Are You Ready to Challenge the Radio Scene?

The following is a sponsored post from Airtime Pro. 

For decades, artists have had to fight for airtime on commercial radio stations.

But rather than continue the struggle against the closed door of traditional music distribution, artists today are choosing to challenge the radio establishment by creating stations and communities to promote their own brand.  Once upon a time, this would’ve been a huge investment of time and effort.  With automated radio platforms like Airtime Pro around, however, it’s now easy for anyone to set up their own station — and have as much time on the air as they want.

Promotion can be a tricky business for radio stations and artists alike.  But promoting an entire radio station — rather than an individual artist — can be the best route to take.  That’s why more bands, musicians and DJs are cutting out the middleman and hosting their own radio stations online.  And with an auto-tweeting feature, a Facebook Player and TuneIn, Soundcloud and Spinitron integrations, Airtime Pro is a great choice for artists who want to promote their stuff.  What’s more, Airtime Pro also allows users to share their shows as podcasts — meaning listeners never have to miss out.  With Airtime Pro, you’ll have all the tools you need to gain traction in your community.

Looking beyond their own music, some of the DJs and artists using Airtime Pro are also sharing music from their contemporaries, or other songs in their genre, creating an online home for their community and in turn, promoting their own brand.  Others are using Airtime Pro for podcasting — proving it can be used to share any aspect of yourself that you like. With Airtime Pro, thinking outside the box is encouraged.

Gone are the days of traditional radio — today, if you stumble across a new station you like online, there’s a good chance it’s coming from a makeshift studio, being broadcast by self-taught music and radio enthusiasts.

Airtime Pro have recognized this shift, and they want to be on the front line of support for the independent and alternative radio scene.  Whether it’s a community, college, alternative, lifestyle or music station, they want to be a part of it.  They’re already hosting some of the most influential community radio stations from around the globe, including The Lot Radio, Berlin Community Radio, Worldwide FM and Balamii.  Many of these stations are promoting young artists from a range of genres, whether that’s House, Rap or New Soul. Airtime Pro is also providing a home for Ryerson University’s radio station along with a number of other college stations.

What’s next for Airtime Pro?

“We want to keep growing our alternative client base.  We believe in providing technology to support scenes that stand outside of the mainstream.  We want to work with young artists and bands, labels and producers.  We want the stations we already host to welcome new artists, labels and producers.  We believe that balance is key.

“To do all that we need to grow, so we’re hoping to partner with innovative tech providers to enrich our platform.  We’ve got some great ideas and would love to hear some of yours.  Get in touch if this sounds like you, and we can build an amazing online radio platform for artists together.  We’re looking for producers, those in the music promotion business or anyone who’s interested in innovative online audio tech and wants a partner to grow.”

Airtime Pro has a free 7 day trial no credit card required. Registration is straightforward, and you can be online and broadcasting in just five minutes.

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