Networking and Contacts: How to Make Connections in the Music Industry

91% of all artists go completely undiscovered.

The internet has made discovery easier, but the field exponentially bigger. They say it’s not what you know, but who you know in the music industry.

Making connections in the music industry is a requirement for making it big. The chances of someone important in the industry randomly finding you are near-zero.

You have to focus on finding music industry contacts and leaving an impression.

Here are a few tips to help increase your chances of getting noticed.

Music Industry Events

Big music industry events offer a higher likelihood of running into important people.  Yes, most of the actual record label owners, producers, and artists with access are behind security.  What you should really focus on is making friends with seasoned staffers, A&Rs, and people who aren’t name-famous.

They’ll blend in with the crowd, so it’s your job to weed them out and naturally make good conversation with them.  Never push your mixtapes or life stories on strangers with hopes to score an industry connection.  That’s tacky.

Online Presence

Getting in front of the right people online is easier, but also harder to make an impression.  You can search social media for these middle-tier music industry contacts.  Approaching them online will take some patience, though.

When it comes to fishing online for industry connections, you’ll want to go with volume.  Gather as many contacts as you can and use a contact syncing tool to keep track of everyone.  Stay genuine and make good conversation and who knows where it will go.

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Demonstrate Value

What are you offering these connections that make them want to work with you? You need more than “I’m the best rapper/singer/producer alive.” Confidence isn’t in short supply, but creative solutions are in the music industry.

Music scouts are looking for artists that are paving their own way, with a unique brand and plenty of established support. Demonstrate that the reward is much greater than taking a risk with a relatively unknown name. Have your ticket sales, venue bookings, and other data ready to go.

Don’t “Fake It”

Never try to put on an act to make it as an artist.  We know there are plenty of successful artists who aren’t “about that life”. These are success stories that rely solely on their connections and/or wealthy backgrounds.

You want to get connections in the music industry who are compelled by you, the artist.  Appealing to people on a deeper spiritual and emotional connection is how you really make it big.

Opportunities and Connections in the Music Industry

What’s the big takeaway from these tips on making connections in the music industry? Passion, authenticity, and patience. You don’t need to impress the record label’s CEO in order to get a record deal.

It’s all about working your way up the food chain and having people go to bat for you. The decision-makers listen to those around them, who listen to those around them. Impress enough people in the industry and they’ll come looking for you.

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