Redeye Signs U.S. Distribution Deal with Beggars Group, Domino, and Saddle Creek

Redeye Signs U.S. Distribution Deal with the Beggars Group, Domino Recording Co. and Saddle Creek
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Music distributor Redeye has announced that it has signed U.S. physical media deals with the Beggars Group as well as with Domino Recording Co. and Saddle Creek.

Among the upcoming albums included in the deals are:

  • Miss Anthropocene by Grimes
  • Marigold by Pinegrove
  • Mystic Familiar by Dan Deacon
  • Likewise by Frances Quinlan

The Beggars Group was founded in the United Kingdom and is considered among the leading independent recorded music companies. Previously, it had a distribution deal with ADA, which is Warner Music’s independent services subsidiary.

Among the labels within Beggars Group are:

  • 4AD
  • Matador Records
  • Rough Trade
  • Young Turks
  • XL Recordings

It looks like Beggars Group left ADA because of supply-chain issues that the company experienced after they moved their fulfillment services to Direct Shot Distribution in the first half of last year. Both Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment have done this as well.

Glenn Dicker, who is the co-founder of Redeye, issued a statement in regards to the deal with the Beggars Group.

He said, “Over the years, we have looked at the Beggars Group as the gold standard of what could be achieved by an independent company with hard work and dedication to artists and music.”

Matt Harmon, who is the president of the Beggars Group, said that they “are massively excited for our relationship with our new physical distribution partner Redeye. Their enthusiasm for the music is infectious. We look forward to working together to bring that music to the fans for years to come.”

In regards to the deals with Domino and Saddle Creek, Dicker added that the two are “among the many great labels we’ve stayed connected to over the years so we’re proud to now have them all as part of the family.”

Redeye made news last month when it acquired Sweden’s Border Music.