5 Best Piano Rhythm Games and More to Play on Your Phone

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Mastering a musical instrument is something that many people would like to do, but for most seems unlikely and even unattainable.

Learning to play music on any instrument takes patience, persistence, money, and time—at least some of which are usually in short supply.

Luckily, thanks to advances in technology and recent trends in gamification, there is now an easier, cheaper, and faster way to learn to play: rhythm games for your phone. Whether you’re learning to play the piano or looking to brush up on already existing skills, there are a number of piano rhythm games you can try. Read on for five of the best.

More Than Just Piano Rhythm Games

The below list features games for musicians of all abilities. A mix of story-driven and strictly rhythm, there’s something for everyone. Many are completely free, with in-app purchases, while some are available on subscription services such as GameMine, if you happen to be a member.

1. Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is exactly the kind of game its title would suggest. You have to press on black tiles as they float down the screen to hit the right note and earn more points. Music ranges from classical to contemporary in this simple but fun game.

2. BeatX

A little more fast-paced than Piano Tiles 2, BeatX follows a Dance Dance Revolution-style format with directional buttons to press and hold. The music is happy and upbeat, and it’s possible to play in two-player mode, perfect for challenging friends to show off their skills.

3. Tiles Hop EDM Rush

If BeatX is reminiscent of DDR, then Tiles Hop EDM Rush will have you feeling nostalgic for one of the original and best rhythm games: Guitar Hero. Use controls to jump to the right tile in order to master each bassline pumping EDM beat and make it to the next level.

4. Eloh

A bit more intricate than the rest, Eloh is a game that combines music and puzzles for a perfect brain-teasing treat. In this game, you use musical patterns to bounce sound waves off of spirits inhabiting a tropical island. It’s just as fun as it sounds!

5. Deemo

Like Eloh, Deemo is a game that (loosely) follows a storyline, as well as being about rhythm. In this game, a mysterious character named Deemo seeks to help a young girl back to her own world after she falls through a trapdoor in the sky. Play the piano and master a rhythm to make a little tree sapling grows taller, with the difficulty increasing on each level.

Improve Your Music Skills Today

Piano rhythm games are a great way to get started toward improving your musical skills, and many are also beneficial for your brain, too.

If you’re feeling bored during the pandemic and have already binged just about everything on TV, why not hone your rhythm skills, instead? Now, with these simple, fun, and effective ways you can start learning music and improving your rhythm today.

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