Kentucky Governor Slams Lil Wayne as a ‘Has-Been’ After His Alabama-Clemson Halftime Performance

Kentucky’s Governor Matt Bevin doesn’t think too fondly of Lil Wayne.

After the Alabama-Clemson halftime show last Monday, Kentucky’s Governor, Matt Bevin, tweeted the following message.

Way to ruin an entertaining @Imaginedragons half-time concert with the weird rantings of a tired, has-been like @LilTunechi… One act still rising… The other, not so much…

During the half-time show, Lil Wayne had performed alongside pop band Imagine Dragons.  They introduced a new remix of the group’s 2017 hit, ‘Believer.’

The criticism came immediately following the performance.  Lil Wayne and Imagine Dragons have made the single available for streaming across multiple platforms.

The performance also came months after the rapper dropped his latest album, Tha Carter V.

In a three-star album review, NME criticized Lil Wayne’s artistic ability.

This album could have been Wayne’s melancholic swansong, an elegiac homage to his own career, reflections from the elder statesman of hip-hop.

At this point in history, Lil Wayne seems more like a grizzled country singer than a rap superstar.

During the band’s career, Imagine Dragons has earned multiple Grammy nods for their 2012 single, ‘Radioactive.’  Their 2013 debut album became the fourth best-selling LP in the US.

On social media, the rapper’s fans came to his defense.

Lambasting Bevin, Nick Locher, West Kentucky University’s football student assistant coach, wrote,

Wayne’s much more of a legend to the people of KY then you ever will be.  Take your hate elsewhere, our state doesn’t appreciate it.

The Kentucky governor doesn’t enjoy too much popularity in the US, unlike Lil Wayne and Imagine Dragons.  The Louisville Courier-Journal recently conducted a survey, naming Bevin the fourth-least popular governor in the US.

Years after his election, Bevin ranted about how he would tackle bureaucratic red tape.

When I was elected a couple of years ago, I talked about blowing things up like red tape, blowing up things like corruption, blowing up things like pay-to-play and inside deals.

“We’ve talked about blowing up a whole lot of things.”

Only 25% approved of his performance as governor.  55% of people polled disapproved.


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