Lil Peep’s Managers Deny Any Wrongdoing in Rapper’s Overdose

Lil Peep's Managers Deny Any Wrongdoing in Rapper's Overdose
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Lil Peep's Managers Deny Any Wrongdoing in Rapper's Overdose
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The managers of the late rapper Lil Peep have filed papers in a California court, denying all responsibility for the rapper’s death from an overdose in 2017.

Liza Womack, who is the mother of Lil Peep — whose real name is Gustav Åhr — filed the lawsuit in October of last year. It accuses First Access and its associates of both negligence and breach of contract, claiming that their actions (or the lack of them) contributed to the rapper’s death.

She says that First Access “allowed, normalized, and even encouraged and promoted” her son’s drug use in spite of knowing his issues with addiction. She further says that, when the rapper told his managers that he was not feeling well during his last tour, “defendants ignored these cries for help and instead pushed decedent onto stage after stage in city after city, plying and propping decedent up with illegal drugs and unprescribed controlled substances all along the way.”

In their filing with a Los Angeles Superior Court, First Access not only “vehemently” denies the charges made by Womack, but they also insist that — even if the allegations were true — they would not be liable because of the inherent nature of the company’s contract with Åhr.

They are arguing that they are not liable “because Mr Åhr’s relationship with them was a business relationship governed by a contract that barred tort claims, and because these defendants did not owe an independent duty of care to Mr Åhr, breach such a duty, or cause his death.”

Lawyers for Womack have already responded to First Access’ filing. They believe that the relationship between the company and the rapper was far closer than what the company is letting on. They further believe that they had control over the rapper’s personal and professional life.

It is now up to the court to decide the issue.

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  1. 50 Cent

    Lil Peep was a junkie. His mother need to be the one that get sued.

    • reese

      tf bitchy cent you deserve to get shot. lil peep is be better than you.