iHeartMedia Promotes Three Programmers in the Wake of Mass Layoffs

iHeartMedia Promotes Three Programmers in the Wake of Layoffs
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iHeartMedia, one of the largest audio media companies in the United States, has recently announced a restructuring plan that involves the promotion of three senior programmers to division executive vice presidents of their National Programming Group. The move comes in the wake of layoffs and the replacement of workers with “technology and artificial intelligence.”

According to iHeartMedia, the three executives – Jeff Hurley, Tony Travatto, and Angela Watson Charles – will “work closely” with recently appointed division presidents as they implement the company’s new operating structure across its markets. They will join the other division vice presidents: Andrew Jeffries, Thea Mitchem, Maynard, and Gene Romano, and they will report to Brad Hardin, who is the chief operating officer of the iHeartMedia National Programming Group.

The three new executives will work with division presidents Shosh Abromovich, Nick Gnau, and Dan Lankford, and they will be involved with the company’s Community division as well, which focuses on the shared needs of one community and one trading area.

Jeff Hurley, one of the newly promoted executives, has been with the company since 2004 when he joined as a program director. Since 2013, he has served as the company’s regional senior vice president of programming for iHeartMedia’s Allentown/Harrisburg region.

Tony Travatto, another newly promoted executive, joined the company in 2005 as a program director. His most recent role was as senior vice president of programming for iHeartMedia Detroit, and he was also a program director for a pair of Detroit radio stations.

Angela Watson Charles, the third executive to be promoted, has been working for iHeartMedia since 1990 when she joined the company as a promotions intern. In 2015, she became the company’s senior vice president of programming for its eight radio stations in New Orleans.

Tom Poleman, who is the chief programming officer for iHeartMedia, issued a statement in conjunction with the announcement, saying, “We’re excited to add Angela, Jeff, and Tony to our already extremely talented Executive Vice President of Programming team. They each have deep experience building great local brands with a blend of math and magic, and they’ll provide excellent leadership to our programmers in our Community Division markets.”

The move to promote the three senior programmers comes as iHeartMedia undergoes a restructuring that involves the replacement of workers with “technology and artificial intelligence.” This trend is not unique to iHeartMedia, as many companies across various industries are turning to automation and AI to streamline their operations and reduce costs.

While there are certainly benefits to using AI and automation in the workplace, such as increased efficiency and productivity, there are also concerns about the impact on workers. In particular, workers who are replaced by technology may struggle to find new jobs, and those who remain may face increased pressure to perform at a high level to justify their continued employment.

Overall, the promotion of the three senior programmers at iHeartMedia is a positive development for the company, as it demonstrates a commitment to developing and promoting talent from within. It remains to be seen how the restructuring plan will ultimately impact the company and its employees, but for now, the company is taking steps to ensure that it has the right leadership in place to navigate the changes ahead.