Nipsey Hussle Memorial Slated for Thursday In Los Angeles — But Details Remain Sketchy

Grammy-Nominated Rapper/Activist Nipsey Hussle Shot and Killed in South Los Angeles
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A Nipsey Hussle memorial event is currently being planned in Los Angeles, though confusion surrounds the venue and ticketing details.

Initially, a report from TMZ mentioned that a memorial service would be held at Staples Center, with tickets sold online. Karen Civil subsequently tweeted that TMZ’s info was incorrect.

“I want to officially let @NipseyHussle fans & supporters know there will be NO selling of tickets to his funeral,” the tweet said. You can read the rest of the tweet in the screenshot below.

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Civil did not address if the rumor suggesting that the Los Angeles Staples Center would be the venue for the memorial. However, a report from Variety seems to corroborate TMZ’s initial reporting.

The Staples Center was also the site of a 2009 memorial for Michael Jackson.

Hussle released his first proper album last year and received a Grammy nomination for Victory Lap. He was an active philanthropist in Los Angeles and sought to bring change to his community.  In the wake of his death, Hussle was praised for making a consistent effort to reinvest in his Los Angeles neighborhood and give back to the his hometown.

LAPD Commissioner Steve Sobroff expressed disbelief at the tragic slaying.

Hussle was shot in front of his clothing store and transported to a nearby hospital. He was later pronounced dead. Eric Holder is suspected of shooting Hussle multiple times, and has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

If convicted of the murder, Holder will face life in prison. Once on the inside, Holder is likely to face serious threats of both extreme violence and assassination attempts.

Fans will be able to pay tribute to Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, at the service, though it’s unclear if permits have been approved.  Staples Center — if confirmed — can accommodate at least 21,000 people.  Once coordinated, city officials are expecting heavy crowds and long lines, with potential issues involving violence.

2 Responses

  1. DoRight

    This is the second time a Nipsey article on DMN hasn’t been written factually and I’m not sure why. We don’t need people misconstruing the facts here. Tickets are not for sale hence Karen Civil’s tweet the other day despite information to the content. Tickets can be reserved for free starting 9:00am today. They are only open to CA residents. There is no confusion about the event. In fact, Staples Has a very clear instructions and specifications regarding the tickets and the event. Yes, LAPD will be present for security purposes like they were abt Michael’s memorial. However, they’re not concerned about a shoot out. Please do Nipsey more justice and do your research before writing articles.

  2. Paul Resnikoff

    This article was written early Monday, details were not confirmed. Unfortunately, violence is definitely a potential issue here, and has already been a problem as an earlier vigil.