TuneCore Tricked Into Filing a False Takedown Request Against Racist YouTuber PewDiePie

Just how safe is TuneCore?  Not so much if a troll can force the digital distributor into taking down a PewDiePie video.

For over a year, controversial YouTube personality Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has engaged in a bitter war with T-Series.

Both the YouTuber and the Indian label have battled for the most subscribers on the popular video platform.

For brief moments, and underscoring the power of music on YouTube, T-Series has claimed the top subscriber count from PewDiePie.

So, late last month, Kjellberg ceded the ‘crown’ to the Indian label.  Not before releasing a diss track against T-Series, however.

Now, the controversial YouTube star is in trouble once again.  This time, for allegedly stealing music.

Did PewDiePie rob an instrumental mix from another artist just to lambast T-Series?

In his song, ‘Congratulations,’ Kjellberg lobs several ‘facts’ about the Indian label, including racist insults.

A congratulations to your corporation. / Guess to beat one Swedish boy, you need a billion Asians.

Revealing the company’s history of first selling pirated Hindu songs, he continued,

Now you’re at number one, hope you did nothing wrong / Like starting your business by selling pirated songs

“Get used to your past being held against you by the media (Uh oh) / I’m sure right now there’s nothing that you’re doing that’s illegal, yeah.”

When FlareTV, another YouTube channel, live-streamed Kjellberg’s song, it immediately received a red flag.

The teenage duo behind the channel wrote,

Please stop asking about ‘Congratulations.’  It’s copyrighted and I cannot play it on stream.

When confronted about the track, PewDiePie editor ‘Sive’ Osman wrote that digital distributor TuneCore – labeled as just ‘some company’ – filed the copyright infringement takedown.

Team YouTube — some company called TuneCore are claiming videos on or using PewDiePie’s ‘Congratulations’ song.

“How are they getting away with this?  Sort this out as soon as [possible].

Upon further investigation, TuneCore filed the takedown request for a reason.  Kjellberg had apparently stolen the instrumental version of another song – Pontus Pettersson’s ‘Buckwild.’

The takedown request comes amidst damaging allegations against the notorious YouTube star.

A Change.org petition, which renews claims of Kjellberg’s white supremacist leanings, has called on the video platform to outright ban PewDiePie.

First started a few weeks ago, the petition has since received 78,000 signatures – over half of its goal.

Following the investigation, Kjellberg’s team has remained notoriously quiet about the infringing claims.  In addition, YouTube has yet to respond to the allegations and the online petition.

Since then, TuneCore has issued a public apology against PewDiePie.  Revealing how a troll managed to make a fool of the digital distributor, the company explained,

We are aware of the recent incident of a user claiming a PewDiePie song that he or she does not own the rights to. We have taken action against the customer who distributed this song and deactivated the account. Our team will monitor to make sure this does not happen again.


Featured image by Pewdiepie (YouTube screengrab).

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    • Dr. Disco

      And FlareTV is still play Celebration on the live stream. So obviously this article is either fake, a big troll, or poorly researched. Maybe all 3

      • reee

        no like it said at the end the copyright claim was lifted and tunecore apologized, which is why flaretv can now use the song again

    • Anonymous

      It’s not this article is just fear mongering. Alt rightys and alt lefties can only resort to fear mongering to get their pathetic way

  1. Anonymous

    Quote from TuneCore’s twitter: “We are aware of the recent incident of a user claiming a PewDiePie song that he or she does not own the rights to. We have taken action against the customer who distributed this song and deactivated the account. Our team will monitor to make sure this does not happen again.”

  2. Nanya

    “Racist Youtuber?” My god like you’ve never said the n word before. It doesn’t make it right but it was a mistake for fucks sake. Whoever this writer is probably gets his sources from WSJ. If you bothered to be a real writer you would’ve seen his video where he breaks everything down into simple words even you’d understand about how wrong the media is. If you had a brain you’d know the Change.org petition is full of wrong info. But I guess anyone can be a “journalist” and write utter crap.

    • Icebee

      The journalist wrote utter garbage about Felix. “Kjellberg’s team has remained notoriously quiet about the infringing claims” like what kind of bad in your job do you have to be to net even consider checking out his latest video where he debunks those lies???

  3. Biased Journalism

    You need to stop calling him a racist, he’s done more to help good causes than most people will in their life time.

  4. Anonymous

    Do you really have to put racist in the title

  5. 9yearOld

    The author of this article calls Pewdiepie a racist because of an online petition that anyone can make but isn’t aware that Pewdiepie has helped raise over 150,000 dollars for an Indian charity.

    • Arpit

      Yeah…i do the same …..I insult people of a country…(who dont fuckin want to be related to T series )and will donate some money to cover up everything….yeah …good…..every youtuber and commenters are insulting INDIANS …abusing them ..is good …..

      • Barrel-screamer

        I wonder why some people tend to always make weird controversies of everything, like he does it all on purpose and stuff. If you would’ve seen Daves vid, you would also know he came up with the majority of the insults to Indians…

  6. Fake News

    He’s done a lot more for society than this website.

  7. Anonymous

    Pretty much violated the entire SPJ code of ethics with that headline. Good job?

    • Anonymous

      What’s scary is that this guy teaches students learning english with this kind of ethics in his writing.

  8. Gofukurslf

    What the fuck? I hope your three daughters end up smarter than this shit show of a writing job you’ve got, pal.

  9. Vemfanbryrsig

    Please get things right when trying to report news. If he is a “Racist” point out all the facts before stating it in the topic.

    Shameful statements

    • MR B

      Well in honesty our comments backing up pewdiepievs and saying this guys writing sucks don’t explain or back up our views. I’ll start: the notorious YouTubers have been quiet about the petition? I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant but the context can’t be seen cause of bad writing. But if that’s what you mean, then fact check. Pewdiepie responded a day or two ago and highlighted how factually incorrect it was, with change.org in his thumbnail.

      Remain unbiased by presenting each case. Even if you view Pewdiepie as racist, don’t make the allegation without presenting it as view backed up by sources or state it as if it’s an opinion piece.

      Disclaimer: I’m not a writer nor am I good at it. But there is way too much fake news and uneducated opinions out there for people to fuel the idea or entertain the idea that it is good to spread ideas as facts when they are founded on nothing solid or factual.

  10. Marauder

    This article is just slanderous and in some cases downright wrong. You call this Journalism? This isn’t journalism. It’s click bait.

  11. Kris

    You’re a fucking troll Sanchez. In fact the term “Dirty Sanchez” applies to you and your so called attempt at reporting facts. How is it racist to say a Swedish boy, or even a million Asians? I just want to slap you in the face! Karma is a bitch and it WILL find you!

  12. Ethan K.

    This is why journalists are losing their jobs.


    This article is completely shit and also do you very have too put “racist” in the title cause Pewdiepie is not racist at all dipshit.

  14. Blatantracistlie

    When trolls start writing “news” everyone is a racist. It’s like all the 12 year old Xbox players got into journalism

  15. Simple Question

    If he isn’t a racist, then why do you guys care so much?

    • Dianne

      hi, we kinda care if people call him racists because it’s not true and if people who don’t even watch pewds look at this, they’ll immediately see pewds as racists even though it’s not true.

      • Anon

        The problem with your comment is that he is literally racist. As an Indian who used to watch Pewds it hurts to see him say the worst kinds of things about me and my country, it feels like betrayal. What did Indians ever do to him? But instead of sticking to his fight with T-series he made it about Indians somehow. So he is a racist. Look at the kind of lyrics in his songs and tell me straight up he is not.

        • Anonymous

          Oh hello, im an indian too brother! An indian with common sense and some sense of maturity. I know when u shud take jokes seriously and pewdiepie said nothing racist about indians. I personally know this for a FACT that there is no country in this world more racist and sexist than India. Indians are the worst kind of racists and sexists and its so common in our country that ppl are desensitized to it but god forbid some “foreigner” says some silly stupid joke like “poo poo in their brains” then oh the hypocrisy! The patriotism! Self righteousness! Downright nauseating country! With a beautiful past and culture, india is a shell of its former glory. Calm the fuck down indian racists! Ur the worst kind of racists and you all KNOW it!

          • Arpit

            Shut the fuck up bitch…u aint indian…u r fuckin racist’s supporter …pewd sucks my dick every night ….u here me

        • Cristian A

          Pewds is JOKING… Your life will always be miserable if you can’t take jokes… Seek help… Kind regards.

        • Anonymous

          Are you stupid. Time for you to learn the word joke (his song is just a joke!) . He also raised over £150,000 for kids in your country, and your gonna call him racist. Ungrateful.

        • Indian9yrold

          He has helped many our fellow Indians by rallying his following to a good cause. What have you done lately…no, your entire life for your fellow Indians?

          You call him a racist, sure. What does that make you?

        • Anonymous

          Bro shut the f up. I’m Indian too. There is no need for your stupid nationalism here. He just made a stupid joke which anyone with a few brain cells would understand. Also, f this article.

        • Blood of Kings

          What worst things? He literally said that “indians have poo poo in their brains” and then afterwards they wrote “that’s a blatant racist lie.”

          For real dude, poo poo in their brains? No self respecting white supremacist would ever say that XD

        • Ur mum

          They were jokes which he made so ridiculous that he thought no one could get offended by

      • ErazoYT

        Because he isn’t a racist, and he is being falsely claimed to be one. We are also the community, so regardless if Pewds cares or not, we’ll support him in every way we can. This is also very sad and biased writing, as they don’t provide any actual facts and incidents.

    • Anonymous

      If you were friends with someone and someone was calling that person something that they weren’t or were insulting them, you would want to stick up for them, would you not?

    • Anton

      Slander. The more people without facts continue to label him falsely, the more people who don’t know anything about the situation will hop on the bandwagon without fact checking it. I’ve been watching pewdiepie from about 2013 but I stopped around 2016 when his channel became so popular he couldn’t really play games anymore, and haven’t really been following him that close since. However, I know enough to know that this is nothing more than click bait and the problem with that is simple minded people will believe it and push an agenda they have no understanding of.

    • Mitch

      Ok I know you only have a few brain cells, but clamly and slowly re-read what you just wrote.

      It’s because he’s innocent of this complete garbage that we care so much. Felix is a great person who does a hell of a lot more for society than the scumbag that wrote this article that’s for damn sure.

    • Ligma

      Because he’s the most genuine creator and don’t deserve to be called out be these biased media.

  16. PewDiePie Is Racist SCUM

    PewDiePie is a bottom-feeder scumbag who knows racism = views = $ and YouTube doesn’t care because they make money off it all.

    • Fuck this guy in particular

      Are fucking dumb. This comment shows how impactful these completely false articles are. If you took the time and actually did some research you would learn that he isn’t a racist. He’s donated millions of dollars to charity some being in Africa and India . God you people are annoying

    • Coolboi

      Name one incident where he has done any racist thing

      • Pewdiepie is a racist scum.I hope he dies a horrible death no one has ever got type of.He goes through the worst torture ever

        That scumbag is responsible for 50 deaths in NZ.He said Death To Jews.He is a racist,piece of shit bigot he knows racist remarks=views=$

        • Shawshank

          If you truelsy believe that he’s the cause of all of these things you need to study up from a source that isnt vox media. Hes the most subscribed creator in the world in the midst of a MEME battle with a corporation. He gets publicity off the wall, and because of people like you the shooter knew it would cause a divide. The “death to all jews” is due was supposed to be a commentary on what people on this app would do for money. Hes been on record as saying he didnt believe that anyone would do it and he was surprised when they did. Honestly if you cant understand commentary on sociopolitical issues from the other side, you shouldn’t be invested in politics. Because of people like you, nobody can understand the other ideology and just dismiss any idea that you dont like as extreamist alt-right and its downright slanderous. Some people, people who actually deserve that label, are getting off Scott free while felix is in the middle of a witch hunt just to leave “real” news sources some semblance of relevance.

    • ErazoYT

      Actually, YouTube has repeatedly demonitized videos and constantly disabled ad revenue from him, so no, they do care. He admitted that he was very immature then, and acknowledges that he could’ve done better. There are also people like you who can’t seem to understand a joke, nor seem to realize how bad of a country India actually is. Then there are the false claims, which have no proof tied, meaning the writers of these articles are the ones wanting money from clicks and publicity, and not Pewdiepie, nor YouTube. Rethink your comment next time.

    • Zak

      Except that, you know, he donates thousands and thousands of dollars every year to charity to help people in need.

    • He's a troll, don't lose your cool guys.

      Geez guys you took a big fat bait. Scums like these should be ignored, let this reply be the last one, close this thread.

  17. Ajay

    Simple answer, people care because it’s not true, hence he’s not racist. This is extremely low quality “journalism”.

  18. My reply Mr.PewDiePie Is Racist SCUM

    Yes, call Felix a “bottom feeder”, however, please note this website also understands that putting “racist” in the title is going to gain $$$. Think before you talk sauce.

  19. Anonymous

    This article is unfortunately rage-baiting and clickbaiting. As someone who once thought journalism held more honor, it is sad to see blatant libel like this. I do believe grounds for defamation. Mr. Kjellberg is a very openly not racist person, even going as far as to state so in a previous video this week. I feel pity for the rabid people calling him “racist scum” as they are no more than misguided, I’ll informed, and downright hateful mongoloid. Truly sad.

  20. RecordedLine


    PewDiePie – aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg – has well-known affiliations with multipleAryan/White Supremacist organizations and a known money trail going straight back to Sweden and various Swiss accounts help under “F. Kjelberg” (no real attempt to hide affiliations). ICE/FBI/Homeland Security/US GOV’T already detailed this in numerous wiretap/internet surveillance records supplied to top-level Trump offiicals. Also funded anti-Semitic organizations but recently rescinded those payments after YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki specifically asked for these money-contributions to stop.

    • RecordedLine

      I will offer more details and documentation (some Redacted) within the next few days to verify all claims. This includes wire transfers plus emails sent by both U.S. Dept of Homeland Security and confidential emails from YouTube attorney Harris Cohen and CEO Susan Wojcicki.

      • What the fuck is this guy on about

        All talk but no sauce. Where is your tangible proof outside of this Alex Jonesery

    • Anonymous

      Did you just accuse a Swedish man of having a Swedish bank account in his own name as a reason for why is racist? Also what groups? The charities he regularly gives to? And throwing Trump and US government around don’t inspire much confidence to be honest, and don’t forget ICE and homeland security, who I’m pretty sure have nothing to do with a Swedish youtuber living in the UK

      • RecordedLine

        I don’t care if you believe what I’m saying or not. I have documents proving all of this but my own attorneys have asked me to hold off before publicly releasing all of them. It turns out that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has paid for than $20MM in company funds just to muzzle any detractors through nefarious methods that include stripping a person’s job, family, and putting a #MeToo case on them. With PewDiePie, I guarantee you will see the light: direct payments to dozens of White Supremacist and Anti-Semitic organizations, right there in the bank records. Only thing holding this up is Wojcicki and her connections and dirt on Donald Trump, they need to keep this away from the media.

        • We can't belive you without a proof

          I’m sure everyone will belive your statements ,when your proof are only some documents nobody heard of that you won’t even publish. Give us a source of all these facts ,then we can really talk. If I told you that vaccines cause autism ,earth is flat or any other ridiculous theory without any sources ,would you belive me?

  21. IndiaIsOnTheContinentofAsia

    I can’t believe the audacity of calling him a racist in the title of the article. Shame on you.

    • Anon

      So sad when Articles speak truth isn’t it.
      As an ex-subscriber to Pewds and an Indian, I can say with full confidence he is racist. Any thing else is an act.

      • FFS

        As an ex-sub you should know very well he isn’t. He’s made mistakes, as do we all, he has edgy humor sometimes(meme culture in general), but none of this equates to racism. These so called “journalists” make it seem like his videos are just 24/7 racist shit. It’s so misleading and anyone with a brain can click on his videos and see for themselves. He has spoken up about this multiple times. But if you want to continue living in this world where anything not PC and bland is racist then go ahead. I’d rather focus on real racism than a memelord who donates to charity.

      • Anon stfu

        I can easily bring this argument to my end and prove he isn’t racist.

  22. Dougyboy

    I made a headline for you. “Racist fake news journalist Daniel Sanchez eats a giant bag of dicks for breakfast.” Mine is truer than yours.

  23. Disgruntled Reader

    Well, another site to add to my “don’t want to see articles from this site” list. Apart from slanderous, this article is poorly written and in very bad taste, hope you can see the error of your way someday.

  24. Yeet

    Daniel Sanchez is an ignorant fuck face who doesn’t know what real journalism is. To call someone a racist/ white supremacist, just because some other internet fags did isn’t called journalism. Quit your job

  25. Anonymous

    Racist? Screw you bellend. Either report news correctly or don’t at all.

  26. Jared

    This article was so poorly researched and written. I’m not even sure there’s a story contained in it. The TuneCore part is barely a footnote, and you don’t even specifically state the copyright system was abused.

  27. Who gave this guy a job?

    This is a joke of an article, take this shit down already.

  28. You guys are pathetic

    This article is pathetic. Mentioning or acknowledging the demographic of a race IS NOT RACISM you uncultured bigot fucks. Racism is RACE DISCRIMINATION. When will thick headed fuck ups like you understand that. He did no such race discrimination. Africa is full of black people. Does that make me racist? No you shit. That means I know the demographic of Africa. Just like knowing India is full of Asians. And I thought box and wsj were bad. This is just fucking pathetic.

  29. Huhuhuhu

    Hahahaha this writer is so biased!! Clickbait is what you need right?? Hahahahahhaa well you can really attract people by putting that “racist” line in the title!

  30. Ahahahaha

    This is such an awful article, clickbait title, no real research and an obvious bias. All that time in journalism school to write this shit. Laughable.

  31. Anonymous

    First of all, pontus buckwild Helped in making the song and let pewdiepie reuse the soundtrack. Second of all, your accusations are biased and shouldn’t be a topic on a music news source, so fuck off with that shit. Thank you and I hope your daughters don’t become so narrow minded as you are

  32. Anonymous

    Dont call yourself a journalist if you cant do your research. Lazy writing. Shouldnt be allowed anywhere near an article

  33. Indian 9 Year Old

    Daniel Sanchez, I know you hate PewDiePie. But making such false accusations will get you nowhere. You’ll be able to convince people who are not familiar with PewDiePie content. But this is just plain and simple example of misusing the media platform, defamation and fake news. People like you should not be journalists. You’re more like a communist spreading your propaganda.

  34. Fellow Writer

    I think this article needed to include more facts. A lot of this leans towards hating someone without it. I recommend if you want to be taken seriously with your writing in journalism do not just what your biase opinion. If you want to get your opinion out there you got other platforms to do it. Let others decide their oppinion based on facts.

  35. Leo

    This article is just full of wrong information and bias. I’m not even a fan of pewdiepie but this is just pure trash and shows how little “journalist” means. The fact that pewdiepie helped millions of people and donated so much money to charitys never gets brought up while these “journalists” have never done anything great in their life and will die as just another useless piece of human that wasted their lifetime dragging other peoples names into dirt.

  36. Lenny

    My left nut could pass as a better journalist than this hack job. Wonder why news stations are cutting their work force? Wonder why “journalists” are being put out on the streets and sent to the unemployment offices? Because this is what “journalism” has become. Lies and hate-bating.

  37. Ice wallow come

    Look at this jealous cuck with his tiny pecker and dissatisfied wife taking his frustration out through awful writing and shit brain journalism. Please let the worms feed on you as you’re stealing our oxygen

  38. Daniel

    I seriously have to comment because this is such an ill written article. The line you cited as being racist was anything but. This entire article is built on the premise that PewDiePie stole a song only to be revealed in the last 5 lines that it was all a hoax. Well done Daniel I hope you reached your quota.

  39. Cristian A

    Maybe we should make a petition to get the author of this article fired… I mean… We can just say that he is a racist, homophobic and pedophile with no proof at all right? We can just take some of his writings out of context and make stupid people believe what we are saying is true… I’m sure they’ll sign the petition after that… Seems fair based on how they do the same with Pewds right?… No?… That’s what I thought…
    P.S. The title of this article is garbage… Please realize you are trying to profit out of attacking another person who has done nothing wrong and helped millions all over the world… What have you done for those in need? Other than feel pity? Pathetic…

  40. Anonymous

    This website is trash. Daniel Sanchez your “journalism” is trash.

  41. Andrew Haydon

    Dear DigitalMusicNews,

    Whichever subeditor wrote this headline really needs to *at least* put “racist” in quote marks to indicate that it’s an allegation/opinion. Otherwise you are completely open to being charged with libel (and Pewdiepie lives in England. Look up what English libel laws are like).

  42. Pewds ain't racist idiot

    “racist YouTuber”? This is why you don’t drop your baby on your head ladies and gentlemen… As a brown guy, I find you guys pathetic at how desperately and incorrectly you’re trying to legal him as a racist when he clearly isn’t. People like you are far FAR worse than he will ever possibly.

  43. Vyrsace

    Everyone, this isn’t a new website. It’s a blog template they called “Digital Music News”. No one has ever heard of it before and it’s not done by journalists. If you read the article, you can see, through the spelling and grammar, that it was done by someone, perhaps a jealous Indian, that has a personal grudge against Felix. This article should not be taken any more seriously than a Facebook status update.

  44. Pewdiepie is a racist scum.I hope he dies a horrible death no one has ever got type of.He goes through the worst torture ever

    That scumbag is responsible for 50 deaths in NZ.He said Death To Jews.He is a racist,piece of shit bigot he knows racist remarks=views=$

    • OK boi

      Not sure if troll or dropped as a kid. Might as well be both

  45. Pig

    “racist”? Well you just lost your reliability l ??‍♂️

  46. RIP journalism

    Just stopping by to say that I am going to block this website from my newsfeed bc of your awful research and poor journalistic ethics.

  47. Sanchez sucks

    This is the reason newspapers and online news site are slowly dying. Clickbait trumps real journalism.

  48. GaylordFaggotlips

    hahaha this is definitely a biased article, calling someone a racist because they made a few edgy remarks is a bit much no?

  49. Anonymous

    Bro shut the f up. I’m Indian too. There is no need for your stupid nationalism here. He just made a stupid joke which anyone with a few brain cells would understand. Also, f this article.

  50. Zoltán

    This isn’t journalism, this is a big pile of sh*t. No research, the “facts” you tell are all false. You try to write about something you don’t know/understand. Find a new job, Daniel, because this level of misinformation should be punished by prison.

  51. Anonymous

    Great job on the article. Hope your students do better than this.

  52. Something interesting and with the read...

    I found something pretty interesting, commented by WitchMagicCat on youtube saying;
    “Here’s a statement from Roomie’s video editor when it was brought up in a reddit post: “No, the only one being “shady” is Verz (the guy who made the video) he did not buy the exclusive rights to the song. I compared his license agreement to ours (i work as roomies editor) and the blurred out parts of the agreement in his video include the words “non-exclusive”. So the reason he isn’t copy striking isn’t because he’s a “good guy” it’s because he knows he doesn’t have any claim at all. He just wanted to spin the story this way to get views. The license on the track is the same typical type you get when you buy a stock image. You can use it however much you want, but so can anybody that also buys the same image. Verz, that other rapper and Pewdiepie just all happened to buy the same NON-EXCLUSIVE track.””

  53. You're a disgrace to journalism

    What a gross article. Blatant lies, from calling pewdiepie racist in the title to tricking people into thinking that pewdiepie stole the music by linking to a deleted YouTube video that nobody can actually view and fact check you. Plus the discriminatory and defamatory language used in general. You’re lucky pewds says he doesn’t bother to sue journalists for defamation. With the kind of crap that you are doing he can easily win a lawsuit against your actions.

  54. 9yearold

    So this is the level modern journalism has sunk to? Using opinion pieces as facts and the classic “racist” title for clickbait.

  55. Dario

    Just another rage bait articles. This is that of “journalism” in 2019. #Subscribe to PewDiePie

  56. Narvaez

    Failled journalism. Take another profession like bartending or sheep hearding. Spreading a make-believe fake news plus calling a genuine person ‘racist’ huh??? He probably contribute or done more than you could have ever imagined. Watch the video and listen to his apology and how he handels people like you who deserves defamation and you will see how stupid you are. I think you need to see the video where you called him racist and the follow up vids. Your article proved. You are a failed RACIST stupid journalist.

  57. Margus

    When you so desparate for clicks that you lie about pewdiepie being racist

  58. Not pewdiepie

    This is fake news and badly researched using the word racist to boost clicks. Pathetic.

  59. Just a Dude

    He obviously only listened to the song once because i am pretty sure that line was “you needed a billion in your nation.” I am going to listen to it again just to make sure

  60. Noob editor

    Ya know every time you call him a racist, you’re exploiting the term for clicks.

  61. KurwaTwojaMac

    There are two possibilities to explain this awful journalism. Either it’s deliberate just to rage people to click on this article, which is cheap. Or the writer is genuinely stupid. I don’t know maybe both.

  62. Vox2.0

    Nice fake news, please stop writing ‘Daniel’ you are a shitty journalist. He’s done more to society than you will ever do .

  63. Anonymous

    It’s actually so sad that the old media hast to use this resources to get clicks

  64. 9y/o

    why bother with lying about this? is it really worth the clicks? sad

  65. Ozzy Osbourne

    Ain’t there nothing better than poor journalism.

  66. Anonymous

    Pewdiepie donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity and encourages his subs to donate as well…he may say things like the n word like once and he address it, he apologizes and we move on, everybody makes mistakes.

    Branding someone who does good things for others “racist” is what causes medias like this to fire writers who may bring backlash

  67. Digital Music SJWs

    Tell me Nappa, what does the scouter say about his boss level?

  68. Anonymous

    Haha couldnt find a more insulting line that “congratulations to your corporation” very rasistic indeed

    • reee

      by the way i was agreeing with almost all the comments not the article

  69. The comments were more interesting than your article

    I wish this was a joke.

  70. reee

    Goshdamn i really wish pewds would file a lawsuit on every single defamatory article that came his way, but of course he doesn’t want to do that. I respect his decision but I sometimes wish he would just to show them up

  71. 9yrolde

    So how can pewdiepie be racist if he is Swedish, and engaged to marry an Italian woman? Hmmmm? Checkmate atheists!

  72. Anonymous

    This article is terrible. Do you have any respect for other people? You call pewdiepue racist in your article and you’re calling his lyrics rasict.

  73. Anonymous

    The writer clearly does not understand anything about the subject he’s writing about if he’s willing to call Pewdiepie vs. Tseries a “Bitter War.” If anything it’s a joke, and Pewdiepie has said many times he doesn’t care and he is still going to do what he’s been doing, making people smile online (something this article, cant do to anyone.)

  74. Conclusion

    PewDiePie is:


    Anti-Anything that isn’t White/Swedish/Aryan


    Any questions?

  75. Sue

    Congratulations to Daniel Sanchez for being another ignorant journalist.

  76. Anonymous

    Sshh you weren’t supposed to tell t series it was a diss track smh my head?

  77. Anonymous

    This is just more made up shit by libtards desensitizing adults into thinking Pewds is racist. Cut the BS

  78. Anonymous

    This writer seriously doesn’t have any clue about what he is talking about. He had one job, journalism, getting into the details of the matter, yet he just wrote such nonsense which doesn’t even make sense. Such writers should be removed.

  79. Thissitesuxmysweedishmeatballs

    Stopped reading when you started acting all SJW

  80. Anonymous

    So glad to see an article that defines brain dead journalism!

  81. seraph

    Can somebody please tell me if it’s fine/safe to use Tunecore only for distribution and Songtrust for royalties collection…

    Is it a good deal?

  82. Anon

    Imagine writing an article on the song and thinking the song was racist, you’re actually horribly idiotic for what job you have.

  83. Pathetic

    I can’t believe how people actually think this biased and downright false petition will remove Pewds from YouTube like what’s gonna win 78000 signatures or 93m subs. Also there have been numerous petitions with over a million signatures which have been almost completely ignored, just goes to show how biased everything is nowadays.

  84. Anon

    Just a question, how can you possibly say that Pewdiepie has been “allegedly stealing music” while at the same time also put in that tunecore has apologized for the false claim? This article is written in a way that it appears to be accusing Pewdiepie of infringing on a song, and then showing that the person who accused him of it doesn’t even own the song and that the claim is false. Makes no sense. Also, how are those lines racist, even out of context. Those quotes that was put up in this article does not even include an ethnicity of any sort. If you are going to call it racism, at the very least put a line in the song that has the word “Indians” in it. Even then it was used as an example to show what is not considered a defamation. What is a good example is this article.

  85. sandwich

    the instrumental is a royalty free beat..meaning as long as you purchase the licence you can use it, regardless if someone else purchased the license as well, they both have the right to use it