Music Producers In Britain Are Losing 70% of Their Income, MPG Report Claims

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According to a report from the United Kingdom’s Music Producers Guild (MPG), domestic music producers are losing approximately 70 percent of their income—and facing dire financial straits—because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The study found that UK producers and recording engineers lost an average of about $4,000 (£3,300) in earnings during March, before predicting that this figure will rise to approximately $5,200 (£4,300) next month. More pressingly, over 50 percent of surveyed individuals said that they will default on their rent or mortgage bills in three or fewer months unless the government promptly provides aid.

MPG’s analysis also shed light upon the financial impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on UK recording studios, all of which have closed their doors to comply with lockdown orders.

Earlier this week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that residents will be subjected to a three-week lockdown in an effort to curb the coronavirus’s spread. At the end of the three weeks (on April 13th), government officials will review the situation before deciding to lift or extend the emergency measures; some residents are already disobeying the new rules.

To date, UK medical professionals have diagnosed nearly 12,000 COVID-19 cases, which have resulted in over 575 deaths. As in the United States and elsewhere, the UK’s coronavirus infection figures have increased dramatically as of late, due to tests becoming more widely available.

Recent UK COVID-19 headlines haven’t been completely negative, however.

Just hours ago, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that self-employed workers in the UK will have the opportunity to apply for unemployment benefits, which will provide 80 percent of monthly income (up to £2,500) in a lump sum as early as June. Last week, Prime Minister Johnson’s government revealed that UK employees who draw a salary will be eligible for similar payments.

It’s unclear whether this support will arrive quickly enough for producers, engineers, and other music industry professionals to avoid large-scale financial difficulties, however.

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  1. Angelito

    Well, this is what happens when there is mass hysteria. Perhaps it is time to stop panicking?

    • Trish

      Still spouting your same bullshit. If the times we’re living in are so carefree, why don’t you go visit a local hospital emergency room without gloves or a mask? Hang out there for a while and observe, then go home and self-isolate to see what happens to you. #idiot

      • Angelito

        Here’s your sign. Now, go run for your life waiving your arms hysterically and jump off a cliff.

        • Trish

          That’s all you have – the claim of hysteria based upon your skewed perception. While that’s how you may view it, you are unreasonable. Anything I have written is not hysterical, but factual. Tell you claims to those who have died. If either of us is spouting extreme statements it is you. You’re pathetic.

          • Angelito

            Newsflash: people die every day. Bacteria, viruses, and mold are everywhere. You are fueling unreasonable fear and panic. Just stop it.

            Pathetic? Stick it, chickie, and go sit in the corner and try to matter. Like all liberals, you belittle and attack opposing opinion to silence it. Disgusting POS.

  2. Trish

    Newsflash: regular viruses don’t spread like this every day and they don’t behave like this one. You really are stuck in your own world. I suppose the medical professionals are all wrong and you’re right? Please. Your arrogance and ignorance is showing. And now you want to call me a liberal? Do you think that reduces me in some way? You’re really out of touch. I’m actually a lifelong Republication. You don’t have an opposing opinion. You present false information and an opinion based upon assumption, not fact. Think about it…just a little. Sure, I’m a POS? Whatever. Childish attention seeker.

    • Angelito

      For the last time, get your friends, panic, shut down the world, scream hysterically, and congratulate yourselves when this is over in a few weeks.

      • Trish

        For the last time? You keep spouting the same nonsense. Are you done yet?