There’s a Bop for That: Here’s What Kind of Music You Should Listen to Modify Your Mood

It’s impossible to get away from music. Try taking out your headphones for a day. Music is everywhere.

It’s no wonder why. Background music can take the most boring days and make them feel like scenes from a movie.

The kind of music we listen to can affect our mood. But what if we could manipulate our own moods by listening to certain types of music?

We can.

Once you have the know-how, you’re going to want a mood-based playlist for every emotion.

A Kind of Music for Every Mood

You can listen to music to enhance your mood, but it’s possible to change your mood depending on the kind of music you are listening to.  So if you want to change your mood completely, try listening to a different kind of music.

Try making a playlist that matches each of the emotions you want to feel or look into a music library that does it for you!


Have you ever been so sad all you want to do is wallow in your sadness and listen to sad music?

You may think that listening to slow, sad-sounding music will just upset you more, but that sad-sounding music is actually helping to lift your mood. Sad music can make you feel calm enough to feel happiness again.

Though heavy metal might not calm you down, it can often lift your spirits, give you energy, and make you feel like you can gain control of a hopeless situation.

Listening to fast-paced music in a major key can also lift your spirits.


Music affects the same regions of the brain as drugs (and is a healthy alternative). Music isn’t as powerful as drugs, but it has a similar effect.

Listening to upbeat music will positively affect your mood. Likewise, listening to songs from your childhood can make you feel nostalgic.

Music from your childhood can remind you of simpler times when you were less stressed and had fewer worries. Reliving this is bound to make you happier.


Upbeat music like rock and metal can allow you to work through anger. Listening to angry-sounding music can shift your mood and turn you from angry to empowered and energetic.

It might also help you channel your anger and turn it into something positive, like a workout.


We all need a playlist full of songs to get us through a bad breakup.

When it comes to being heartbroken, lyrics are key. We want to hear a story about how another person made it through their breakup.

There are songs about falling out of love slowly, being replaced, and getting even with a cheating ex. You’re bound to find something to fit your exact brand of heartbreak.

In Love

Love songs could be a genre all on their own.

Listening to love songs while in love will have you relating to everything the artist is singing. It will even make you appreciate your relationship more.

Listening to music with your significant other can also strengthen your bond and create a romantic atmosphere.


Sure, some white noise playing in the background can be good for studying or working on a project, but did you know that listening to soothing music has the same effect?

Classical music can help you concentrate and feel happier. It’s also good when you’re already feeling at peace and want to maintain that feeling.

Listening to classical music while studying can also help you remember what you’re studying. Passing a test will certainly put you in a good mood.


You listen to music when you work out, don’t you? Getting your pump on at the gym becomes easier when “Eye of the Tiger” is rooting for you.

Music is a necessity.

Gyms wouldn’t play music if it had no effect on your workout and a fast tempo can get you pumped enough to run that extra mile.


Just like when you’re feeling sad, listening to sad-sounding music can help you de-stress. The slow beat will also help soothe you.

Just as music can affect your mood, dogs can reap the benefits of de-stressing with music, too! Soft rock and reggae can calm your dog when he’s anxious or lift his spirits when he’s bored.

How Exactly Does Music Affect Your Mood?

There’s a science to this. It’s not just your imagination.

Music affects our mood both when we anticipate an emotional response and when we feel that response. Listening to different types of music can release hormones that change our mood.

Dopamine is a chemical in our brains that, when released, put us in a happy mood. Much like when we’re eating our favorite food or wrapping ourselves up in a blanket, listening to music can trigger the release of dopamine and change our moods for the better.

Dopamine levels can be up to 9% higher when listening to music we enjoy.

Outro: Listen for Music to Alter Your Mood

Now that you know how the kind of music affects your mood, you can sort out your playlists accordingly.  Instead of listening to music that matches your mood, try listening to music that matches the kind of mood you want to be in.

You can increase your productivity and induce emotions that you feel necessary for any given situation, making sure that your mood is the correct mood.

Calm yourself down before a speech, pump yourself up for a workout, or listen to some pop to get you in the mood to go out dancing.

The only limit is the amount of music in the world.