The Fader Fires Eric Sundermann Following Sexual Impropriety Allegations

The Fader Fires Eric Sundermann Following Sexual Impropriety Allegations
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The Fader magazine has fired Eric Sundermann, who was its head of content, after conducting an investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct by him.

The investigation began after accusations were made against Sundermann on Twitter. A company source told Billboard that it also investigated publisher Andy Cohn, for allegedly “looking the other way” in response to Sundermann’s behavior. Though a representative of the magazine has denied that this is true.

In December of 2018, The Fader hired Sundermann as its very first head of content. This came after it terminated its editor-in-chief as well as a number of other employees. Prior to that, Sundermann worked 5 years at the Vice-owned site Noisey, where he eventually became editor-in-chief. Vice, too, has been plagued with allegations of sexual misconduct, which coincided with the period of time that Sundermann worked there.

Sundermann has also written for publications such as The Village VoiceNew YorkSpin, Rolling Stone and Complex.

Jon Cohen, who is one of the co-founders of The Fader, commented on Sundermann’s dismissal by saying, “Over this past weekend, allegations regarding Eric Sundermann were brought to our attention. On Monday, management investigated and we determined that the allegations were a true violation of our employment policies. Our team quickly stepped in and terminated our working relationship with Eric that evening.”

When The Fader originally hired Sundermann, he expressed excitement about joining the company. “As a devoted fan and reader of the publication for nearly a decade,” he said, “I’ve long admired the work done by some of the most brilliant minds in music media. The Fader has long led in taste, storytelling and music discovery. Now, I’m beyond thrilled and excited to help take the organization further into the strange and exciting world of new media and continue to elevate the brand.”

The Fader was founded in 1999 by Cohen and former Arista Records executive Rob Stone.

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  1. Homie the clown

    Here we go…. the emasculation of america continues. What’s constitutes sexual misconduct? Is telling a woman she’s looks nice or has nice outfit sexual misconduct? We live in a world where if a homosexual compliments another homosexual comment that’s acceptable but when a heterosexual compliments another hetero they lose their career.

  2. What's Next

    He didn’t do anything. The price of that is his career.