‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Rocker Eddie Money Dies at 70

Eddie Money (photo: Kevin Foley Photography‎ CC by SA 4.0)
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Eddie Money (photo: Kevin Foley Photography‎ CC by SA 4.0)
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photo: Kevin Foley Photography‎ CC by SA 4.0

Just hours ago, rock star Eddie Money passed away.

The rock-focused singer-songwriter, who had numerous hit songs during the 1970s and 80s, had previously been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. He was 70 years old, and his family says that he died peacefully.

Born and raised in New York, Eddie Money moved to the Bay Area in the late 1960s and became a part of the rising music scene there. In 1977, Columbia Records released his self-titled debut.  The double-platinum album included two Top 40 hit songs that would become his signature tunes: “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

The singer went on to make hit records through the late seventies and early eighties. This included “Life For the Taking” in 1979 and “No Control” in 1982. After the latter, though, his career dipped a bit. But it soared once more in 1986 when he had his biggest hit song: “Take Me Home Tonight.” The song, which included vocals from legendary pop singer Ronnie Spector, reached No. 4 in the Top 10. The accompanying black-and-white music video was also a big success on MTV as well.

Money continued to make hit songs for the next few years. Among these were:

  • “I Wanna Go Back”
  • “Endless Nights”
  • “Walk on Water”
  • “The Love in Your Eyes”
  • “Peace in Our Time”

However, as alternative rock and grunge rose in the early 1990s, Money’s career dipped for good.  But his catalog of hits has remained a staple of classic rock stations ever since.  He also continued to tour successfully and his songs have been used in countless films, televisions shows and commercials.  The 2011 comedy “Take Me Home Tonight” even took its title from Money’s most successful song.

Money also dabbled in realty TV. He appeared in the show “Real Money” on AXS last year, which revealed his current health struggles.

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