Dean Martin’s Daughter Reacts to John Legend’s Rework of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

Deana Martin Reacts to John Legend's New 'Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Version
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Deana Martin Reacts to John Legend's New 'Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Version
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Photo of Dean and Deana Martin by Fdicarlantonio (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The daughter of legendary crooner Dean Martin has reacted to the new politically correct version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by John Legend, and she is none too pleased.

Deana Martin, who is a singer in her own right, said in response to the news, “I’d like to thank everyone for helping bring my father Dean Martin’s original version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ back to the top of the Billboard charts in 2018.” She further added, “I’m very proud that it has become an evergreen favorite that is played every holiday season.”

She herself sings the song, and she says that she will continue to sing it, in spite of all the controversy it has generated as of late. She further called the original version, which won an Oscar in 1949, “a cute, flirtatious and romantic song.”

The new sanitized version of the song, which John Legend co-wrote with Insecure‘s Nathasha Rothwell and which he sang with Kelly Clarkson, is scheduled to come out on November 8 on Legend’s A Legendary Christmas: The Deluxe Edition. Vanity Fair, which has heard the new version, calls it, “every bit as fun and swinging as the original, and its newfound sensitivity feels genuine, not performative.”

Still, Martin says that her father “would be going insane right now” because of the controversy over the original version.

“He would say, ‘What’s the matter with you? Get over it. It’s just a fun song.’ ‘Cause he was so sweet anyway . . . he was a great guy. Fun guy. Nice. And he wouldn’t want to do anything offensive. That wasn’t Dean Martin. So this has just been outrageous.”

Though Martin also said that she wants to “better understand” why some people find the original version of the song so offensive. “I’m out there trying to talk to people. It could be a learning moment for all of us.”

9 Responses

    • Really_Come_on

      You also might want to reference the composer of the song, as Dean Martin and his daughter have nothing to do with the rights for it. Controversy or no, a change would have to go through the publisher.

  1. BAC

    Who complained about the song originally? No articles tell us other than unnamed “social media” posts that the CBC caved in to and, eventually, some radio station in Cleveland. CBC later reinstated the song.

    It’s a bogus “controversy”.

    John “Legend” is such an ass. With his fake name, cocaine arrogance, and plastic wife. He definitely lives in his Masta’s House.

    • Anon

      Someone with no money who doesn’t celebrate the holiday and hates I mean hates good music… A million rap songs and rock songs depicting all kinds of depravity and…dean’s baby it’s cold outside is first on the list to go?
      Is Tipped Gore back there hiding???

    • Hayley

      It’s not a “bogus controversy”. If you’re on social media, you would know this has been said time and time again by thousands of people in the past few years. Whether you pay attention to social media or not is a whole other issue.

      I can tell by your comment that you are a boomer republican by saying something is fake and attacking his wife, or am I wrong?

      • Blobbo

        His wife is a fugly troll. John Legend has talent, sure, but his getting on board calling this song offensive when his own culture is awash is gutter nonsense and endlessly profane horrid crap hop ‘music’ from dawn til midnight says a lot about his cowardice, especially since he is one of the few practicioners in his generation and race of ‘real music’ in this day and age.

        He should’ve praised Dean Martin and defended the original song, not changed it. THis was his chance to fight for manhood and intelligence, instead he bowed to MeToo and PC feminazi bs.

  2. Sing a song of sixpence

    Social media is a scourge on society, we see it with disruptive and often aggressive bordering on violent protests against anything and everything.

    Don’t let it unduly influence policies as it’s like a group of bullies and thugs trying to control everyone else with their often distorted mindset.

  3. Charlie Sanders

    An entire article about a song and its lyrics without a single mention of the songwriter (the great Broadway composer Frank Loesser), or whether the “new” version is authorized or simply a copyright infringement well short of fair use? Anti-journalism. Pathetic.

  4. Anonee Mouse

    the new version’s lyrics are pathetically LAME – seriously that’s as good as you can do to rewrite a classic?