Cardi B’s $5 Million ‘Tattoo Lawsuit’ Is Delayed One Month

Cardi B
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A judge has delayed Cardi B’s $5 million ‘tattoo lawsuit’ by one month, from April 30th to May 30th. 

The month-long postponement may well have resulted from COVID-19 concerns (but Cardi B hasn’t addressed the matter publicly). A little over a week ago, however, Yeasayer and The Weeknd’s Black Panther copyright-infringement dispute was put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In this “tattoo” lawsuit, the plaintiff and the defendants filed a “joint stipulation modifying initial trial order,” or a request to change the originally agreed upon schedule; Judge Cormac J. Carney granted the request. Non-expert discovery will initiate on May 30th, once again, while settlement proceedings are slated to begin on June 30th. Unless a deal is struck during this time, the jury trial itself is scheduled to start on August 11th. 

Late last month, Atlantic Records fired back at the case’s plaintiff, Kevin Brophy Jr., who (along with his legal team) previously filed a motion to compel Atlantic and other companies to produce extensive earnings records and royalty information from throughout Cardi B’s career. 

The long-running legal complaint centers on the back tattoo of the male model (The6atSix) Cardi B hired to be part of her Gangsta Bitch Music, Volume 1 mixtape cover. The6atSix’s face isn’t visible on said cover (as he’s in an extremely compromising position), but his intricate back tattoo is prominently displayed.  

Brophy Jr., the plaintiff, alleges that his reputation has been injured because he has a similar tattoo, and that he’s entitled to a portion of Cardi B’s earnings because Gangsta Bitch Music, Volume 1 helped to establish her career. 

Cardi B and her team have long denied the claims, and last year, the “I Like It” performer offered a deposition as part of the lawsuit. 

Earlier this week, Cardi B admitted herself to the emergency room after experiencing severe stomach pain. Doctors determined that the 27-year-old’s discomfort was unrelated to the novel coronavirus, and she was discharged after receiving treatment and advice. 

Now, Cardi B is recovering at home with her young daughter, Kulture. 

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