Chvrches Is ‘Upset, Confused and Disappointed’ that Marshmello Collaborated with ‘Predators’ Chris Brown, Tyga

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Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry at The Shrine Auditorium, 2015

Chvrches is seriously dismayed by Marshmello’s latest collaborations.

News that the “Here With Me” collaborator has decided to work with both Chris Brown and Tyga is not being received well.

In a recent tweet, Chvrches solemnly expressed disappointment regarding Marshmello’s choice to produce “Light It Up” with the two rapper/entertainers:

“Working with people who are predators and abusers enables, excuses, and ultimately tacitly endorses that behavior,” the group declared.

Marshmello has yet to respond to the calling out.

To be fair, Chvrches has a valid point about the famed producer. His decision is coming across as tone-deaf, especially given repeated and serious assault accusations against both stars (and in some cases, accusations that have been proven correct).

Over the years, Chris Brown has been painted as a remorseless abuser who brutalizes women.  Brown pled guilty to assaulting Rihanna; still, the details of this case are graphic, gruesome and vile. The performer appears unrepentant, and he was recently charged with battery of another woman in Paris (though these charges appeared fabricated).

Brown has his defenders (and forgivers), though Chvrches is not among them.

According to the group, contributing to Brown’s success in any manner ultimately constitutes an endorsement of sexually abusive behavior and finances a reprehensible lifestyle.

Then, there’s Tyga. Not only has he been accused of sexual battery and related issues in multiple lawsuits, but Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend has infamously been known to skirt the line between barely legal and barely illegal. Tyga was also blasted for flirtations with a 14-year-old Instagram model.

Tyga’s well-documented relationship with the Kardashian clan was already against the law in some jurisdictions, but the 14 year-old dalliance was deemed predatory behavior by many observers.

Whether Marshmello calculated his collaborative move remains unclear.  Releases by Chris Brown and Tyga typically draw serious revenue, though Marshmello may continued to battle accusations of prioritizing cash over moral credibility.

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  1. A Merry Ka

    Next people will be accusing real estate agents, bank managers, store sales people, baristas and everyone else who provide services, of the same things just because they provide services to people who are disapproved of…

    It’s a mad, divided and messed up America..