Spotify Allows Mixing of Music and Podcasts In Playlists  — Apple Exec Says ‘Bad Idea’

Earlier today, Spotify announced a new feature that allows users to combine music and podcasts within their playlists. This feature is similar to the company’s “Your Daily Drive,” which uses the company’s personalization engine to match users with music and news from its top sources. However, the new feature allows people to create mixed playlists on their own, without relying on the company’s engine.

To build these mixed playlists, users simply have to click the 3-dot menu in any podcast window and select “Add to Playlist.” From there, users have two options: they can either add the podcast to an existing playlist or start a new playlist. Afterward, users can add music to this playlist or other podcasts.

Spotify users can share podcast playlists and mixed playlists just as they do with music playlists. They can share them publicly or just among friends. This means that podcast playlists could become a useful tool for podcast creators to market their shows. It can also be a means of letting people better share their favorite podcasts.

The implementation of this feature is due to the requests of many Spotify users who have been asking for it ever since the company added podcasts to its streaming service. However, some believe that the very nature of podcasts will make this feature cumbersome. Podcasts often update, so users will constantly have to add new episodes to their playlists.

Apple is also dubious about creating playlists of both music and podcasts. Eddy Cue, the company’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, insists that their users do not want to combine music and podcasts in playlists. He says that, in their experience, people do not go from listening to a podcast to listening to music to listening to another podcast. “You do not listen to a podcast, then a piece of music, and then a podcast,” Cue told French publication Numerama. “Experience has shown us that running in separate applications works great on iOS.”

Spotify, with hundreds of millions now invested in its podcast expansion, obviously begs to differ. The company believes that users want the flexibility to mix and match their favorite podcasts with their favorite music. This feature gives users a greater level of control over what they listen to and when.

Many podcast creators are excited about this new feature, as it presents an opportunity to market their podcasts to a wider audience. By sharing their podcast playlists, creators can help their listeners discover new podcasts that they may enjoy. They can also use mixed playlists to highlight the music that they use in their shows.

Overall, this new feature from Spotify is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing its users with the best possible listening experience. By giving users greater control over their playlists, Spotify is helping to make the listening experience more personalized and enjoyable. While some may find the feature cumbersome, many others are sure to embrace it and make it a part of their daily listening routine.

2 Responses

  1. Sammy

    Eddie Cue, clueless as always.

    Debundling the album into singles cost music tens of billions in a decade.

    It’s hard to believe Apple has fans among musicians.

  2. Nicky Knight

    Actually I agree with Eddie, When I’m in the mood for podcasts I don’t want to be sidetracked with someone’s choice of music thrown into a playlist. The podcast app is great.