Trent Reznor Says Scoring Netflix Hit ‘Bird Box’ a “Fucking Waste of Time”

Trent Reznor Bird Box
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Trent Reznor Bird Box
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Photo Credit: Ed Vill / CC by 2.0

Trent Reznor has some harsh words for the production team behind Netflix’s Bird Box. Reznor scored the movie with Atticus Ross.

In an interview with Revolver magazine, Reznor said the film editor had “bad taste.” That led to an unsatisfactory mix of music that Reznor described as a “fucking waste of time.”

Reznor also announced his departure from the new Amy Adams film, The Woman in the Window. Both he and Ross will no longer be scoring the film. Reznor cited the studio’s transformation of the movie after test screenings.

Speaking of his work on Bird Box, Reznor’s comments were directed towards the production team. He blamed the team for mixing the score while he was on tour, resulting in a less than stellar experience.

“When we got immersed in it, it felt like some people were phoning it in… And you’re stuck with a film editor who had really bad taste. That’s kind of our barricade to getting stuff in the film.

And the final icing on the shit cake was we were on tour when they mixed it. And they mixed the music so low; you couldn’t hear it anyway. That was a fucking waste of time. Then we thought, no one’s going to see this fucking movie. And, of course, it’s the hugest movie ever in Netflix.”

Reznor admits the score for The Woman in the Window was completed before he and Ross backed out. He says there’s no animosity “on our end.” He says the experience was frustrating, but he and Ross are proud of the work.

Those are harsh words from the creator of the score of Netflix’s biggest movie. Many people’s response to the news is, wait Bird Box had music in it? And that thought is precisely Reznor’s complaint about the way the score was presented. What do you think?

4 Responses

  1. Rick

    I wish I had the chance to score an incredibly successful movie with music that nobody heard. I could use the paycheck.

  2. Julius

    That’s something you can count on – Reznor complaining about something like a little bitch.

  3. Froast

    He’d rather die than give you control. Don’t take that away from him. 😉

  4. Whiny Old Fuck

    Reznor is a corporate sell out and that’s ok, but he still tries to be “fuck the system”esque. Angry dad! Watch out!