air out before removing the vase. This made for a temporary plumpness of the lips.

Next came the Mannequin Challenge. People would record themselves standing completely still, as if they were mannequins. They usually had the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background.  Even Paul McCartney played along.

Well today, there’s another celebrity who has fans jumping at the change to go viral. The problem? They are jumping out of moving vehicles.

Drake’s new hit song “In My Feelings” has both the famous and not-so-famous showing off their best dance moves.

Many believe the #KekeChallenge first started with a comedian named Shiggy. He posted the video of himself dancing in a street. NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr. then posted his own version. It showed him getting out of a car on the side of the road and breaking it down.

Somewhere down the line, people thought it would be a good idea to keep the car moving, while jumping out to dance.

Several videos have since emerged showing folks nearly lose their lives, all for the chance to go viral.  Like this one:

And, this one:

It’s become such a thing that there are now articles out telling people how to safely exit their vehicle if they want to participate in the challenge.  One tip: Put the car in neutral first. Another suggests only jumping out from the passenger side, not if you are driving.

Here’s a safer implementation, for those who just must do this:

There are also some hard lessons to be learned from the whole ‘Ghostride the Whip‘ era, which likely involved some Darwin Awards.

Meanwhile, “In My Feelings” easily topped numerous charts this week.

The rapper made a point to thank Comedian Shiggy for his help in the song’s success.  The two met for the first time Tuesday. Drake then posted a photo of them on Instagram with the caption “Met the legend on the night we went number one.”



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