TikTok Joins 21 Labels & Publishers to Announce ‘TikTok Spotlight’ In Japan and South Korea

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TikTok, the popular social media app, has just announced the launch of a new program called ‘TikTok Spotlight‘, which aims to promote indie and unsigned artists. The new program will offer selected artists a special channel to submit their music for consideration. Once accepted, the music will be available to TikTok users around the world.

TikTok Spotlight’s first season is starting in Japan and South Korea, launching on Friday (April 5th). Over the next five months, TikTok Spotlight will feature two rounds of competition. Indie artists who rank in the top 100, and subsequently in the top 18, will advance to the next round based on fan popularity. A panel of judges will also help select top winners. The top five to ten musicians will receiveƒ production opportunities and other prizes.

At this stage, TikTok is collaborating with 21 different labels and publishers to source and promote the first crop of indie artists. The result could be a fresh crop of TikTok grown superstars, or at least viral hits.

TikTok has become a juggernaut in viral music videos since taking over Musical.ly. The app has worked closely with the music community in Japan and South Korea for artist promotion and music events. But the app has spawned several homegrown hits, too. Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road blew up after Justin Bieber shared himself listening to the song on TikTok. The song debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at number 83 before climbing its way up to the 15th spot. (Incidentally, Billboard eventually disqualified the track from its country charts).

While the first season of TikTok Spotlight focuses on Japan and South Korea, other regions are likely to follow. Industry partners for the promotion already include Spotify and the ‘big three’ of Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

TikTok has a bit of a kingmaker reputation in Asia that is growing as the platform gains popularity. Case in point: Kana Adachi gained over 240,000 TikTok fans in less than a month thanks to the release of her single ‘I Am In Love With You Now’.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps on both iOS and Android, and the company now has offices located around the world. The app is especially popular among younger users, with over 500 million active users worldwide. By offering a new program to promote indie and unsigned artists, TikTok is providing a platform for new and up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent and potentially gain a wider audience.

TikTok Spotlight is just the latest example of how social media platforms are changing the way that emerging artists can get their music heard. In recent years, platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram have all played a role in helping unsigned artists gain a following and get noticed by record labels and music industry professionals.

The rise of TikTok as a force in the music industry is not surprising. The app’s format, which allows users to create short, shareable videos, is perfect for music promotion. Users can easily create videos featuring their favorite songs, and the app’s algorithms help to surface new and interesting content to users based on their interests.

TikTok is also unique in that it has a built-in music library, which makes it easy for users to add music to their videos. This feature has proven to be incredibly popular, with many users creating viral videos that feature popular songs.

Overall, TikTok Spotlight is an exciting new development for indie and unsigned artists. With the support of major labels and publishers, the program has the potential to help new artists gain a following and achieve success. And with TikTok’s massive user base, the platform offers a unique opportunity for artists to connect with fans and potentially go viral. It will be interesting to see how TikTok Spotlight develops over the coming months, and whether it will become a major force in the music industry.

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