Drag-Focused Producer Entertainment Group (PEG) Inks a Distribution Deal with WMG’s ADA

Producer Entertainment Group (PEG), a leading representative of LGBTQ+ and drag-queen artists, has signed a significant agreement with Warner Music Group’s Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA).

PEG’s clients include some of the most popular drag-queen artists in the world — Trixie Mattel, Manila Luzon, Blair St. Clair, and many others — and this partnership is expected to pave the way for future PEG albums to be distributed by ADA, which was formed in 1993 and handles distribution for a multitude of well-known independent record labels.

The PEG-ADA agreement is set to go into effect at once, and will cover records that have previously been released under the PEG banner — 25, to be exact, in addition to numerous EPs and singles.  In turn, a considerable — and immediate — bump in sales and revenue could result.

This deal was undoubtedly motivated by the success PEG has had as of late.  Many PEG artists have ranked prominently on Billboard’s album charts, and drag-related media has become increasingly popular.

That’s part of a growing media profile for the segment, which puts PEG in a nice spot.  Of course, drag-focused artists have been around for decades, as so has its surrounding scene.  Case in point: RuPaul’s Drag Race, which debuted on VH1 in 2009, is now in its 11th season.  At the time of writing, nearly 150 episodes — well above the 100 episodes that are typically required for syndication — have aired.

But PEG’s deal with a significant media partner suggests that this market niche is starting to blossom. Indeed, PEG has planted its flag firmly into this sub-genre, and its success likely means that others will follow suit.  That goes beyond music, though recordings and publishing are critical components here.

Only time will tell how commercially successful Producer Entertainment Group’s clients become, though ADA is also aiming to boost fandom, profits, and marketability over the length of the deal.