Bill Clinton Swag Challenge Takes Over Instagram — Here’s How to Share Yours

Bill Clinton Swag
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The latest meme trend to sweep social media is Bill Clinton swag, photoshopping new albums into a pic from the 90s.

The image is of then-President Bill Clinton sitting on the ground, lovingly holding an album. He’s got a set of vintage headphones on while he listens. On the ground beside him are three additional records. Meme makers are photoshopping their favorite albums into the image and sharing it online.

The person sharing the image will tag their favorite people to do the Bill Clinton swag challenge.

The website Bill Clinton Swag has a template for the meme so you can make your own. All you need to do is pick four album covers you want to feature in your image, then upload it to Instagram and tag friends.

The original image itself is a photoshopped image created for a satire article back in 1999. The Onion created the image to accompany an article entitled, “Clinton Writes Fan Letter to Joan Jett.” The original photoshopped image featured four Joan Jett albums in the picture.

The Bill Clinton swag challenge has existed in some form since 2012. A post on Rap Genius from 2014 reveals it’s been popular among music lovers for quite a while.

It wasn’t until everyone went under lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic that the trend went viral. Now people can create their own version of the Bill Clinton album image.

“Bill cranking the JAMS today, what’s on your quarantine playlist?” one user writes on Instagram.

So far, President Clinton hasn’t responded to being featured in the latest meme trend on social media. But then again, no one has challenged him to make his own version of it, either.

Can someone challenge the former president so we can get a non-photoshopped template going for music fans to share?

6 Responses

  1. Angelito

    Glad we are having fun with a man who sexually assaulted hundreds of women, and left his wife to clean up his mess. Of course, since he is a democrat the left ignores this monster’s crimes.

      • Anonymous

        No, the left spent MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on a coup attempt on our President, DONALD TRUMP.

        Meanwhile, Drunk Hillary kills people to protect her predator husband.

        • Angeloser

          It’s tough to have a battle of wits with you since you’ve come unarmed. #delusional

        • Angeloserville

          Drunk Hillary. You mean the one with 30k emails? The one with a secret hard drive that she bleached? Republicans, which I am one of, made false claims and spent millions investigating where there could be no possible payoff. It’s embarassing. Trump sexually harassed women. Trump bankrupted small companies when he wouldn’t pay them. He’s a terrible business man, a terribly unethical person and a patsy for Russia and big business (as well as lining his own pockets with taxpayer money). But none of that matters because you follow blindly and try to divert to things that don’t matter.