Four Men Charged in the Murder of XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion's eerie last video for 'SAD!'
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XXXTentacion's eerie last video for 'SAD!'
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XXXTentacion’s eerie last video for ‘SAD!’

Looks like the murder case surrounding XXXTentacion has been solved.

The music world was left reeling last month after the murder of controversial rapper XXXTentacion, who was leaving a motorcycle shop in Florida.

The 20-year old rapper, born Jahseh Onfroy, was a controversial figure in the industry.  At the time of his death in 2018, he was awaiting trial for a domestic abuse dispute with a pregnant woman with charges like battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness tampering on the table.

Now four men have been charged with the rapper’s murder by the Broward County sheriff’s office.  Trayvon Newsome, Robert Allen, Dedrick Williams, and Michael Boatwright will face first-degree murder with a firearm, along with one count of armed robbery.

Williams was the first man arrested, just two days after the slaying took place.  Boatwright was charged with the murder on July 10 while he was already behind bars for a drug charge.  Both Allen and Newsome remain to be found.

According to one detective familiar with the case, the men approached Onfroy and demanded property before shooting him point blank and fleeing in an SUV.

Rapper XXXTentacion’s controversial lyrics found a resonance with the online rap community on SoundCloud, where he attracted a broad audience thanks to the content of his controversial prose.

His lyrics spoke about several dark themes including suicide, loneliness, despair, and abandonment from loved ones.

Spotify removed the rapper’s music from certain playlists, including Rap Caviar, under the service’s short-lived ‘hateful conduct policy’.  However, at the time of his death, the service was promoting his music in top playlists again.

XXXTentacion’s music climbed the US and UK charts after his death and spiked during the memorial service that took place in Florida on June 27.  The rapper’s controversial past and allegations of domestic abuse have sparked some questions among fans if a rapper’s body of work can be separated from his behavior in their private life.



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  1. dr. danjel medovic

    dude was a top bloke, he just had to handle that shitty money. Money is not worth dying over. He would earn most likely 100m at least, if he cared more. Now the money is going to dykes and whores.