Looks Like Sonos Is Releasing a Portable Smart Speaker

Photo Credit: WinFuture.de

New details about an upcoming portable smart speaker from Sonos have leaked.

A German Windows site found some leaked promotional images of the upcoming speaker.  Dubbed the Sonos Move, the speaker is slightly larger than the Sonos One. However, performance and features should be about the same.

The big difference is that the Sonos Move can be used either as part of a network or a mobile Bluetooth speaker.  The integration of Bluetooth suggests a totally different direction for this speaker, one focused on portability.

The Sonos Move will feature six microphones and will feature compatibility with voice assistants. No specific digital assistants were mentioned, but current Sonos products support at least Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Looking at some of the leaked images, there appears to be a recessed grip. The Sonos Move will feature a docking station for charging at home.  It also features a USB-C connection for on-the-go power and dedicated contacts for docked charging.

Earlier leaks for the device also suggest it will support a new Auto Trueplay tuning feature.  Despite getting a good look at the device in these leaked photos, no price was mentioned.

Sonos is slated to have a press event ready to go on August 26th. Perhaps we’ll find out more about the upcoming device there. So far, Sonos has stuck firmly in the home audio category and avoided mobile audio.

The flagging speaker manufacturer is finally shoring up its poor financial record.

Sonos’ revenues totaled $260 million in Q3 2019, growing 25% year-over-year. Much of that growth can be attributed to their partnership with IKEA. Sonos’ net loss has continued to shrink from $27 million in Q3 2018 to $14 million in Q3 2019.

Revenue from the Sonos One has been healthy, growing 61% compared to last year. It’s no wonder Sonos wants to use the One line as a springboard to launch into the mobile smart speaker market.