YouTube Music Is on a Hiring Spree: Jobs In LA, Tokyo, Miami, Berlin…

Lyor Cohen, YouTube's Global Head of Music
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Lyor Cohen, YouTube's Global Head of Music
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Your new boss’ boss: Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s Global Head of Music

Google is hoping to make YouTube Music a serious contender for streaming music superiority.  Which might explain the massive global hiring spree that’s underway at the company.

More than 15 senior executive roles are open in locations across the globe, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, India and more.

One of the senior positions is for the Director of YouTube and Google Play Music in the Asia Pacific region, located specifically in Singapore.  Applicants will need to have at least 17 years of music industry experience, and the job listing says the company is looking for someone who can drive the future of YouTube Music in the music industry.

The hiring spree follows YouTube Music’s launch in 17 territories across the globe including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Germany, and a handful of other countries.

Notably missing from this list is Japan, which hasn’t gotten access to the new service yet, despite the job listing for a Head of Music Partnerships in Japan.

Some of the US-based opportunities appear to revolve around generating new partnerships with music labels.

Those deals could facilitate a range of exclusives and features, and drive the growth of the music streaming platform and premium subscription model.  Earlier, UMG chief Lucian Grainge chilled the streaming release exclusive, but platforms have returned with exclusive features, remix released, and other differentiators.

Already, Apple Music is charging forward with deep-dive video features, including exclusive documentaries for mega-artists like Ed Sheeran and Kesha.  That’s a pretty direct strike at YouTube, whose bread-and-butter is getting challenged by Apple’s film crews.

Back to the Google/YouTube hiring surge, a range of other positions are being offered.  That includes US-based positions spanning tech, data intelligence, public policy, and content management.  Most require deep industry or category experience, opening the possibility of some poaching if the right application doesn’t arrive.

On the European side of operations, Berlin’s job opening is much the same, seeking a manager for building music publishing partnerships throughout Europe.

Exactly how Google Play Music plays into all of this remains unclear.  But many of these positions seem to go beyond YouTube Music, and into broader Google Music interests.  Currently, Google Play Music is largely separate from YouTube Music, though a combination could be ahead.

Take a gander at some of the positions here.  



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  1. Remi Swierczek

    How long labels will tolerate the FREE JUKEBOX to humanity?
    $300B of music business is kept in the open by Google/YouTube and 7 streaming NUTS on Ek’s dope.
    Let’s unite, GET NEW FAIR USE ACT which will lock music in virtual walls and start $300B music harvest. All current music industry players and musicians are will be total winers! (DORKY YouTube with Lyor the traitor, only as the main executor of new music reality)