YouTube Music Could Replace Google Play as the Default Music Player on Android Devices

Google just released the first update for YouTube Music in 2019, bringing with it some interesting speculation.

The app version number 2.65 was quickly torn apart by tech enthusiast blogs, with changes under the hood analyzed.

One possibility discovered is that Google may be prepping to make YouTube Music a default app for Android devices. As part of the agreement to distribute Android devices, manufacturers agree to include default apps on their devices. Right now, the default music app is Play Music.

New icons discovered in YouTube Music 2.65 (see above) suggest that the app may become the default audio client in the future.

Right now there are several missing features in YouTube Music, but Google is slowly working to achieve feature parity with Play Music.  This latest update includes code for sideloading tracks to a playlist and deleting them outright.

The Offline Mixtape feature has also been renamed to Smart Downloads.  The new name does not change how the feature works: it still downloads your playlists onto your device for playing offline without WiFi.

Google has been working to become more competitive with its music streaming service. Earlier this year, YouTube Music received a redesigned web player and an increased focus on music and lyrics rather than general video.

Play Music’s streaming radio stations have yet to be replicated in YouTube Music, but Google is working hard to bring several features over.  Perhaps when Google I/O rolls around in May, we’ll have a better understanding of the future of YouTube Music as the default music player.

Right now, the Google streaming ecosystem is very confusing for paying subscribers.

Google Play Music, YouTube Red, and YouTube Premium are all options that have existed beside one another for several years now.  It’s unclear what will happen to Google Play Music subscriptions should YouTube Music become the default service.

11 Responses

  1. Gdtrfbbb

    Nothing in this click-bait article is even remotely accurate.
    Google has not done a single thing to improve the poorly thought out and no where near ready for primetime, YouTube music app, since it’s phoney “reimagining” re-introduction 8+ months ago. This “reimagining” was cosmetic at best. They re-ordered a menu, changed some colors and renamed a couple items, that’s it. YouTube music, was a long ignored two year old app and service at that point and one of the millionaires behind it, decided to bet the farm on it.

    Part of the problem with YTM is “journalists” like you gushing over it or, giving it any press at all. It should be ignored completely and left to die, it’s imminent death.

    Google could easily and instantly change, add, improve etc. Any feature in this sad excuse for a music service. But have chosen not to, why?
    All attempts to sugar coat it and talk about coming features and improvements are just a waste of time.

    Googles single goal with YTM, was to have people associate the name YouTube with music. And to somehow get people who have been using it as their music service for a decade, for FREE! To now pay for it. That’s it.
    Knowing that, as everybody does, except for the media who are paid to ignore it…
    All Google had to do was rename Google play music and be done with it.
    It already included YouTube videos (why?) In it’s bloated U.I. and inexplicably, these videos come up first in Every search result in the app and in Google searches.
    Almost every music related link already takes one to YouTube and has for years.
    Daily, I get “new” music release “articles” in my Google feed. The music is Never new and the links Always take you to YouTube where they Always play the wrong music!

    Had they simply renamed GPM to YTM,
    they could have spent the past two years and eight months+ (or 8+ months if you want to start from the “reimagining” date)) fixing some of the major issues that have been on GPM for far longer!

    Every article about YTM, talks about it’s “coming improvements, added features, future support, GPM features to be added” etc. As if they are factual. Their not!
    They are all based on a couple tweets and a pathetic, Short, cryptic and non-committal Q&A session, Google had about 8 months ago.
    All of these features should have been and more importantly, could have been included at it’s “reimagining” but they weren’t. And google has no intention of adding any of them.

    YouTube / YouTube music are and Always will be a “video” service. There’s no need for both.
    With that said, and using Google’s twisted, all in one approach. One could argue, Google has no need for a separate music service at all, including the soon to be deprecated Google play music!

    But for the rest of the world, who don’t dance to Google’s ever changing, never thought out tune!
    Music should be Listened to and Videos should be Watched.
    Neither should be included in the other App or service.

    • Alex

      Well, at least you’re being objective and levelheaded about it.

    • Anonymous

      Are seriously complaining that youtube premium is included woth their music service?

      • Alex

        Some people don’t like extra stuff included with their paid services — or in this case if you don’t want to pay – also a free service that offers the largest collection of on-demand music, any song, any time, anywhere, with no commitment to buy (just watch an ad).

  2. Gerald

    Please leave Google music like it is please don’t change it

  3. G

    Oh no. GOOGLE Please don’t kill Google Music App! Keep it as is. Audio GPM Video YT/M

  4. DJ Hook

    All I wanna know is, will I still be able to listen to the music that I already own? And will I be able to play it when I asked my Google Home? All for free? I had one 200,000 songs.

  5. DJ Hook

    All I wanna know is, will I still be able to listen to the music that I already own? And will I be able to play it when I asked my Google Home? All for free? I have over 200,000 songs.

  6. JeffD

    I like Google Play Music because I can easily just buy music that I want. It seems like everything else focuses on playing what it thinks you want. It also has radio stations and videos. Why come up with another app if they can just upgrade what they have.

  7. jaanavilen

    I have tried the youtube music app on techbigs but how can the music quality in the music videos compare with those recorded in the files uploaded to the dedicated music player?