Tom Petty’s Widow and Two Daughters Are Now Fighting Over the Singer’s Estate

The battle for control of Tom Petty’s estate just got very, very ugly.

Dana Petty, Tom Petty’s widow, doesn’t exactly agree with Petty’s two grown adult daughters, Adria and Annakim.

So, she’s filing a civil lawsuit against them.

Filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Dana has accused Adria and Annakim of willfully attempting to frustrate her role as trustee.  Both daughters have allegedly made it ‘nearly impossible’ to manage the late singer’s estate.

Signaling out Adria, Dana claims Petty’s eldest daughter has engaged in abusive behavior.  She has allegedly harassed Dana, the late singer’s managers, record labels, and his former bandmates.  Her “erratic behavior,” for example, led to the delay of his posthumous Greatest Hits album.

In addition, Adria allegedly also held up the release of the 25th-anniversary reissue of Petty’s 1994 solo LP, Wildflowers.  Dana claims Adria ‘unfairly’ intervened in the deal with Warner Bros. Records.  She had rejected a $1 million offer for the album’s re-release.  The album would’ve included unreleased music.

Adria has fought back against these claims.

Filing her own petition, Tom Petty’s eldest daughter claims that Dana has engaged in a conspiracy to prevent both her and Annakim from making key decisions.  Their father’s widow has deliberately failed to distribute Petty’s “artistic properties” into a limited liability company (LLC), per his will.

The LLC, Adria continues, would allocate a third of Petty’s artistic properties to Dana.  The other two-thirds would legally belong to Adria and Annakim.

Adria has urged the court to order immediate funding for the LLC.  This would allow both of Petty’s daughters to have rights in the management of their father’s artistic property.

Adria’s petition notes that Petty’s will has allowed Dana a six-month grace period to establish the fund.  Yet, over 16 months have already passed since the singer’s tragic death.

The petition also notes that Dana left both Adria and Annakim out of “marketing, promotional, and artistic considerations” in their father’s posthumous releases, including An American Treasure and The Best of Everything.


Featured image by musicisentropy (CC by 2.0).