Workers Blast ‘Live and Let Die’ as Trump Tours Arizona Mask Factory

Donald Trump touring the Honeywell factory in Arizona on Tuesday, May 5th.
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Donald Trump touring the Honeywell factory in Arizona on Tuesday, May 5th.
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Donald Trump viewing protective masks at the Honeywell factory in Arizona on Tuesday, May 5th.

Donald Trump’s recent tour of a mask production facility in Arizona got an unexpected soundtrack from factory employees.

Protests come in all shapes and sizes — including non-violent ‘adjustments’ of loudspeaker volume knobs.  Accordingly, the Guns n’ Roses remake of “Live & Let Die” was blaring while Donald Trump received a tour of the Honeywell N95 mask-making facility in Phoenix, Arizona (see video below).  Alongside other factory noise, the high-volume track made it difficult for Trump to hear anything being explained — or to conduct any normal discussions —which was probably part of the intent.

The message registered loud-and-clear.  After a period of lockdowns, Trump is actively encouraging governors to open their states despite surging cases of coronavirus infections and resulting deaths. Most states still lack the necessary testing kits to adequately assess the rate of infection, while protective gear, respirators, and other critical equipment have perpetually been in short supply.

Ironically, though not surprisingly, Trump refused to wear a mask to the mask-production facility, though he did wear protective goggles.

Honeywell indicated that masks are required at the factory, though neither Trump nor any of his aides were wearing the protective gear. While yelling to communicate with factory workers, Trump was breathing over a bin of masks, which raised the absurdity of the situation a notch further.

Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence refused to wear a protective mask at the Mayo Clinic, despite a firm policy by the Clinic to wear masks at all times to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. Pence later indicated that he decided against wearing a mask to a hospital treating COVID-19 because he wanted to look people “in the eye.”

“As Vice President of the United States, I’m tested for the coronavirus on a regular basis, and everyone who is around me is tested for the coronavirus,” Pence later defended. “I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to be here, to be able to speak to these researchers, these incredible health care personnel, and look them in the eye and say thank you.

As for the President, Trump later indicated that he indeed was wearing a mask — just not during any recorded portion of the visit. “I had a mask on for a period of time,” Trump said back in Washington. “I had it on back — backstage. But they said you didn’t need it, so, I didn’t need it. And by the way, if you noticed, nobody else had it on that was in the group.”

The Guns n’ Roses remake came out in 1991, after originally being released by Paul McCartney in 1973 for the James Bond movie of the same name.

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  1. Angelito

    OK, but you could have been nicer.

    I am with you—the over-bloated and wasteful CDC runs our domestic policy now. These are the same people who let testing kits to deplete during the Obama era, allowed ventilators to deplete strating in the Bush era, all while spending MILLIONS on mental health studies for LBGQXYZ whatevers.

    And, let’s not forget these are the same people who slammed Trump for closing Chinese travel, yet now criticize him for not doing it soon enough. This entire hoax is a political cause now to decimate the US economy in hopes of defeating Trump in the fall.

    Beaurocrats are the enemy.

    • Frank

      You’re a blabbering moron. Who is it that wants to decimate the US economy? For the purpose of defeating Trump? You’ve lost your mind. Tens of thousands of dead Americans and you think this is about Trump. You’re completely gone. Mental.

      • Joe Biden is a pedophile

        Yes, it is about Trump, you fucking moron. Democrats know that they can’t win fair and square, and they are pushing the voter fraud scheme – cheat-by-mail. As long as the Chinese coronavirus thriving (even if only on paper) they can get away with that voter fraud scheme in some states. That’s the only reason why the Democrats don’t want to reopen states.

        • Frank

          I suppose George Soros is part of this and the Russians, 30,000 emails, a bleached hard drive, Bigfoot, Watergate, extraterrestrials, blah blah blah.

          You’re out of your tree. Completely gone.

          Conspiracy theory, much, without any real proof? Yeah, it’s you.

          • Angelito

            Yes, Sonos is funding an all out blitz to defeat Trump, and if that means decimating the economy so be it. He has billions and wants tyranny, just like democrats.

            Fuck liberals.

          • Joe Biden is guilty

            Conspiracy theory? You are a fucking retard. Democrats are not even hiding their plan. They are publicly pushing for cheat-by-mail scheme. Even Obama pushing it. Michigan Democrats have filed legislation to replace in-person voting with a system that would mail ballots to all registered voters on the state’s voter rolls, which reportedly include dead people. Democrat Reps. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) and Mark Pocan (D-WI) in an op-ed for the Hill on Tuesday called for implementation of vote-by-mail for the “remainder of the 2020 election cycle — and beyond.” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) renewed her calls last Sunday for universal vote-by-mail, declaring that it should be allowed for every voter in future elections, “no questions asked.” etc.

          • Democrats must die

            California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Friday signed an executive order permitting all registered voters in California to vote by mail in the upcoming presidential election.

  2. Bob

    At least your comment wasn’t too extreme. What a whacko you are.

  3. I think I was banned

    Paul doesn’t let me post comments anymore that concern the coronavirus hoax. So much for the 1st Amendment, Paul!

    • Prad

      You just posted something, idiot. Tell your theory about this “hoax” to all the dead people.

      • Angelito

        Fewer than a typical flu season, compadre. Why were you not panicking last year?

        Stupid sheeple.