Spotify Launches Co.Lab to Connect Artists With Industry Professionals — Here’s How to Join

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Spotify is making more efforts to reach out to budding musicians with its newly announced Co.lab, a series of free events open to all musicians.

Co.Lab is Spotify’s new free Spotify for Artists series designed to help new musicians connect with experts, producers, and creative directors across the music industry.

Each Co.Lab event will be designed to address a specific theme in the music industry, with experts who will speak on the chosen topic.  Each expert will offer their knowledge and advice.

Co.Lab events will be held in New York and Los Angeles and will revolve around topics like Release Strategies, Touring, Merchandising, Collaboration, and Revenue Streams.  Frosty and Mindy Abovitz-Monk will moderate panels held during the event.

Some of the featured speakers during the first season of Co.Lab will include:

Annie Flook — Director of Touring & Artist Development, Atlantic Records
Malia James — Video Music Director
Jenny Swiatowy — VP & Head of Creative Sync Licensing, Capitol Music Group
Jamal Dauda — Global Head of Music, WeTransfer
Jeff Ellis — Studio Engineer
Christian Coffey — Tour Director
Mitra Khayyam — Creative Director
Loric Sih — Live DJ for Kelela
Alex Gvojic — Lighting Designer
Kacie Lehman — SVP of Partnerships for MAC Presents
Morgan Rhodes — Music Supervisor
Sam Hockley-Smith — Music Editor for Vulture
Laura Escudé — Ableton-Certified Trainer and Live Show Designer

Any musicians participating in the events will be able to meet experts in person, spend time with other attendees, and network new connections and collaborations.  Co.lab is part of a growing artist services initiative: just last week, Spotify announced that it would enable any artist to directly upload their music to their platform, free of charge.

Space for the new Co.lab initiative is limited, and there are a few requirements. You’ll need to be at least 21 years old and have a Spotify for Artists account. Priority is given to artists who have 1,000 followers or more on Spotify.

Applications to attend the first five events are available now.

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    Great way to get reamed all the way to your throat and hand over your copyrights to a bunch of snivelling millenial MBA thieves. WOW, what a GREAT IDEA!